Love story…..!! (TwiNj OS)


Hi I m here with my new os..Hope u like my short os…!!!
Love Story…..!!

Twinkle is a girl whose parents Rt and Leela are good friends with next-door neighborhood and old friends, Tina and Joseph and their son Kunj , who are all devout Christians. Twinkle and Kunj are good friends, and are often shown to be hanging out with each other. But then, A proposal comes for twinkle of Yuvraj . When uv’s mother asks, Rt is very happy and agrees. Leela is also very happy. But then Twinkle is not happy because Yuvraj , is quiet and shy, the complete opposite of loud and rambunctious Twinkle. Twinkle doesn’t have any interest in Yuvraj although her friend Chinki praises for her luck. One time in Kunj ‘s house there is a New Year Party and Twinkle attend the party but Yuvraj leaves the party. Kunj and Twinkle dance but then Twinkle runs because of Kunj’s way of dancing with her. When she is going towards the house, she sees an ambulance and her car following the ambulance. Leela is sitting in the car. She asks her mother what happened to which she replies that Anita (uv’s mother ) has got a heart attack. Leela, Sidhant and Rt are shocked. Luckily Anita gets recovered and comes home. Everyone are very happy. Unfortunately Anita gets another heat attack and dies and uv is shattered. Uv cries a lot. Leela is shocked because she thought Usha as her sister. Mahi consoles her but she is also sad. Twinkle goes in a complete shock. So her mother says to concentrate in her studies. She accepts Uv as the choice of her parents and realizes that He needs her after her mother’s demise But things start to unravel when twinkle and Kunj begin to fall in love.Twinkle says she cannot marry Uv. Uv understands and leaves to London . Kunj confesses his love for her, and twinkle realizes that she too has feelings for him. Twinkle at first refuses his proposal to her, using religion as an excuse, but Kunj agrees to convert to Hinduism for her, Sooon Twinkle and the newly Hindu Kunj ” are married. Here begins the ultimate story, as Twinkle and Kunj struggle to gain forgiveness from their parents, and attempt to make a life for themselves despite their different religious backgrounds. Twinkle. and Kunj move to Europe. Here after a lot of struggle and hardwork, they get their own apartment. Twinkle gets pregnant and soon gives birth to a baby girl who she calls Jasmine and Kunj calls her Joyce .
LEAP OF 18 yrs
Jasmine is all grown up now and Twinkle is a well known and famous doctor. Kunj and Twinkle’s relationship is very poor and Kunj has a girlfriend Maya who he hangs out with. Twinkle is soon diagnosed with cancer and doesn’t disclose it to anyone. Twinkle’s daughter Jasmine is going to Pakistan for her thesis on poor countries. After she leaves for Pakistan, Twinkle’s health starts to worsen and soon Kunj realizes his mistakes and moves back in with twinkle . During her time in Pakistan, Jasmine meets Sidhant and falls in love with him but he likes Alisha . Jasmine tells Sidhant to propose Her but then Alisha rejects him and he cries a lot.Then Sid realises her love for Jasmine . Jasmine and Sidhant are married and whilst in hospital breathing her last Twinkle begs Kunj to divorce her. He doesn’t agrees and apologises her. She accepts his apology..And then tell him she loves him and he too tells he loves her. She then dies a peaceful death and David accepts Hinduism wholeheartedly. Kunj also then dies because if Heart attack and Sid and Jasmine builds a Twinj Memorial Hospital in their memory 🙂
The End……

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  1. Angita

    Very nice is but to many heart attacks yaar

    1. Thanks
      Aur koyee bimari Yaadh nhi aarahi thi

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  2. Sayeeda

    Amazing… too good …
    Ek baat since beginning to end I was curious to know what will happen next ….
    Zaku …I’m proud to have a sis like u ..

    1. Thanks

  3. Zaku u mix so many things in ur os n make it diff n unique… Nd still u don’t confuse us dats the best part abt u… Ur in 8th n u write such gooood story… Keep writing dear…. Luvd the intense story

    1. Thanks

  4. Jiya_Ani

    Really nice Zaku.. So many heart attacks. Uff

    1. Thanks
      Mere chote sei dimaag ko koyee Bimari Yaadh hi nhi aaye

  5. Rashiverma2199

    Very nice… .so emotional…

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  6. Amazing epi zaku loved it very much ?????

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  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    wow nice and diff too good zaku u rock loved ur os to the core

    1. Really?? ??

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Yes i m speaking the truth and joyee is my nickname some of my friends call me joyce 😛

      2. Yup I know that that’s why I choosed this

  8. twinjfan (tamanna)

    awesome one..sidmin marriage ..hahaha…thanks fr that…

    1. Thnks

  9. Saby

    Twinj and sidmin both….
    Nice 1 zaku?

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  10. Sameera

    Awesome ?

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  11. SidMin

    Loved it Zaku 🙂

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  12. Baby

    amazing zaku luvd it heart attack aa gya padke ke itna acha tha hhhhaaaaha

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      1. Hahah another heart attack

  13. It was a nice story

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  14. Dreamer...arundhati

    Zaku.. Wonderful

    1. THanks

  15. Kritika14

    too many heart attacks ? but coming back to the os .. it was short and sweet one. And if you don’t min and have time would you read my ff .. it is called – the enticing little incident (twinj) 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading
      Come to ur ff Will read it surely

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