“My love story stages” promo 1


Hey guys …this is dolly back …thanks for the beautiful responses ….sorry for being late ….too

I am busy with some works …so plz understand …so here is a small promo

The promo ,

A dark room was shown …
A boy was forcing himself on a girl ….she was naked infornt of him

BOY ; ya I wanted this…..I wanted this feeling ….
HMM. …its so good …baby ….

Saying this he goes more inside her …..
THE girl screams in pain

Girl (crying) : plz plz …leave me …plz ….ahhh …it’s paining

HE didnt pay heed he started to kiss her internals and suck them …hard ..

The girl was helpless ..that man was a monster who was playing with her dignity

Screen shifts

A boy was taking swara in his arms ..while her eyes were tied

Boy : jaan stop talking ….
Swara (curious) : where are u taking me sweetheart
Boy : that’s a suprise
After a while

The boy opened the cloth which was tied to her eyes …she opened her eyes …..she was shocked seeing the scenario ….it was beautifully decorated in the middle of the sea ….she was stunned

She turns and sees the boy on his feet …
BOY : swara I know I am not capable for ur beauty….u r the only girl whom I saw first and fallen at the first sight …I am truly a ND deeply in love with u …..
I want to enhance u forever …..I want to hug u every minute ..I want to cuddle u like a baby ….I can’t think of a second without u swara ..

I am incomplete ….now it’s u who’s is gonna complete my life ….

Will u complete my life by marrying me ?

Saying this he shows his plam to her …
SWARA wa’s stunned ….happy tears were flowing dowm from her eyes ….

Boy : u r not happy …it”s Ok …I won’t compell u jaan

Before he could say …swara puts her soft lip’s in his mouth ….he was shocked but later was happy

Swara : yes i would be very happy to compete ur life …and cherish my life with u ….(she said while kissing)
THE boy was on cloud 9 …….he couldn’t control his happiness ….

On the other side ,
Laksh : I am very happy for u swara …..it’s really a very good news …u have choosed a right partner …for u …

Saying this he hugs swara

Laksh : dude I never knew u came to meet swara in the name of business ..

The boy blushe’s hard while swara too

Laksh : salle u didn’t even say me Huh …how mean …this is what the respect for friendship of 10 years huh …

Boy ; I was about to tell ..but I wanted to confirm from swara….u know her wish is my wish …

Swara smiles

Laksh gets happy tears …he was so happy for swara

@Laksh bedroom

Laksh ; listen …ragini act being a good wife in fiend of swara OK ….she is going to get engaged …If she gets a little doubt also na ..I wont spare u …

Do u get that ?

ragini nods crying ….

Laksh : I only married u for my parents ….u wanted to give divorce but our both parents went to heaven so quickly ….so I felt a sympathy on u that’s it …and moreover u are very impure girl …….
Ok …now get ready …swara will be here any Time

The screen shifts to a 5 star hotel …

A boy was drinking a lot

( health hazard : Liquor drinking is injurious to health ?)

He was lashing out on a girls photo which was in his mobile ….

Boy (drinking state); swara swara u r only mine …u have to become mine at any cost …that I couldn’t even say his name …once who was my friend …has cheated me ..how dare he marry u …I won’t let this happen ..

U r only mine ….!

Saying this he falls……

Who is the boy forcing on a girl and who is the girl ?
Who is the boy who is proposing swara ?
WHY is laksh being rude to ragini ?
What happened to dixit & maheshwari ?
WHO is the boy drinking wine ?

Is this a swasan ff or swa……?

Stay tuned to get answers ….I know I did some confusions stay tuned …because the real sorry starts now …

I am excited are u ..?

thanks for reading

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  1. Plz …..i rqst u….make it swasan ff….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Awesome

  3. I think the boy drinking is sanskar

  4. Soujanya


  5. its not swadan its going to boom

  6. Fairy

    Oh goddd!!!!!m feeeelng soooo pity on my ragz!!!!????i cnt see her sad yaaar!!!! Hope sooon happiness surrounds her? ..promo is realllllly shockng!!!m soooo confused r8 nw!!!
    *i thnk d grl being forced is ragini
    Baki ka i reallly hve no idea….post nxt part sooooon!!!waitng for it!!keeep rockng n sta blessed dr?????

  7. Really exited

  8. interesting..tc..

  9. Sreevijayan

    Interesting promo dear…

  10. Ragz_teju

    it’s interesting…

  11. nice promo but episode update soon.

  12. A.xx

    nice updates soon.xx

  13. Vyshu10

    Nice…ragini is raped??? Why is laksh behaving like that when even swara almost went through the same thing. Guess the drinking guy is sanskar

  14. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Well, you know Mein hamesha confuse rehti hu tumari ff ko leke*poor me… Waiting for part… Keep it up dear..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  15. Asra

    interesting dear….update soon…

  16. Damn interesting

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