A LOVE STORY (Tashan e Ishq) Chapter-3

Chapter-3 Duties and Meetings

I didn’t realize how and when I slept last night. I had an off whereas Maa had to go to work and Mahi college. So I decided to see Chinki, my bestfriend. Her family has been very helpful to us ever since we moved here, though we knew them even before that. Her parents take care of me and Mahi the same way they do for Chinki. She was my bestfriend since school days…she was that one person who never mocked at me for being the person I was and clearly wasn’t even jealous of my achievements. Whenever I achieved something her eyes showed all signs of pride and happiness.I went to her place and sat with uncle aunty and Chinki, and then the two of us went off for shopping. I had a convocation in college and wanted to buy myself a kurti or suit but on Chinki’s insistence I ended up buying a saree. After shopping, talking and eating our hearts out we retired to our places.

The next few days at the university were quite busy…my schedule was hectic. I hardly had time for myself..after being made the incharge for the Convocation prog. I had a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders. The preperations for convocation doubled the pressure and to manage with with classes and this was even more tough. A lot of famous journalists, educationists were to address the students and the Chief Guest was the CEO of Sarna Group of Industries, was supposed to be the youngest and successful business tycoons of India, also he was a pass out from our university itself.

The work load was so much that it resulted in me returning home late at night which maa never liked. 7’o clock was the deadline for me and Mahi to return home. Usually I would return home by 6 but these days it was around 9’o clock when I returned home and maa wouldn’t stop worrying and calling. Everything on the day of convocation was apt. From the decorations to all the arrangements everything was good. When the convocation had ended the Principal had congratulated and praised me and my team for our work. When I came home I told Maa and Mahi every detail of it, from the arrangements to guests,everything. I told them about Kunj Sarna and how influential and powerful his speech was. He had achieved a lot at a very young age and despite his achievements he was humble and easy going.

After this I retired to my bed, it was a tiring day for me after all.
Hey, sorry for the late and short update.Have been very busy with my school these days.
Please put in your comments and do let me know how it was. πŸ™‚

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  1. Hey great epi
    Though i thought there would be some twinj scenes..
    Post asap
    Hey are you a writer in indian forum????

    1. Riya04

      Hey, thank you. ?
      Sorry for making you wait but this is necessary. You’ll get some twinj scenes in one or two chapters. ?
      Well I’ve written for India forums but I wasn’t able to manage with that.

  2. Ramya

    Awesome riya
    Lovely cute

    1. Riya04

      Thank you. ?

  3. Sohi

    Very good episode
    Liked twinkles strong characters
    Waiting for the twinj scenes
    Do continue and post soon

    1. Riya04

      Thanks. ?

  4. Mia12

    Hey Riya,,
    How are you..?.. After a long time,,??.. It’s ok girl study are also first then anything,,??.. well I love this episode,,???.. Now m looking 4 more,,??.. No need to hurry take ur time and post,,☺☺..
    Keep smiling,,

    1. Riya04

      Hey, Thank you. ?❀

  5. Presha

    Hw r u…
    I agree with mia/priya…
    Loved it…

    1. Riya04

      Heya, I’m good. Thank you. ?

  6. Fatimaa.

    Heyy riya…
    The episode was awesome..
    Love u post soon

    1. Riya04

      Heya, thanks. Love. ?

  7. Good but when are you making you champs meet

    1. Riya04

      Thank you.?
      I’ve made you people wait a lot…very soon. ?

    1. Riya04

      Thank you. ?

  8. SidMin23

    Nice and do continue

    1. Riya04

      Thank you. ?

  9. SidMin

    The episode was cute. …
    It talked about how hard-working Twinkle is and how she shares a wonderful bond with Chinki Chilli and her mom …
    Love you post soon ❀

  10. Riya04

    Thanks a lot. Love. ❀?

  11. Baby

    Ohhhh hii riya πŸ™‚
    Srriee m late….bt actually busy…. πŸ™‚
    Well loved d episode….pity twinkle….bt kunj n jst wow…. πŸ™‚ cant w8 fr nxt srriee ma lte sooo sriee well missing u all……. πŸ™‚

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