a love story…… twinj episode 4


Hello guys
I m here wid my next episode
Bt phele
Happy birthday ria dear yr u r amazing pta hi nhi chala kab itni achi bhne mil gyi muje nhi toh god hv blessed me wid two naughty brothers who r small to me yes I am the eldest.
May god bless you and fulfil all your wishes showers all his blessing and keep you happy and away from all the evils
Luv you dear stay blessed sissy


Recap twinkle and doctors talk in the doctor cabin and we came to know kunj have reached 6 years ago
And sooooooooo kuddos lets start with it..
Twinkle reaches kunjs room and sees kunj is not at his bead her heart beat increases tears are not stopping she is crying……then
She is thinking that if knj sees his face then what will happen I need to find him.
She enters the room and sees kunj going towards the washroom she shouts kunj no..
And brings hm back to his bed and makes him sit…
She is happy that she saved kunj and didn’t lost her life again..
The song is being played in background
Hey guys noted(sidmin are dancing)
Beimaan, Dil Bada Be-Imaan
Hota Nahi Aasaan Isey Hai Samjhana

Beimaan, Dil Bada Be-Imaan
Tere Liye Shaitan
Meri Naa Ek Maana
Here it is shown kunj holds twinkles hand and twirls her round and round and then twinkle comes and says I am very haapy as I got my kunj back.
And twinj are staring eo deeply

Dil Jeete Yaa Main Jeetu
Dekhungi Dekhega Tu
Lo Dil Se Sharat Lag Gaye
Mujhe Tto Teri Lat Lag Gayi, Lag Gayi
Zamaana Kahe Lat Yeh Ghalat Lag Gayi
Mujhe Tto Teri Lat Lag Gayi, Lag Gayi
Zamaana Kahe Lat Yeh Galat Lag Gayi
Mujhe To Teri Aa Aa Aa Aah Yeah
Aaa Aa Aa Aah Yeah
Aahh Aah Aa Aa Lat Lag Gayi
Mujhe Toh Teri Aa Aah Aa Aa Yeh
Aa Aa Aa Aah Yeah..

All this while they both are in an eye lock and just lovingly looking at each other.

Roku Jitna Utni Bagawat Ho
Lagta Hai Aisa Haal-E-Dil Ki Tum Zaroorat Ho (X2)

Mujhko Bhi Tu Zaroori
Tu Bhi Nashein Main Poori
O Kaisi Yeh Talab Lag Gayi

Mujhe To Teri Lat Lag Gayi, Lag Gayi
Zamaana Kahe Lat Yeh Ghalat Lag Gayi (X2)

Mujhe To Teri Aa Aa Aa Aah Yeah
Aaa Aa Aa Aah Yeah Aah Aa Lat Lag Gayi (X2)
Mujhe To Teri

Ek Tu, Ek Main, Ek Baat Hui Apni
Hairaan Hai Kyun Saara Jahaan
Jo Raat Hui Apni (X2)

Mujhse Tu Aake Mila
Toh Yeh Hua Hai Sila
Ki Sau Tohmat Lag Gayi
Here kunj comes close to twinkle they both are inches away and kunj kisses her on her cheeks and says
I love you twinkle she says I love you too kunj…

Mujhe Toh Teri Lat Lag Gayi, Lag Gayi
Zamaana Kahe Lat Yeh Galat Lag Gayi (X2)

Mujhe To Teri Aa Aa Aa Aah Yeah
Aaa Aa Aa Aah Yeah Aa Aa Aa Lat Lag Gayi (X2)
Mujhe To Teri…

I know guys koi match nahi tha but just to show the happiness of twinkle and that where is she and what is she dreaming about
He says kya hua siyaappa queen………siyappa queen………. and snaps his hand in front of her.
But she is dancing and dreaming in her own world with kunj.
She suddenly hears kunj calling her she just smiles at him and hugs him very tightly and says I love youkunj .
He says I love you too twinkle but kya hua tujhe..
He sees tears in her eyes and clears them and says twinkle mene kha tha naa iss chere par smile better lagti hain or mein teri aankho mein aansoon nhi dekh skta.
Sajna ve plays
Sajna Ve Sajna Ve..
Sajna Ve Sajna Ve..
Aaja ve sajna.. Aa..
Aaja ve sajna
Rooh mein shamil tujhe karlun

Sajna Ve Sajna Ve..
Sajna Ve Sajna Ve..
Aaja ve sajna
Rooh mein shamil tujhe karloon
Jhindadi mitake rab se
Main haasil tujhe karlun
Ohk kunj you sit here where were you going . are twinkle I wanted to go to the washroom and tune aakar mujhe rok dia someone does like this with anyone
Haannnnnn……. Ab washroom bhi I cant go alone.
You wanna come with me …..twinkle listenng to this says shupup kunj and says just wait for an hour .
He asks why but she says just wait and you will then get to know.
Twinkle goes out of the room and talks about something to doctor which is muted..and all this while she is cring
Doctor is also crying listening to her he says ohk for it..
Doctor says well if this is the case we will do it but mrs.sarna what to do will mr.srna agree dr. you don’t take tension and just
Do the surgery and this is here it is please doctor I need him back I cant afford to losse him anymore.

Here it is shown now that twinkle goes to kunj and makes him drink milk and kisses him on his cheeks and says sadu sarna tumhe tumhari siyaapaa queen kuch nhi hone degi..
He sleeps.
The doctor comes and takes him and
Start the surgery now after a day kunj wakes up
His eyes are shown
then his pink cute lips

then his hair are shown
and finally his face is shown he is revealed to be are kunj sarna
hot handsome dashing cute heartthrob charming
I am fainting he is my oopppssie our SID
and finds himself n his bed and is siyappa queen is smiling sitting in front of him.
He says what happen and what is this why is my face having a bit of pain..

