Our Love Story – Twinj tale (Part 8)


Our Love story -Twinj Love (Part8)

Recap- Twinkle takes Kunj to roam around Bern as his payment ..in the process Kunj realized that whatever Bebe said (Kunj being a patient of Love at first sight with Twinkle) to be completely true…they enjoyed

It has been 4 months by now..in these 4 months a lot has changed..
Twinkle after performing for the band has become one of the most loved f.rockstar..Kunj has built a nice bond with The people in the orphanage where Twinkle used to live…He has strengthened & deepened his feelings for Twinkle in the mean time Twinkle is also sunk in the ocean of Love with him..but neither of then confessed.. Kunj wanted to 1st be completely sure as its his life’s affair but something is there still which is restricting Twinkle… Kunj Has decided to tell Twinkle what he feels for her…before returning back to Amritsar..

— Bellevue Palace Hotel

Kunj is Lost in some thoughts..lying in his casuals on his cozy King size bed..

Kunj’s POV-

Oh my..!..whenever I close my eyes.. You always get suffused in me..Ahh Twinkle.. One day I will become Kooky in your Love..I just can’t wait more!..Today if you say YES..I’ll take you with me yo India..bcoz Bebe is too desperate to meet her DIL..but…if you will say NO..which I hope not..I’ll leave Bern and will never show my face…But I know you also love me Twinkle.. I have seen so much of Love which will never be found less in your those beautiful deep eyes..


Next Scene-
(I don’t want to drag it!)

Kunj reached at the same Library cum Flower shop where still Twinkle hasn’t stopped working because she loves the place..He found it filled with people who were busy with their books and flowers..

“Twinkle”.. He called out with a voice full of Love..
Twinkle came in front of him wearing gloves and setting some flowers in. a bouquet ..
” What happened?? “..she asked casually because it has became her habit go to see Kunj at her working place..
Kunj kneels in front of Him..spreading his arms..
“.. You don’t know How many times you have killed me…don’t take it seriously but you have..every second which I spend without you is Like a knife stabbing me…I want you to give me Life to Live again Twinkle.. (Takes a breathe).. I LOVE YOU…I Love sooooo much..I love you I love you I love you …I can shout this innumerable times.. Will you..Be mine??”..

He said forwarding his hand towards Twinkle who’s ocean (eyes) were filled with water..she was Happy.. She was on cloud nine.. She wanted to say YES..but something stopped her from doing so..she turned and ran back leaving Kunj baffled..

He understood that she doesn’t wanted to be his…this thought shattered Kunj into micro pieces… He shouted with mournful ..sniveling eyes..
“..I am returning to India …I’ll never show my face to you again but I will wait for you whole my life because I love you and will always Do”..

Twinkle was running with tears and reached the church ( it was the orphanage where Twinkle used to live…it was just behind the flower shop)..she fell on the seat crying hard..but felt a hand on her shoulder.. She turned
” mother..”..she spoke
“Why don’t you accept his Love?..when you know that you can’t live without him??..don’t you know that you Love him so much?..He is a very nice guy Twinkle.. He’ll always keep you happy my child..”.. Mother said cupping her face she hugged her tight and cried…
” I know mother.. How nice ..how good he his at his heart.. But..I am not the one meant for him!.. He deserves someone much better than me..I know he’ll find the girl who deserves him ..and she must be the luckiest on earth…but I am not the one…”..she said..
“..But I feel that he has found the one..and that you my child… Don’t reject him because Love makes the two perfect for each other.. He wants you to be her best half..go and accept him with is Love..”.. Mother said to Twinkle convincing her…Twinkle smilingly hugged mother saying…” I love you sooooo .much “…
” oho..say this to him..not me..what are you doing here???…run or you’re gonna miss the most handsome guy..run and become the luckiest girl on earth…Goooo..”..Mother said..making her run towards Kunj..
[..Author- ..guys its the English version of Bhaag Simran Bhaag..oops..bhag Twinkle Bhaag ..jee le apni Jindagi..??????]

Twinkle ran towards the main road..

Kunj was walking numb with tears in his eyes…it was raining heavily… The clouds were also shedding tears in his pain.. His love will never come in front of him …the thought brought tears in his tiny eyes.. Tears were not stopping to brim off his eyes…

“KUNJ”… He heard in his Love’s Voice..

