our love story started long ago (a raglak ff) (epi-1)


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a beautiful girl murmurs in her sleep ,she says no….and gets up wid a shock . another young girl sleeping near her gets up hurriedly and tries to calm the other girl . she says ragini di , calm down . yes the beautiful girl was indeed ragini , yeh lo pani ,and gives her water . ragini smiles and says I am fine now shona ,seeing her lil sister being so worried for her . swara asks , u got the same dream again . the two un-united hands , trying to unite. ragini says yes shona , I don’t know when this dream will stop troubling me . the hands never unite , they try to but the dream ends there and I get panicked every time. Ragini says u sleep now , or u will get late to school , tmrw also. Swara smiles and sleeps . ragini gets thinking , why do I always get this dream , do I have some connection wid the people who come in my dream , but the problem is I see only their hans , but not anybody’s face . mumma used to say that dreams r our thoughts only , but I have not seen anybody getting separated also and gets thinking why am I getting the same dream and this dream is haunting me like anything …….

the next morning ragini was getting ready in her usual saree , she always liked to be in traditional outfit though she was a very practical person wid modern mindset , she says swara come soon , I will drop u in ur school ,I am getting late for the recording . swara comes and hugs ragini from behind . don’t be in such a hurry . everybody will wait for u , because they know convincing u is tough . ragini says whatever , come fast now .
ragini drops swara in her school , she waves her a bye and goes off

swara is walking into her class when she bumps into a handsome boy . swara is about to fall when the boy holds her . (pehla nasha plays in bg) . swara says sanky leave me now , sanksar leaves her . swara says thank u for holding me or else my head would have broken . sanskar was not listening to anything . he was just lost inswara . swara says hello sanskar I am talking to u . sanskar comes back to his senses . he says I am sorry I was just lost some where and sees . swara was gone! Sanskar thinks , man this girl is superfast and super cute . will i ever be able to tell her that I like her so much

a courtroom….
A judge says so I consider all the evidences and proofs submitted by laksh maheshwari and release raj . raj is released , he looks quite old . he sees a handsome man standing there . he goes and hugs the man and says thank u beta , thank u so much for helping me . what is ur name beta . the man says laksh…laksh maheshwari . raj says I am too old and poor , nobody fought my case because I could not pay their fees . my wife struggled hard to prove me innocent but nobody came forward to help and u being such a renowed lawyer came to help me . laksh says no , who said I fought ur case without any fees , give me ur fees . bless me now and touches the old man’s feet . raj blesses him and says we cant find such positive people in this world now . god bless u beta , may u get married soon and live a happy life . laksh smiles and goes from there . so this was laksh maheshwari , he helped people lived fr his family and loved his bro sanskar a lot . he goes home and sees his mother Annapurna arranging the table for lunch . he goes and hugs her . she says aur ek case jit gaya hoga , vahi na , voh kisan raj ka .

laksh says yes mom , yes . same case .now I am very hungry , make halwa for me soon . ap says no lunch , lunch only at 12 sharp . dp was a army man and is very strict . he wants each and everything in house to go on time . let it be lunch , or watching tv or leaving for office . everything must be done wid punctuality in his house . dp loved laksh a lil more than sanskar . dp comes there , he sees laksh and hugs him . he says congrats laksh , u won another case right ? laksh asks , how did u know ? dp says seeing the satisfaction in ur eyes . laksh smiles .

Precap : swara to get hit by a car , will she survive or……..

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  1. Interesting episode

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  5. Cynthia

    It was fantabolous, I think the dream will haunt her until RagLak gets re united, Laksh has a very nice character, I know I m always late to cmnt its because the time zone of india doesn’t match it Englands.

    I think Ragini will collide with Laksh and will get a shock. (THIS IS MY GUESS FOR THE NEXT EPI)

    1. its ok dear , i am happy that u commented , and u r not late . keepguessing . thanks a lot

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    awesome loved it

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    awesome dear…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

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  10. Raglakholic

    Its fabulous starting
    Totally loved it
    Raglak introduction is marvellous
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    Please do continue soon

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    Fantastic loved it a lot dear

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  14. Jasminerahul

    ragini is haunted by the same dream again n again,is she herself the girl in her dreams?Sanskar holding swara n pehla nasha as bgm n sanskar getting lost in swara is so romantic.does swara too has crush on him?Laksh is so nice 2 take up the case of a poor man without fees.laksh n the old man’s scene was lovely.waiting 4 Raglak meeting.precap is shocking n painful.plz update ur other ffs too.
    plz comment on jeene laga n socha na tha

    1. thanks a lot , will update my other ffs soon

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    Yeah varshu u rock dear

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