He says twinkle lets go home now its been so many days we have not been there lets go.
She says yes lets go sadu.
Twinkle gets kunjs discharge papers of kunj and they left from there.
All this while none knew where twinj are as twinkle has told no one as she didn’t want anyone to harm kunj .
Caller mam actually you asked us to see where is uvraj is he fine or not mam but he was alwys in front of you and mam he is jassi acting in ffront of you.
Twinkle is shocked
she says ohk and cuts the call and flashback gets over she is crying thnking now what will happen.
How will I handle everything..all this while kunj is sleeping then he gets up and ssees twinkle and kisses on her right cheek twinkle feels it and is stunned and dey share an eyelock she thinks what is kunj doing…..

Ishq bulava jaane kab aave
Ishq bulava aave jab aave..
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta baitha kol tere…
Tainu takda ravaan
Baaton pe teri hansda ravaan
Pagal main khud nu banaanda ravaan
Tu hansdi rave, main hansaanda ravaan
Tainu takda rawaan…
Ajeeb rangaan di tu hai badi
Lage alag hi jahaan di
Ajeeb rangaan di tu hai badi

Lage alag hi jahaan di
Ae to nazraan nazraan di gal ve
Tu vi sun le zaraa
Main taa kol tere rehna
Main taa kol tere rehna
Main taa rehna kol tere…
Tainu takdi rawaan
Naina ‘ch tere main vasdi ravaan
Paagal main khud nu banaunda ravaan
Tu hansdi rave, main hansanda ravaan
Tainu takda ravaan
Ishq duaavan jaane kab aave
Ishq duaavan aave jab aave
Main ta kol tere rehna

Main ta kol tere rehna
Main taa baitha kol tere…
Tainu takda ravaan
Baaton pe teri hansda ravaan
Pagal main khud nu banaanda ravaan
Tu hansdi rave, main hansanda ravaan
Tenu takda ravan (x2)

Kunj twinkle says
Yes twinkle..

We reached home lets go please I want to meet maa so can we go to taneja mansion first he says ohk..

Precap twinj reach twinkles room silently and kunj holds twinkle nd they fall on bed and then………leela sees twinkles car and thinks is she home and is going towards twinj room…..

Guys I don’t know what hell am I riting but please hit me with ur cmnts bt don’t kill me.
Sry guys mein bilkul mood mein nhi hun likhne ke bt just fr ria………
Pta nhi mene kya likh diya hai but exam stress hai bas aisehi likhga dia wtever came to my brain sorry I know its freak boring bt bear with it I will end it soon in fact I don’t know what to write next so please when I was starting I asked some of you that I will need your help sometimes so the time is there please help me guys give me some idea…….
guys i am posting this episode also today because mayb i wont be able to post next soon
1.i dont have ideas
2.need ideas
3.exams are starting
4.guys please help me with it
5.love you guys

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      di yeh bhot precious cmnt hai kunki aap pura episode pdte ve smile kr rhe the mere sath voh tb hota hai jb muje kuch had se jyada psnd aata hai or shayad i m nt worth it
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    my hands r painin……aaahhhh
    my headin is revolving….uhuhu..
    my sleepiness is invreasing…..aahaauhaa…it was yawn aapi….hehe
    sachchi neend bohot aarahi hai
    so in short..it was hilarious as always..n yeah kunj aka sid is back..
    rock babes….
    n about suggestion its ur ff…but u r insisting den will think about it…hehehehe…ya laughing…i m telling like m a big writer..hehe
    woh b final wala

    1. Baby

      oh deary pta hai sooooooooo happy to c ur cmnt a gr8 smile cptrd my lips wen i saw ur name
      ohohho take care yr medicines lo jo lena hai lo bt meri aami ko thik rakho smj me aayi
      or ab pta nhi u ll get dis cmnt of m9 or nt
      bt yr thnks plsss thnk about t n give me any idea nhi toh tb tk episode ki toh chutti hhee
      ur yawn was very cute……aahaauhaa….c even i yawned yr i was studying its 2 30 jst visted here n saw ur cmt
      idea de diyo behn or u r a gr8 rtr thik hai soooooooo
      proud ho kar khe ki mein aise khe isliye rhi hun kunki mein bhot bdi rtr hun stries pdi hain ammu ki kitni mast likhti hai voh
      soooooooooooo luv u deary
      thnks sooooooooooooooooooo mch happy u cmntd very happy u made my day n nyt both hehhee
      luv u

      1. Aamu

        are ohh my behnaa…u r making me fly in d air yaar…kyaa tumbhiii….
        n u know wat…i had read ur ff day before tommo at night but cmnt last night as i was busy but had saved ur n bookmark so cmnted last night…i had thought smthng but forget..so wat can i dooo..
        school ki tension me yeh bhool gayi..
        yaa i m not giving suggestion but
        ya u can start a new story…but in dis only…as kunj had forget 6 yrs so u can give a college life of him or let twinj spent sometime together…means take dem to d tour…or wedding planning business.or..make dem settle at diff place where dis uv would no know n den some twinj moments…n again a twist…ab twist kaise bataau no idea..but yaa i think isse muje next epi jldi milsakta hi….
        it was idea..
        n yaa make some change or if some1 will read den it will not enjoyable…
        do cont…soon
        love u aapi…
        n yeah aapka intezaar kaa waqt pura hua…i posted my epi…atlast last part cmpltd today…i was busy so today posted…its funny type..hope like it??

    2. Baby

      ohh god aami yr u r lovely
      soooo cute idea i hv got ideas frm 2 places now dont no wt to do bt
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