He turned.. But his vision was blurry to see…he cleared his vision to see and found a wet Twinkle running Towards him.. His happiness had no boundaries… as he saw her she shouted with a bright smile…
” I LOVE YOU….”…were the last words which she spoke… Because just then a car hit her ..her Blood strained Kunj’s shirt… Who was shocked..
“..tww….TWINKLE….”.. He shouted his heart out….
—flashback ends..
(How many of you remembered that we are in flashback of the FLASHBACK..)


Everyone was looking at Kunj who was crying ..with moist eyes…
” From That day..sir Twinkle is in Coma..Her mother and doctors forced me to concentrate on my career..daily I survive glancing at her during video calls ..I go there at every 15 days…but I know How hard it is to do so..to be away from her when she is in this condition.. I got a call yesterday that there is a Lil bit of improvement in her… I …I was about to board for Bern Tomorrow morning but you are not letting me do so and now I don’t care whatever happens. I don’t want to leave my Twinkle..sir let us go… I want to be with her all the time..I can not Live without her..”..Kunj said pleading..

” Go back..Kunj… Go back..I will make Sarah understand that she cannot be yours..and you can’t be hers…take your friends… And be brave Twinkle will get well soon..just shower all your Love on her..I am an unfortunate man who can’t even get such a lovable ..nice boy for his daughter and sending him to someone else..”…Kamal Shankar said (Kamal Shankar is Sarah’s father.. Hope you remember)


How’s the Twist??
Shock laga???

But trust me story main ab mazaa ayega
Ab mazaa ayega …
Chalo pehle

precap- to be continued with Twinj Love story..

This part its important for my story.. I hope you all are not angry because of this ..coz I know many were expecting something romantic type..

And thank you sooooo much to all those who commented and all the silent readers too…Sorry as I wasn’t able to reply to your lovely comments.. But will do when you’ll comment for this…

I’ll post this ff only on Wednesdays/Thursdays…And any other day too if possible..
And yes I’ve posted my other two ffs too along with this…do read them if you wish


I got some message from a reader saying that my story is similar to a Prabhas & Kajal Aggarwal Telugu movie..Darling.. I was seriously depressed knowing the fact and checked its plot..but luckily 94% of it is totally different… Hope you don’t say me a copy cat..and
Sujina..the one which you told about is this only.. and don’t worry you din hurt me at all…


Guys do comment…
Its a humble request..

Love you all

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it Lovely the episode was awesome and Twinkle is in coma 🙁 I remembered it was a flash back Post soon 🙂

  2. Kritika14

    It was fab. I loved it! Looking forward for twin’s love story. Continue soon. Loves xx

  3. Great…..pls post next part soon.

    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hey thanks pagal..I’ll post next part on next Wednesday (not this one..)?

    2. Jiya_Ani

      Sorry yaar I typed payal and spellchecks made it pagal!!

  4. Anam_sidhant

    It was greatt?

  5. Ranabulbul

    Oye kisne bola u r. A copy cat han
    Nopesiii yr u r a cutiii
    And epi was too gud and sad for tw
    Post soon
    Kitne likhun tere liye

  6. SIDMIN-Daamini

    It was great darlo ……… loved it ……. hope twinki jaldi se theek ho jaaye…….. love u ???

  7. Fan

    Super epi lovely!!

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    Can I ask u something if u don’t mind?
    Hv u taken the story frm movie darling (telugu movie)???
    Sry if I hv felt bad …

  9. *u hv felt bad

  10. Hey Nice one
    Even I thought it is similar to movie bt I think it’s completely ur story.plss asap

  11. Sayeeda

    Hey ! Shreyooooo don’t worry yrr I don’t consider u a copy cat ….sometimes it do happen that our ideas r similar to some other stories that doesn’t mean that u copied it…….

    Well leave all this …coming to ur episode..
    Shreyooo jaan kya dhaasu episode tha yrr….ek dum solid wala type….loved it sooooo much….. too good….

    Love you???

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute emotional shocking epi

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    i m so sry really….
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    Ohhhh god shreyoo amazing srsly shocking osm fabulous luvd it 2 core
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    1. Jiya_Ani

      Hahaha..next padho..hope so mazaa aayega..
      Part9- http://www.tellyupdates.com/love-story-twinj-tale-part-9/..

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