“My love story stages” chapter 5

Hey guys dolly back again …thanks for the beautiful responses

Slowly everyone stared to break their responses huh !

I am glad and happy too

Let’s not waste time and solve mystery soon

Here is the story ,
Swara was shocked and sad with her bffs

She didn’t speak to anyone and directly went to home to get ready for the funeral

@swalak villa
Swara : how could riya …all of a sudden ….
(She gets tears)
Swara recollect her moments with her and again gets the matter of sanskar
Swara : what if …..sanskar
She was shocked again and kept her hand on mouth and cries ….

@sanskar room
Sanskar was smiling seeing his phone ….
Sanskar : poor riya died without having any enjoyment in life ….what to do

At that time ragini comes ….sanskar quickly hides his phone ….

Ragini gets suspicious but doesnt shows …
Ragini : are u going to ur friends funeral or not
Sanskar (tensed) : haan …Han. ..going ….even u r coming
Ragini : ya laksh and Swara r coming too so even I am coming …
Sanskar gives a fake smile …ragini leaves confused

All the students were standing in line and looking sadly at the box which had her body covered from head to toe ..

Her parents were crying like he’ll ….Swara was consoling them ….sanskar was noticing her antics too

After some time ….riya last rights were done
Some students went while some stayed back

Swara was looking into riya’s room ….she was crying too …

Suddenly she noticed something bear the beds pillow …

It was letter ….she was about to take it …..
Suddenly sanskar comes ….
Swara drops the letter and it falls under the bed

Sanskar : swara come it’s late
Swara (tensed) : haan haan ….u go ..I will come
Sanskar notices something different in her

Sanskar leaves ….
Swara gives a sign and picks the letter tucks it in her pant pocket

And leaves the room

Swara started to read the letter

“I know swara u would read this letter ….plz don’t let sanskar know or see this letter even if he I am not there for him to torture Me

I have promised sanskar that I won’t say anything about me and him to u …..but if u ever want to know it

Only sanskar can say u ….I have very less time swara ….I am going to die .m

I am going to leave my parents because of him
I am going to leave my friend u …because him

If u ever have time …plz visit my parents and take care …

I just want to say

This was not a suicide but a murder

Bye !

The letter ends ….
Swara drops the letter from her hand ….tears starts flowing from her eyes ….

“It was not a suicide but a murder” this lines were echoing in her ears ….

She sits in a corner and cries ….holding the paper

After some time …
Laksh comes in and sees her in that state…he was confused ..
Then he realised that she was sad because of her friend’s funeral ….

So he picked her up in arms and places on bed .
He covered her with blanket and kissed her in her forehead ..and smiled

He was about to leave but noticed the paper …he took it and was about to read …

But the phone rings and he leaves …while paper was in dustbin

Mishti and shekar saw this and was happy seeing a brother care to his sister

Shekar : I said na …he will be the first and last one to love her like he’ll
Mishti smiles …….

Precap : swara avoiding sanskar , omi saying about riya …….the real mystery to continue

I am sorry it was a short update but I have no time now …will update soon with a Maha episode …

Thanks for reading and plz comment

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