Our Love Story Will Never End….twinj os(part 1)

Hey guys how r u all….i thought to write this os and this is for my rutu dii…this will be os having 2 parts…guys my ff MY HEART IS WITH U will start after my exams 5 February or i will give 1 episode for my bday treat…so lets start the epi…

A mansion is show decorated wid flowers it seems someone marriage is going to be…A car came infront of the mansion and a handsome hunk came from the car wearing red sherwari…and he is kunj…kunj sarna son of the most richest man manohar sarna he gone insidewid his family then he sat in the mandap and the lights went off and light rays falls on a girl looking gorgeous wid pink lehenga…she is twinkle taneja daughter of richest man raj taneja…she sat beside kunj and the pandit started his mantras they take vows and kunj put vermilion and made her wear mangalsutra…soon the marriage completed and its time for bidai…twinkle started crying and hugged her mother leela…
leela-shhh!putar now kunj is wid u he will take care of ur
rt- yes twinkle….
twinkle sat in car and left for sarna mansion..
twinkle done her rituals and left to her room she was shocked to see the room decorated wid flowers
tw(to herself)-what the hell!!! all these are nonsense i won’t allow kunj to touch me but if he will force me on him then what i will do…
her thoughts were broken when she heard a knock on the door it was kunj…kunj came forward and twinkle was hell nervous.
tw-kunj i want..to tell…u something
ku-even i want to tell u something…..listen tw i won’t take this relation to nxt level i need time sorry if u heart
tw- same thing i also want to tell u bcoz my bf cheated on me and i won’t believe any man..except my father
ku-relax tw….i won’t do anything wid u but our families should not know the truth…so friends
tw-thnx kunj for understanding me and friends…both shakes hand and went to sleep tw on bed and kunj on couch….
Next Morning
The sun rays falls on tw and she woke up it was 8:30am
tw-oh god!!! i wake so late….she gone to freshen up and wore red saree…and kunj open his eyes and was mesmerized to see twinkle…..
tw-kunj u woke go and freshen up and am going downstairs…
ku-u r looking beautiful…
tw blushes-thnx kunj and left smiling..
ku-this girl is so nice such a pure girl like my angle…what r u telling kunj she is just ur frnd…

nxt seen
kunj came downstairs and ate his breakfast and left the whole day tw was buzy but when she got free she thought to call kunj but…left the idea
tw-kunj is so nice he understood me thank u god for giving me such a nice husband….but if he hearts me like uv did…
Days past by and tw and kunj became closer they share a very good bond …one day everyone was having dinner..
babe-twinkle puttar and kunj we have decided to send u in ur honeymoon…suddenly kunj spoon fell frm his hs hand and tw widened her eyes
babe- what happen to u both
tw-nothing babe but now honeymoon….
babe-no but vut u both r going means going twinj-k babe…but when
babe-tmrw is ur flight….go n do ur paking..
twinj left to their room both were happy frm inside but not showing…..
ku-yrrr twinkle in what problem we got stuck..
tw-leave na kunj what we can do babe told that we have to go paris…

nxt morning
twinj left for their honeymoon they checkin to their hotel and enjoyed full day….after they come to their room….and slept
nxt morning
tw wake up and saw kunj sleeping she gone to washroom and left her cloths in the room
tw-oh shit now what i will do should i call kunj…she shouts kunj…kunj
kunj wakes-what happen twinkle
ku-will u tell what happen
tw-kunj i forgot my clothes in room..can u plzz give me
ku-k wait he give her the cloths without opening hs eyes…
tw-(to herself)kunj is so nice i love him..what r u telling twinkle but is this love yes it is love I LOVE U KUNJ but does helove me….
nxt seen
twinj went to different places and at night both gone for a walk and both confess their love and get intimate
nxt morning
both r happy and return to their home…after some days tw fainted and doctor cane and checked her everyone was tensed and doctor came and told that she got pregnant everyone was happy especially kunj
9 months leap
twinkle gave birth to a baby boy and they named him arav…

precap- she is dead…. .

guys did u like it plzz give ur precious comments….
bye guys

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  1. RUTU.....

    Oh my god ,what an os my lovely, it’s really an amazing one you don’t know how special I am feeling now ,after knowing you written the whole os for me ‘thank you so much &love you to the core of my heart ????????????

  2. Anshikajainn

    It’s nice but pls twinj kocsafe rakhne PLS

  3. Sameera

    Omg so cute yaar adeeba ????? but precap omg shocking??????
    Do cont soon ….

  4. Presha

    Hey adeeba amazing fabulous yaar loved it

  5. SidMin23

    Sweet os but precap is scary hope everything is fine between twinj and twinkle is safe

  6. Adya

    Hey adeeba…
    The os was amazing. How do you write such good os yrr?? That was indeed very cute yrr very cute..
    The precap is too scary… Try posting soon..
    Happy new year again..
    Loads of love

  7. Fabulous loved it

  8. SidVee_Yashvee

    Lovely os.. ❤

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing

  10. Paavu

    Omg wat an oss so lovrly awesome adee can I call u dat??? Bt dus was awsum pls post soon and ya dear precap…. pls sad na ho end plsss

  11. Ramya

    Awesome adeeba
    So cute
    But PRECAP is shocking I hope everything will be fine
    Loads of love keep smiling

  12. Aanya_pandey

    Awesome update dear!!!

  13. SidMin

    Awesome 🙂 Loved it 🙂

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