Love Story of Vampire (epi-1)

hi frnds i have a story u like then only i will continue

maheshwari family (vampires)
dp-head of vampires….powerful
sanky-ability to read anyone mind and can control it
laksh-can heal any type of wound
ragini-wife of laksh a warewolf (raglak has done intercast marriage)
adarsh-can communicate to anyone who is mile away
gadodiya’s were warewolf now friends of mm
kapoor family(villans) they were wizards-urvashi her children sahil and kavya
malik family
swara malik -a supreme power unbeatable power uncompitable force because she have blessing of god and devil her dad was evil king and her mother was devotional lady she worship lord krishna as her father moreover she is a human a pure soul ..her parents were dead

story starts
swara lying in a steel big box filled with water which is placed inside the soil and the villians of story standing above the soil and laughing
sahil-why can we kill her rather then freezing her
kavya-he is right mom
urvashi-no we cant kill her because she is a supreme power we cant kill her..she herself doesnt know about her power thats y we able to capture her……dont be said without you both we cant do it parineeta and kavita
kavita-know varun is mine only
all laugh

swara-i will come back give you very painfull death
pari-first you come back
urvashi and other forwarded their right hand on swara and chant some mantra and the water inside the water started to turn into ice
swara slowly closed her eyes by remembering varun their first meet eyelocks nokjhok their fight his proposal their kiss lastly varun’s smiling face and turn into ice
kavita-know no one can free her
sahil-yeah she will die know
urvashi-no only human inside her will die but the evil power inside her will inside her keep her alive for taking her revenge from us
kavya-no one can free her
urvashi-accept her soulmate
urvashi-no i have seen her future her soulmate is a vampire and varun is a human
kavita-what … can she break the nightworld rules by loving a human
pari-just like u did being a bat
urvashi-shut up both of u look at the door it is made up of wood no vampire can touch it ….forget about opening it…..remember if hersoul mate enter this place even touch to this portion where she is burried she will be freed
all-nodes and leave

no one able to find her so everyone consider as dead
like this 100yrs passed
their is always fight btw wizard and all other they are not able to fight with wizard because they support of a supreme power kalawati(she is not powerful then swara)

recap-sanky asking dp their is no one who can defeat kalawati…..dp describe about swara sahil attack on uttra …..ragini and sahil face off

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