Love strengthens relationship (Episode 10)

Hey guys!! Sry fr the late update!! and guys it’s my 10th part!! I just can’t believe it!! this part ia somewat big one! Nd no proof read! So please forgive me if there is mistake!!

Recap:swara and ragini are drunk !! Swara kisses sanskar!!

Ragini was not at al in her senses!!

She was playing cricket tat too without bat n ball:))

She was out of her senses!! She was just batting !! And was seeing up as if the ball was flying!!

After speaking with business colleague..lucky came inside the room and saw ragini moving her hands up in air and watching the ball

Laksh: ragini…….
He called her in confusion..

Ragini:(shouted) lucky move!!!! The ball s gonna hit u!!!

Laksh: wat?!! Ball?! Where!!!

Ragini(angrily): I told u to move na..!!see now ball should have gone to boundary!! But coz of u!! It wasn’t!! Huhhhh!!!

Laksh: rags!! Wats gng on?!!!

Rags: leave it!! We are fielding now!! We ll win the match!!

She was jumping here and there as if catching the ball and sometimes even shouting as the batter is out!!

Laksh sat down in the side of the room in utter confusion!!
Keeping his hand n his head!!

Laksh: ragini ..! I only thought u r mad!! But u r making me to confirm it!!

Ragini (still playing): laksh!!! Catch the ball!! Its coming towards u!!!!

Saying this she too ran towards him and she felled on him..

They both felled on bed!!

laksh sensed that she was drunk!!

Laksh: ragini!!! Did u drink something!!?!

Ragini: idiot!! Coz of u I lost the very good catch!!

Laksh: Heeyyy!!! Keep quiet fr sometime and answer my qn!!! Wat have u drunk?!

Ragini was about to speak something and get up from him.. suddenly laksh holded her and rolled her down in the bed and cmaevuo on her!!

Ragini who s out of control tried to go from his grip!!
But failed!!

Laksh:(shouted) wat have u done?!

Ragini was numb as he shouted..and tears started their way n her eyes..

Ragini: mm….swara gave me juice! Tats it!! Other than it Haven’t drink anything!!

Laksh: ohh( and he say tat bottle net by and confirmed it)
How much did u drink?!

Ragini: u know na!! We sisters always share equally!! Tats my cute sissy!!

And she started praising about swara in her drunken state..

Laksh: hmmm…hmmm..okokkkk…stop!!

Ragini: u don’t speak!!

Laksh; yyy!!

Ragini: u always flirt with girls!?( She said in a sad n cute tone)

Laksh was shocked

Laksh: don’t u lyk it?!

Ragini: huh!!! I hate itttt!( She shouted)

Laksh: ohh!! So u’ll feel jealous?!

Ragini: no no!!!! But yes!!!

Laksh was still in top of her!!

Ragini: hae!! Fat boy!! Get up from me..!! U r too much weight!!

Laksh: ohh! Sryyyy!!

He sat in the bed keeping his back on the wall!!

Ragini rolled and placed her head in her lap!!

Laksh: wat r u dng?!

Ragini: I’m gonna sleep( in a childish tone)

Laksh:ohhh…hmm..u ll come close to me!! But if i did anything u ll scold me or beat me!(he too said in a childish tone)

Ragini hugged his waist;nd laksh as shocked

Ragini: coz I lyk to tease u al the tym…i ll tease u al my lyf by being with u!!

Laksh: whole lyf!!!

Ragini: ya!! Whole lyf!!

Laksh:but I’ll get married to someone na ! Then how ll u torture me?!

Ragini: I’d kill u! If u do something lyk tat!

Laksh was beyond happy!!!

He started combing her hair and looked at her lovingly!!

Laksh: then Will u not allow me to marry!!

Ragini looked up at his face taking her hand from his waist!!

Ragini: mmmm..mmm…!! I ll not leave u to marry someone else

Laksh eagerly asked: then??!!

Ragini(childishly) she kept her finger in her cheeks as if she s thinking

Ragini: hmmm…hmmmmm….tat I won’t tell u..

Saying this she again hugged him and slept..
But by tat laksh came to a conclusion tat she s loving him!! And thought to confess his love to her!!
Laksh too slept in the same position ..!!


Swara by lack of oxygen broke the kiss!!
And looked at him lovingly!!

Sanskar was still in utter shock!!

Sanskar: swara u’ve drunk too much!! Now sleep!!

Swara: hmmmmm!!!! Noooo!!!( She shouted)

Saying this she got from bed and went to next room to see ragini

She was shocked to see raglak in that position!!

Sanskar: wooww!!Β  I think they had a good tym!!

Swara: haha!! I too had a good tym!!

Frst Sanskar couldn’t understand then
Only he understood which she meant!

Sanskar: swara u r too naughty!!

He dragged her to next room!!

Sanskar: now be a good girl and sleep!!

Swara: noo!!

Sanskar:ohhh.. swara!!

Swara: where will u sleep?;

Sanskar: in couch!!

Swara: then I’ll too sleep there!!

Sanskar: wattttt??!!!

Swara: yaa( she said stubbornly)

Saying this she stood in the bed!!

Sanskar came near her!!

Sanskar: now get down swara!!

Swara: noo!

Sanskar: swara..

Before he finish!! Swara jumped on him and surrounded his waist by her legs and surrounded his neck with her hands..!!

Sanskar was shocked!!

Sanskar: swara!! Get down!!

Swara: i ll sleep lyk this only!!

Sanskar:ohh my god!!

He then sat on the bed!! But swara was still in the same position!! And placed her head on his neck crook comfortably!

Sanskar took this as his time and asked her a qn!

Sanskar:do u love me swara?!

Swara: yaa!! Sanky wat’s the doubt in it!!( She saud casually)

Leaving sanskar in shock! Tears started making ways in his eyes due to happiness!!He gripped his hands around her tightly!! And hugged her!!

Hey guys!! Did u miss me;)) I probably think it’s not:((( but it’s okk guys!! I hope u lyk it!! How was dis part?!


  1. Kakali

    Ohhhh god finally u updated… i was really missing u n ur FF.. loved today’s chappy.. RAGLAK scene was tooo cute n Ragini was tooo no no threeee cute… I just loved Swara’s childess acts… after reading it i could only smile..😊😊

  2. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    I missed you a lottt. Chappy is marvelous dear…. loved it. Hehe, raglak and swasan scenes are romantic plus funny. Waiting for nxt. Keep it up.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

  3. Anjali

    Sorry for replying late and this ep was awesome yaar.
    Can we be friend. Update soon really funny specially raglak scene haha….. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Shylaja



      Thank u so much anjali!!!! Nd u don’t want to feel sorry dr!!! Nd anjali, we r frnds dr!!😍😘 I really do value friendship more than anything dear friend😘!!

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