our love story started long ago (a raglak ff) (intro & promo)


Ragini gadodia : a very famous singer , she sings very well . but she does not come in front of media much, so many people don’t recognise her as rg (ragini gadodia ) , the famous singer . her parents died when she was 18 and she takes care of the family business . she is strict wid everybody , everybody think she is stone hearted , but nobody knows the truth that she is kind at heart , her sister swara is her world . can do anything for swara . she is a 22 years old , successful business tycoon .
Swara gadodia : totally opposite to her elder sis ragini , bubbly and cute ,she enjoys her life in every way she can , loves her sister a lot . obeys her sister’s words , ragini is the world for swara . is doing her high school and is just 16 years old .

laksh maheshwari : one of the most famous lawyers of india . people say if laksh maheshwari fights a case , only he wins . quick in his deeds , loves his family a lot . he is 23 years old
sanskar maheshwari : studies in school wid swara , has a secret crush on her , lovely and bubbly as swara . is 16 years old .

so guys this was the introduction , raglak will be the main leads in my ff but swasan will be given equal importance

A girl and a boy r hugging each other .
A man is seen seeing them hugging ,
He takes his gun and shoots at the boy . the girl gets frightened .
She says nooooo…..and shouts shlokkkk…..and hugs him . the man shoots her too
She falls down near the boy , the boy opens his eyes and says aastha , and tries to go near her but he dies , aastha sees this and falls down , their hands remain un-united……..

So who were these two , how r they related to raglak . did aastha and shlok ever unite ? keep reading to know more abt them
Note : so guys this story is basically on rebirth.i am basically a ragini fan . This is my first ff on raglak . I have written two stories , 1.only for the sake of u (ragsan )three shots and a two shot on swasan . so please drop ur precious comments . . thanks a lot for taking ur time and reading this ff .


  1. nikky

    yaa ragini is outstanding her love for lakshya exception in all TV industry love story and now behaad is taking concepts of ragini love and first time any lead actress like Jennifer Winget done this role which was done by tejesswi so that means raglak story started new trend in TV industry

  2. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    And yeah Interesting
    Please continue dear
    Post the first part soon………

  3. Jasminerahul


    |Registered Member

    i started liking raglak thru 2 ffs as i dont watch SR.but since 2 weeks im trying 2 catch up SR 2 c Raglak scenes,but not getting their proper scenes.so i’m happy that my dearest friend has started a ff on raglak.ragini as singer n laksh as lawyer.cool combination.but laksh having crush on swara?when will he fall 4 ragini?i’m very surprised that u included ashlok as i luv them too.but sad that they died n so v won’t get their scenes.but try 2 add ashlok fb scenes.this is a rebirth story.what a surprise

  4. Cynthia


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    Superb… Amazing concept.
    Is it shlok got re borned as laksh and aastha as ragini. Can u write an ff on swadheenta and adarsh, as I am missing them off screen, please its a request. And also can you write an os on Kaira about Naira having weak heart and when she gives birth to twins and dies but her sould remains with Kartik and kids.

    You are really good writer di. And abt the post I said that I was angry it was a joke.

    • Varshini



      thanks a ton dear , i am a good writer ? what ? really ? its a big compliment dear .thanks a lot . ya i too thought of starting a ff on swadarsh , will try to start soon . i will write the kaira os also , in which naira will die but her memories and soul will remain wid karthik and children forever . thanks a lot for the suggestion

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