A love story by Sunitha.k (Part 2)


A love story

Nandini and vinuthana are in class, new girl majnu is also with them. Physics class is going on .
“Vinuthana class is getting bore.”
“Nandu shut up! And listen class”
“No way, let’s have fun”
“Nandu no”
“No, last we both are taken to principal”
“So what?” Nandini got up and shouted”aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!”
Whole class looked at her.
She closed her eyes and showing lizard on wall screaming and jumping
All started shout
It’s common girls scream at lizards and cockroach
Whole class was shouting jumping going here and there
Physic sir was trying hard to control the class but all went in vein
All the college started coming to class principal came after great effort all classes became normal.
Half the day wasted

“Nandu! It’s not fair! Just because you are bored, you made whole college disturbed”
“Everyone might be feeling happy. Except you”
“Nandu! You are rediculous”
“I am”Nandini said with smile
“I will kill you”Vinu said in anger
“When I will die, you will cry and make everyone cry so stop this stupid anger and let us go to picture”
“Picture! Cool”said Manju
“Manju! You don’t know Nandu she is afath stay away from her you will be safe”
“O iam afath? Acha! Then stay away from me” Nandini walked away from there in anger
“O no she is angry now” Manju said
“Don’t worry she will come back wait”
Nandini walked few steps and came back” are you both coming or not? Hurry up picture will start”
“See, noutanki basz” Vinu said smiling
All went to movie

With in no time Manju became friend with vinuthana and Nandini.
Manju is calm fun loving girl. Always says about her brother for each and every action. Like going to college then she says”bhai will never make me late to college”
Nandini and Vinnu always make fun of her

Days are passing Nandu and Vinu got curious about manjus brother. The way she describes him always made them to get jealous and curious. Nandu always make jokes on Manju and her brother saying”one day I will make your bhai mine and will make him stay away from you”
“That’s impossible he is Manik Malhotra. Nothing can change him”
“Let us see. We will do one thing this time when he comes I will show you my charm”
“Ok fine! It’s challenge”
“Shut up! Both of you. You always take things to extremes, Nandu let her feel proud for her brother why you take it to ego” Vinu said
“No this time I will show what Nandu is” Nandini said firmly.

After one month of above happened, Manik came to meet Manju.
“Nandu! My bhai came” Manju screamed in happiness
“Wait! You stay here let him wait I will go after ten mins you come” Nandu looked herself in mirror and checked everything is ok then came down to meet Manik in cellar

Manik is in white shirt blue jeans, more than 6feet long so attractive that Nandini when she saw him her jaw dropped. She came out of her scenses and walked to him
“You are Manik right?”
“Yes”Manik said in sweat voice
“I love you” Nandini said looking straight in to his eyes
“What?” Manik asked in confusion
“I said I love you” Nandini came near him and said in low voice
Manik took her waist in one hand and her left hand in other hand dragged her near him and said in her ears “I too love you Nandu”
Nandini heart beat stopped, her brain stopped working. Her whole body is shivering with little sweat on her forehead. She just came out of his hand and ran like a small shivering rabbit towards steps.
Manju who was watching them started laughing
Nandini is still in a state of trans and came to room.

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