Our Love Story – Twinj tale by Shreya ( Part3)


Our Love Story – A Twinj Tale? (Part-3)
Heelllllooooooo…I know sab ke sab bohot angry ho …maafi plz..but It wasn’t a bevajah wali chutti..actually
1-..as most of you know.. My exams.. They are from next week..
2- I am preparing for a Symposium too along with a Quiz..you know learning and learning…
Choti si bacchi pe load hi load…uff…but I read allll the episodes of all the ff’s din left any….sorry for not commenting..
And Shatakshi di …its solo nice to see you back…. Loved the post and the OS was toh …Muaaah???
Ritzi my babydoll.. Mere ff main aisa kya matured dekh liya??..and ur ff is going …SPECTACULAR???
Ria di , Angita, Jisha di , Shona (Chanchal) di.., Bhavika , Monaa , Romaisah , Sidmin , Sidhant diehard fan (manu)and all others …you all are going. Fab…???
Sana (Ammu)…Ammu meri jaan…tyyyyyyyssssssssm for letting me HUG kunj (in ur ff)..asliyat main nahi..kam se kam ff main toh I felt (read) that heavenly pleasure
???????… Love you and yes..DON’T DARE TO END UR FF????…u r superb.??
And Now My Sayooooo??…Kya likha.. Kya likhti ho??? …I just love the words you use …Ur vocabulary makes me sit with a dictionary.. Which I rarely do ..as I am in myself a dictionary.. ??Chalo chaddo meri baaten…love u and each and every line of ur posts…

And Krystal di… Amazingly awesome.. You are going awesome.. Muuuah

And yes Baby… I loved ur OS..plz keep writing
And …yes Welcome meri jaan Ammu’s friend… Manu..I am a regular reader of ur ff….love you??

So if u have forgotten the story then…you can use the links
Part1- http://www.tellyupdates.com/love-story-tashan-e-ishq-intro-part-1/


(Akhir kar …I learned to add links.. Bataao..Inna choti sa kaam mujhse nahi ho raha tha..I M So Silly)

Hmm …so now..Sarah is wearing a red mermaid gown….

And Kunj is wearing A brown Jacket and and white T-shirt with jeans.
Like this

Recap-.. Sarah… who is Kunj’s college friend proposed him…let’s see his reaction.


Kunj’s POV-
“I Love you.. “.. were the words which blocked me..I somewhere knew that this is going to happen one day.. Sarah is really nice..I am….

He came out of thoughts when Sarah held his hand and said “.. I really love you Kunj…”.. Kunj was able to see her rose-colored eyes
…with hope to get a YES..
*Rose-colored- with hope…(its a proverb)
” Sarah….is ..is it a joke… I know kshitij asked u to do this right?.. See I caught you”..Kunj said misunderstandingly..as he wasn’t sure…”..Kunj”..Sarah continued with glassy eyes.. “It …it isn’t a joke kunj…my LOVE ISN’T A JOKE!!..”.. Kunj got up hearing this..he went a bit forward..and was now facing her his back…and said “.. Sarah…I don’t Love you”.. He stood still making Sarah glued…she ran and hugged his arm and said like a crazy (not our di…)..” Kunj.. Kunj don’t do this to me plllz…I ..I can’t live without you..I love you..”..”Sarah..I Can’t… ” he was interrupted by her..she held his face and said.. “Am I not beautiful??… Am I ugly…. WHYYYY. CAN’T U LOVE MEEE!!?”… Was the sentence she said before Kunj held her shoulder lightly and tried to make her understand “.. Noo..U are beautiful.. Very beautiful but..”.. His mouth was chocked…seeing her tears on her cheeks.. He as feeling
Veryyyyy bad because he was hurting his friend moreover the girl who loves him from the core of her Heart coz he respects Love.
He thought better to leave than dragging the talk and left .
Sarah was now sitting on floor crying her heart out…after sometimes something struck her mind she wiped her tear and left the place running……..

