Love Story of Vampire (epi-2)


recap-100yrs passed
their is extreme fear of wizard due to kalavati support but no one is their face her because she is supreme power for that a meeting held in jungle in which all nightworld people where invited
shekhar-their no way to stop them
priest -their is two may
dp-what is that
priest-kill kalawati or make her come to over side
shivanya-its next impossible
priest-i know u people together attack her still u cant win over her
abhay-their must be some way
laksh-some weapon through which we can kill her
ragini-what the hell ……why destiny cant do anything for us
sanky-their must someone
priest-no weapon is their to kill her she can be killed by a supreme soul more powerful then her
ragini-means their no way because every supreme soul is equally powerful she had killed rest 4 soul by tricking them and for becaming supreme soul thousand yrs worship is needed and ur telling more powerful then supreme soul
shekhar-raginiii behave yourself
abhay-she is telling true nature want us to die and no one is more powerful then her
priest-after every activity their is a reason behind….destiny has decide it previously everything has a reason……otherwise why destiny made a warewolf soulmate of vampire because their is a reason

dp-and matter of powerful soul their is one who is extremely powerful then all of us and even powerful then hundred supreme power
sanky-who is it dad
rp-swara malik daughter of evil lord omkar malik and purity queen ananya malik she has the blessing of lord krishna she was a human thats why their daughter has blessing of evil and god
kavita-correction uncle she was before hundred years she died with her soulmate
priest- it is not possible nor she died nor that man was her soulmate
all goes accept dp and priest
dp-plz tell who will help us
dp-shock how
priest-destiny has choosen them ragini will open the door of mystery and sanky will unlock the mystry
priest-only sanky soulmate will save us
priest-she is not sanky soulmate destiney has choosen someone else for him but
dp-but what
priest-only his soulmate can save us but from her nobody can save sanky and kavita
dp-what u mean
priest-usske laut ne waqt arha h ….woh aygi aunka kaal banke …..ausske intikam se dharti bhi kaap uthgi (her tym to return is came…she will come as a curse for them….from her revenge earth will also shiver)
dp-who is coming

priest-kaal arha rha jo bahalejyga saare papiyo ko…in hawao ko dekho yeah bhi auski ane ka swagat ki tyri kr rhi h……in paidh ko panchiyo ko dkho khushi se jhum rha h ……woh arhi h swara malik loot rhi h(death is coming which take away all culprits..look air is preparing to welcome her tree and birds are dancing in happiness she is coming swara malik is coming)
dp-shocks you mean to say princess swara is sanky soulmate and get happy
priest-not princess she is queen…..goddess of nightworld …….yes she is his soulmate but dont be happy because your son has to face her anger she will make his life hell
dp-but y
priest-i cant give u every answer…always remember no one should no about it and dont interfer in destiny activity
they goes
while going to home sanlak rag uttra is attacked by sahil and his men
sanlak fight with them somehow over power them sanlak turn to go but sahil hit them with wood stick as then are vampire they cant touch wood ragini uttra comes to save them but sahil slap ragini and through her some distance away and hold uttra and say today i will have fun with her here itself sanlak shout leave their sister
sanky-if u touch her i will not leave u
laksh-leave her
sahil through her stole and through her down sanlak comes to him but sahil men stop them and beat them and sahil lay above uttra ..she is crying and sanlak try to get up suddenly all became silent sahil stand up and uttra too sahil goans stops and sanla somehow manage and hear a roar of wolf and see a warewolf standing
sanky-lucky we have go from here she turned to wolf now till mrng she didnt remember us its dangerous to stay here
laksh-if they harm her like us
sanky-she is a warewolf they cant harm her with wood
wolf jump to ward goans andkilled half of them …
sanky-uttra come
laksh-lets go
uttra-we can hide and see bhabhi
laksh-she can smell us lets go
ragini killed all the goans and injured sahil
in mrng
all mm and gd where waiting for ragini
ap-she didnt come till know
dp-lets go and check
then ragini comes tired and injured laksh hold her in his arm and takes her to room and call their doctor

recap-rasanlak enter into cave where swara is captured …..sanky feel something…..swara free……swara oath to give merciless pain to sanky and kill him to varun grave

Credit to: unknown

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