“My love story stages” chapter 8

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Anyways let’s come to this chappy ,
Omi (disgusted) : sanskar how can u stoop so low
Sanskar : oh oh why r u supporting her …don’t tell me that u love her
Omi catches his collar
Omi (angrily) : she is like a sister to me u bastrad
Sanskar gets angry and pushes him
Sanskar ; listen …u were my friend that’s y I am leaving or else u will also have same situation of swara only

Saying this he leaves …Omi was disgusted

Swara was recovering …….
Mishti was caressing her hair….she had tears
Mishti (crying) : what made u to take this decision swara ….what happened to u …..why didn’t u share it with me .
She was holding swara hand and crying …laksh and shekar comes ….

Laksh : MA don’t worry ….this rebel won’t leave me so fast (controlling himself from breaking down)
Shekar hits his head even he WA scontrollibg hard not to fall weak …

Outside the ward

Ap : hmm their family is suffering a lot ….dp need to do something .
Dp : I was thinking about raglak marriage …..they also finished their collage
Ap : but at this time ?
Dp : this is the right time Ap ….they need a break from these …this marriage may turn them
Ap nods OK ……and look’s at ragini who was consoling laksh …she smiles

Shekar and dp were discussing about this
Shekar : even I am having this wish dp but is it right doing it now ….I mean swara is in this state and …..
Dp holds his hand
Dp : trust me shekar ……
Shekar has tears and smiles ……seeing dp
Same happen’s with mishti and Ap

All nods and wanted to talk to raglak about this

Laksh (angrily) : MA my marriage or life is not more important than my sister …how can u think at this time MA

Ragini : that’s what maa ….swara is our first priority

Mishti : ragini …..beta try to understand not only for u …even it will be useful for swara to come out of her trauma ……she need a change so that she can share …plz ….
Laksh (angrily ) : no maa ….first swara …I need to know the reason ..and I will not spare the person …..

Shekar : laksh it’s not right to be angry …it’s right be positive now …whatever happened with swara …I am sure my daughter will say me …so plz

After a lot of discussion ..at last raglak convinced and accepted ….

Laksh : but only after swara recovers fully
All smiles seeing his love for his sister

(Brother sister is love is something different …even if u hate each other or trouble each other ….but the first one to stand beside u even if u r wrong is it brother/sister)

Finally after a day ….swara opened her eyes ….

All were looking at her with a worried look
Swara holding her head : MA ….what happened to me ..why I am here …..maa …
Mishti pats her head : nothing beta just u got some problem and u r here that”s it ….

Suddenly swara gets flashes of sanskar and riya ….

Swara : maa I want to say u something

Before she could complete …laksh hugs her tightly ….

All adores them …
Laksh (tears) : never do this again swara ……just for a second I was about to die

Swara don’t know what happened to her …but was in her brothers love toward’s her

Shekar also hugs ….her …….
Dp and Ap talks with her even ragini …..all seemed to be happy

They didn’t want to ask to swara directly about the incident ….

Later that day …swara was discharged and was in home

Even maheshwari were there …including sanskar

Swara was having tears and was angry seeing him …while sanskar was standing there smirking

Dp : we forgot to inform u both that …ragini and laksh are getting married …

This shocked swasan…..while swara was more shocked

Swara knew that sanskar came to know about what omi said to me …that’s why he is smirking at her

Sanskar : wow that’s a good news hey na swara (huskily)
Swara didn’t reply ….she just smiled lightly

This all glaring and angriesss were noticed by laksh he was very keen in knowing the matter behind swara step …..

After a while they all did dinner together ..

While swara was in her room ….seeing the moon

“Ae dil hai mushkil ” said a voice behind

Swara was getting angry …she immediately turned …

Swara (angry) : what the he’ll are u doing here
Sanskar closed the door
Swara (angry) : open the door u disgusting person …

Sanskar : shhhh …swara …why r u this much angry …shaant ho jso
Swara : shut up …shut up …don’t take even my name

Sanskar : oh come on ….my lady love …
Swara was eyeing him so angrily …

Sanskar : yup I was the one who changes it medicines and kept poison …because if me u were fighting for life in hospital ….

Swara was stunned an shocked …..she never knew sanskar could stoopen so so low

Swara (tears) : sanskar u know what ….thanks because this is my punishment for loving a cheap person like u

Sanskar felt bad and hurt but don’t know why !

Sanskar : stop ur sentimental drama now tell me fast where is riya …I wanna murder her in my own hands …

Swara (angrily) : u will never know that sanskar ..and now u can’t blackmail her……

Sanskar was confused

Swara : the memory card is with us …..

Sanskar was stunned and shocked

Omi comes and gives swara something

Omi : swara i have risked my life for u ….better keep it safe ….don’t worry riya won’t be exposed she is waiting for u …

Swara ; thanks a lot omi (tears)

Omi : anything for u sister (with care)

*****************flashback ends*****************
Sanskar sits in a thud …..

Swara was happy looking him in this state but was painting for her also

Swara : what happened sanskar …dont think always evil wins

Suddenly sanskar started to laugh …this shocked swara

Swara (angry) : why the he’ll are u laughing
Sanskar : swara dont u want ur brother to be happy
Swara was shocked and she came to know the points ….
Swara : sanskar (shokced)
Sanskar : u know I can go to any extent ….better give me back and say where is riya …
Swara : sanskar they are our brother and sister…u r playing with their life …chiii
I don’t know how I loved u ….. (she has tears)
Sanskar : don’t put emotional drama OK …I will surely stop this marriage if u don’t give me the SD card ….and tell me where is riya

SWARA was numb in tears

Sanskar : ur best friend or ur brother happiness

Who will swara choose
Stay tuned

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