Next scene-

A big Concert hall is shown –Like This

And listen.. Listen the audience is cheering for someone…kuun…Kunj kunj kunj kunj…was the word which occupied the whole Concert hall.. Now the stage is shown . There is a boy sitting on a chair (as used by singers) wearing a brown Jacket with white T-shirt and a cowboy necklace (locket) …and jeans with a black guitar in front of an expert band behind.. He lifts his face up a bit ..yes yes he is Kunj ..Kunj sarna the heartbeat of each and every girl present in the concert and me and all those who are reading this…he smiles at the audience who were becoming and closes his eyes.. (Music starts to play in BG ..by the band)….
with closed eyes was imagining a girl… Her wet hair..now her big brown and intense eyes with big , long and wet eyelashes shielding her eyes…her rosy- pink , perfect lips….he then sees (imagines) her beautiful place and starts to sing in his breathtaking voice….
K: there bin jeena hai aise
Dil dhadaka naa ho jaise
Yeh ishq hai kya duniya ko him samjhaye kaise…
Ab dilon ki raahon main
Hum kuch aisa kar jaayen
Ek duje se bhichde Jo
Bin saans liye hi mar jaayen…..
Oh Khuda
Bata kya lakeeron main likha..
Humane to
Humne toh bas ishq hai kiya………..×2.

(Living without you is like heart without heart beats..
How to explain to this world..
What this love is…
Now let’s do something such in this our love…
If we get seperated…
Let’s die without breathing…
Oh god
Do tell what’s there in lines (in fate)
We have
We have just loved…×2) (Oh khuda of Hero…sung by Armaan Malik…my favorite singer????..)(.female parts were sung by a female singer at back..just for those parts..while he used to imagine the girl only )

He continued ..the show got over after about 1.5 hrs after a chain of songs… In b/w Kunj and the female singer did some duets too…

After the last song ..he came down the stage surrounded by media and journalists and reporters asking numerous questions along with struggling to get rid off His Bouncers…But is it so easy to talk with him…??..mostly Kunj used to reply but today he was upset …thinking of her friend (Sarah).
He heeded towards his vanaty and in his vanaty he was thinking about Sarah only.. Coz somewhere he felt a bit restless.. As if something unwell is gonna happen…
All of a sudden he felt someone’s presence and turned to find…he was Khitij.. Breathing heavily… “Kunj.”.. He breathed..and continued…”.. Kunj…kunj Sarah… She ..tried to Suicide”…”… Suicide..” The word echoes..


Hello everyone… How was it…??
I know Aap sab angry ho but you know the reasons..ab maaf bhi kar dona….. If possible I will post on the coming Sunday…with a looongg epi. ..3 episodes back to back of Yehi hai Ishq..

Let’s see what’s gonna happen next..Is Sarah alive?.. Do kunj loves her but due to some reasons hiding his love?..who Is that girl?…Is she Sarah?.. Stay tuned to know..

Plz plz plz comment……
Love you alllllllll????

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  1. Amazing episode lovely I was waiting for it from so long and u chose one of my favourite song arman and kunj oh god I can’t stop imagining him but episode is awesome

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks bulbul..sorry for making you wait..
      Love you

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome…eagerly waiting for next part….& that girl in his imagination is twinkle….

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks Puru..may be she could be Sarah too

  3. Amazing. .
    lovely plz upload ur other ff also.

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Tysm chehak..I will try posting it soon

  4. Angita

    Amazing shreyuu. Good you’ve learned to add links.

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks angita… And thanks for helping me too in choosing the attire

  5. Kruti

    awww…….bechari shreya par itna sara load dal rahi hai ye zalim duniya…..lols
    anyways concentrate on ur studies frst as they r more important all d best for ur exams
    awesome epi ….and sarah might be alive as far as what i think

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Kya karungi…ye duniya itni zaalim hai..well best of luck to me for my Symposium and thanks …may be Sarah can be alive too..
      Love you???

