“My love story stages” chapter 6

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Here is the story ,
Swara was depressed ….she couldn’t believe that the one whom she taken as her life is a murderer of her best friend …

She was feeling lonely and guilty ….one side her love and other side her bff…..

She wanted to know the resonance behind riya death …

But she also know that sanskar is never going to answer her ….but she knows one can


Swara was silently eating her breakfast …
Mishti : hmm…children’s ..I and ur father are going for some business trip
Laksh : why so suddenly ?
Shekar : I am having business meeting while ur mother has some appointments ..so
Swalak nods ….
Mishti : be good
Swara : when are u both leaving
Shekar : after u both come from school/collage
Swlak nods and left to parking area ..

Sanskar was standing surfing his mobile ….swara couldn’t stop staring him

She went to her car while Laksh was talking to ragini

Sanskar came to Swara
Sanskar : oh hello madam …why u r not taliking with me
Swara : hm…I ….had some work so
Sanskar smiles and pats her cheeks
Sanskar : i know u r depressed about riya ….but u should move on …I can’t see u pale my princess
Swara had tears
Swara : bro come lets leave …

Sanskar was suprised seeing Swara avoiding him ……he was curious (devil)

Swara dragged omi to auditorium …and locked the room
Omi (confused) : why u brought me here Swara
Swara (tears) : listen omi ..just answer my question’s
Omi nods
Swara : how is riya related to sanskar …is sanskar behind riya death
Omi was double shocked
Omi (tensed) : I don’t know anything …..bye ….
Omi was about to leave
Swara (cries) : omi I love sanskar omi …he is my life …plz omi it’s killing me ….omi ..plz…tell me about sanskar and riya
Omi couldn’t control …he aways treated Swara as a sister …..and wanted her to stay aways from sanskar …
Omi makes her sit on chair ..and sits on a opposite chair

Omi : u don’t know sanskar Swara …whatever u see sanskar is not real…he is different …he just flirts and uses girls nothing else
Now I am saying u the story of riya and sanskar

Omi say’s :
It was when we all were in 9th ….even riya joined at that time only …..
Sanskar was behind u at that time ..when riya is a girl …she had easily fallen for sanskar with his charm

Like any other girl …she was also mad behind sanskar …..but sanskar never payed a heed….

But , after the mid term ..when u went on holiday to US

Sanskar : hey riya (smiling)
Riya was shocked ….as its the first time sanskar is talking to her .
Riya (smiling) : hi …
Sanskar : thanks
Riya (confused) : for what ….
Sanskar (smiling) : for the gifts and cards …
Riya smiles
Sanskar goes closer to her ….
Sanskar (seducingly) : why don’t we take it to next level ..
Riya was shocked …but later blushed and nods her head
Sanskar : Saturday at my home
Riya : what about ur parents …
Sanskar : they are going to US with Swara …
Riya smiles ..sanskar leaves ….

On Saturday ….
Riya entered sanskar room
She was dazzled seeing his room (she is from a middle clas’s family )
Sanskar : oh baby u came huh !
He back hugs her …riya was blushing hard and was in cloud 9
Sanskar : come let’s enjoy ……

Saying this he carried her to the bed and they consummated

After 5months ,
When Swara was there (they mid exam was going on) (9th std)
Riya came to know she was pregnant …..she was shocked …..she knew her parents wold abonden her ….

So she said this to sanskar …
Riya : sanskar I am pregnant
Sanskar (not interested) : so what can I do
Riya was shocked …
Riya (tears) : sanskar i am having ur child …
Sanskar (angry) : shut up OK ……better abort it
Riya was shocked ..and cries ….hard
Sanskar : don’t make a scene ..
Riya (angrily) : wait now only I will say to principal ….
Sanskar laughs ..this suprised riya
Sanskar : go go say ..I am ready
Riya stood numb .’
Sanskar : if u do that then I will leak our consummating video in net
Riya was double shocked ……
Sanskar : now go and say …..to principal
Riya : even ur image will come na
Sanskar (laughs) : I am not stupid as u …I will cut my image only ur nude video will be released
Riya was shocked …she started crying ….
Sanskar left from there …uninterested ….

Later she aborted the baby and lead a normal life …she even warned you (swara) but sanskar blackmailed her and he never allowed her near u

I(omi) asked about this to sanskar …
Omi : what yaar ..u are always changing girls ..but plz leave swara ..she is innocent …
Sanskar :shut up yaar ..even I will enjoy with swara and leave her ..that’s it …girls are use and throw …we should never keep them with us

After that riya warned you and that night sanskar went to riya house

So sanskar ….made riya to suici….. .
Before omi could say further swara told him to stop

Fb over ..
Present ,

Swara was cryin holding her hand on her mouth …she couldn’t control ..she cries hard ….
Omi caressed her hairs …

Swara (crying) : sanskar ….I mean ..he killed riya ..how could he …he is a playboy ….how

She cries hard and hard

Omi felt bad seeing her …at least he didn’t want swara to get trapped …..

Swara (angrily) : u hate u …sanskar ..I hate u ….ahh ..

Saying this she throws the chair and it breaks …

Swara (angrily) : now I will show who are girls and what can we do….I will bring a justice to riya and punishment to sanskar …now it’s my turn to show him

Saying this she leaves

Precap : swasan tashan …….sanskar’s drastic step …..Swara life is at danger….a leap too

Done with the part ….hope u all like ..plz comment I know it’s somwhat not apt for their age but sorry I have already said this at beginning …plz forgive me …

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