A love story by Sunitha.k (Part 3)


A love story

Mainik Malhotra is son of Janaki and Harish Chandar Rao.
He has two sisters one is Manju and one is Mamatha
He loves his family very much.
Nanik completed his M.tech and ready to join his father’s business.
His love is like an Ocean.
His hated is like hell.

After her first meeting with Manik,
Nandini couldn’t become normal for a few days.
His touch, his body lanuguage were haunting her.
It took more than a week for her to become normal.
Nandini and Vinoothna got engaged six months back.
Nandini is engaged to Raj.
He is a civil engineer working in govt sector.
Vinoothna got engaged to Madhu,
He works in America.

As it is their last day of exam, both planned for shopping for their marriage.
Both the girls did shopping, pampered themselves in the parlor and got everything done.
Both are very excited about their marriage.

As Madhu wants to marry early and go to America,
Vinoothna’s marriage is a week earlier than Nandini’s.
It is Vinoothna’s sangeet.
Both bride and bridegroom’s sangeeth is at a place.
All are excited to see Madhu.
All the collegemates, hostelmates, friends, classmates are all attending the sangeet.
Vinoothna is looking gorgeous.
Her beauty is entangled in her eyes.
She is like a pretty princess just walking from heaven.
Nandini got dressed up in lehanga.
She was waiting for Madhu and gang with her friends.
She planned everything for sangeeth tonight and she’s excited about the things to happen as planned.

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  1. Itna chota update……:[
    But its okk….

    It’s nice…
    Keep going….

  2. Nice update di
    but Nandini engaged to raj

  3. Mahi13

    How’s ur health di? The update was small but it’s ok. Take care of urself di.

  4. Superb update yar…..

  5. Nice but too small,and why nandini is with someone one manik.

  6. Wat Akka its sooo small but take care of ur health..

  7. Suni its really nice to hear u after a very long time. I checked in tellyupdates every weekend to just check if there is any updates from u or not. How is ur health dear? I really like nandu s character here, she is so carefree n binduss. I love that. I really missed u suni but i lost ur email number coz my previous phn was damaged. How is ur health now?

  8. Tell me if nandini will married to that raj? N then manan stories will begin?plz noo…i want to see their fresh love story. N can u plz keep the character’s name simple at ur next story ?. I m having difficulties to remember some of their names. When will u give updates on my mistakes? I m sooo happpy to get u back

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