  6. Sayeeda

    Amazing….. Shreyoo darling… maza agaya …
    Nd that song…..one of my fav…
    well I thought that song is sung by Amaal Malik ..( Armaan’s bro ) ….may be I’m mistaken….
    Sooooooooo lovely episode..awesome…since long time I was waiting for ur ff….thanks for posting it ….
    Jaldi se next post krdo …nd plzzz Yeh ishq hai ..dat one also.
    Love u

    1. Ruchita Bhole!!

      Hey sayeeda
      You r right its sung by Amaal Malik!!

    2. Jiya_Ani

      Oh thank you thank you thank you sooooooooooo much. ….and So sorry After reading ur comment I had a glance on that part And I was like Shreya tu badi paagal hai..actually while typing I was listening songs so that mumma KO pata na chale what’s I am doing ….God and that time I was listening Bol do naa Zara toh man main Armaan malik was roaming and I wrote his name… I am so silly???..and you are not wrong…
      And I am typing Yehi hai Ishq ..I am combining 3 epis so its a LONG one…so it may take time but will post it soon..

  7. Kritika14


    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks Monica..

  8. Ria

    It was amazing Shreya!

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Tyyyyyssssssm di..Love you

  9. Ruchita Bhole!!

    Hey lovely
    The episode was also lovely?
    ❤loved it yaar n btw armaan is my fav singer too and O khuda is sung by Amaal Malik!!

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks Ruchita..Ya..I agree with you the song is sung by Amaal malik only.. I by mistake listening to Armaan malik’s song wrote his name…sorry.
      Keep supporting

  10. It was amazing

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thank you so much

  11. Fan

    Supr..loved it..

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks Fan..Keep supporting?????????????????????????????????????

  12. Hey shreyu sry fr late comments…. evn my fav singer iz armaaan malik?…. well the epi wz awsm.. very excitd fr nxt epi

  13. BTW this is sung by armaans sibling amaal malik! Its k may b u were cnfusd… post the nxt updt soon

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Thanks Maggi..I don’t mind late comments. And by mistake I typed Armaan instead of Amaal..sorry

  14. Ritzi

    Hayye re shreya….. Voh mature vali baat maine kitne din pehle boli thi tujhe ab tak uss baat ka shock laga hai kya…. Dekh let me explain tu khud ko choti si bacchi bulati hai ab bacchi ke comparison mei Teri sari ff mature hi huyi na ……….if u don’t believe me then issi epi mei dekh tune twinkle ko kaise describe kiya hai her wet hairs her eye lashes……. Ab samajh aya ki nhi? Uff thaka diya mujhe vaise I love it when sm1 calls me baby doll yaar nd I kinda blushed after reading that so thanks nd ya all the best for ur exams nd now ur next post should be yehi hai ishq…… Is that clear?

    1. Ritzi

      Vaise Congo tujhe nhi links Dena aa gya…. Ab I m only left hehe sounds funny na will u pls guide me how to give the links aur haan ek akhri sawal iss choti si pyari si baccha urf ff writer ki age kya hai

      1. Jiya_Ani

        Now I got it…mehnat karvaaane ke liye so sorry babes and Maine khud KO bohot choti , naazuk bacchi kaha hai..but I am of ur age only.. I too am in 9th..13yrs..
        And tyyyyysssssm for commenting and yes to add links go to the URL..select the link and at the corner you will get an option to share… Click and copy to clipboard… And paste .
        That’s it.
        I hope its helpful..
        Love you??

  15. Baby

    omg lovely amazing bt weres twinkle

  16. Baby

    n thnks fr mentioning me i ll try rite more shreya dear

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Ofcourse you have to…And tyyyyssssssm babes and yes ..Twinkle will soon get her heroin wali entry..now she is in Switzerland

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