“My love story stages” chapter 4

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Well now time for more twists and turn’s too

Here is the story ,
@swara room
She was continuously thinking about riya’s words …
Swara : swara stop thinking about her …maybe she is jealous of being with sanskar
But still why would she run when sanskar saw her ……

Suddenly sone one from behind hugs her
Swara was stunned …
It was sanskar of course

Swara : sanskar
Sanskar was busy kissing her neck
Swara : sanskar
Sanskar : what princess ….Y r u disturbing me
Swara breaks the hug with a confused face ….sanskar was also confused
Swara : I need to ask u something
Sanskar (tensed) : what is that swara ?
Swara : actually (she says what all riya said to her)
Sanskar gets angry but controls it
Sanskar (fake concern) : maybe she us jealous swara …actually riya proposed me once …I rejected her …that’s Y she is behind u
Swara (cleared) : ya I knew it ..she would do this …
Sanskar (relief) : u better avoid her OK …
Swara nods and hugs him ….sanskar also hugs back

Sanskar in mind : this riya will open up if I leave swara for a second …need to do something

It’s been months now riya have gone missing from that day !
Swara became curious …but always sanskar mind washe’s her ….

Sanskar became more careful now and was spending each second with swara …….

He used to come to swara room in night …looks at her cleavage and trues to do something but fails …..

A leap ….they were in 11th now 2nd term

It was their first day of 2nd term ….

Swara came from washroom wrapped around her body !
She was drying her hair …..sue was looking hot
Suddenly sanskar came from balcony ….he was spellbounded to see swara …..

He goes towards …swara was shocked seeing him near her …
She immediately turned …and hides her body …with hands ..
Swara (shocked) : sanskar …go from here …
Sanskar didn’t listen ..instead he came and touched her waist …. (she was in towel)
Swara couldn’t react ….
Swara : sanskar lleave from here ….plz …
Sanskar drags her to the washroom and both stands under the shower

Swara : sanskar what r u doing …we r late for school ….
Sanskar keeps his finger on her lips ..swara loOKs OK
Sanskar (seducingly) : do u love Me ?
Swara didn’t answer
Sanskar : swara I am asking u something
Swara : ya of course I do (tensed)
Sanskar starts to remove his shirt
Sanskar : why don’t we take it to next level (lustfully)
Swara shouts : sanskar !!!!!!!!!
Sanskar keeps his hand around her mouth
Sanskar : shhhh !!!!swara come on its been a year …let’s enjoy !
Swara protests ..but sanskar didn’t listen
He starts to pull her towel ….swara was not leaving ….
Swara gers angry and pushes him ….he falls down ….
Swara locks the washroom door and quickly changes into her uniform …
Sanskar was banging on the door to open ….
Swara opens the door ….sanskar was very angry because no one did like this ..

He come’s towards swara angrily ……..
Swara (angry) : sanskar don’t come near me ….stay back .
Sanskar smirks ….he was about to touch her chest ..
Swara take the spray bottle and sprays him …
He falls closing his eyes …

Laksh knocks the door ……
Sanskar gets alert and leaves leaving a a devil and angry smirk …..
Swara had tears ….

She opens the door

Before laksh could ask anything …swara hugs him and cries
Laksh gets concerned …..he nevery saw swara like this

Laksh makes her sit on the sofa ….she was still hugging him and crying ….
Laksh wipes her tears
Laksh (concerned) : swara what happend ?
Swara didn’t say but was crying
Laksh (angry) : swara did someone do anything in school tell me
Swara didn’t say …she wipes her tears
Laksh : swara say me …I won’t leave them
Swara (fake smile) : no no nothing brother …I was just remembering out USA friends …so I cried out sorry
Laksh cups her face
Laksh (concerned) : r u sure …
Swara nods and pulls his cheeks ….
Swara : I am late to school …saying this swara combs her on the dressing table …
Laksh leaves the room unconvinced

Swara gets tears again ……..

At dining table
Mishti : swara I ur father and Laksh are going to his collage ….he has some forms to fill so
Shekar : so u go by cycle ….
Swara stopped eating ….only Laksh was noticing her antics
MishtI : or I will tell sanskar to come with u ..even raging so coming with us
Swara eyes widenned
Swara (instanstly) : no no mom …I will go by myself …
Laksh was shocked seeing her
Shekar : OK then ….
Swara gives a fake smile and leaves to the parking area …

Swara keeps her bag on the basket and sits on it ….she looks around …to see anyone there …but no one was

She starts and leaves the colony …

Sanskar comes from behind and smirks ..he also takes his cycle and follows her …

He calls her …but swara didn’t respond she drives fastly

Suddenly sanskar comes and blocks her way …
Swara (angry) : sanskar leave from here
Sanskar (fake tears) : I am sorry swara …I shouldnt have behaved with u like that …I am really sorry ..my stupid brain stopped working …I am very sorry swara …plz forgive me
Sanskar gives a fake crying act …swara melts seeing him ..
Swara : it’s OK sanskar come let’s leave
Sanskar smiles both leaves to school together

At canteen
Swara was eating her food ….suddenly principal announcement was there …

Princiipal : good afternoon students …there is a very sad news for all of us …our own student has been dead reported today…..our student miss riya khAnna ha’s left the world …
We have the funeral today evening at her home ..plz attend it …..
May her soul rest in peace ….

Swara was shocked ….including whole campus …
Swara couldn’t believe what she just heard ….
Her heart beat was fast …

She remember the last she saw her run away from sanskar …

Swara was depressed ….

While on the other side

Aarav : did u listen that sanskar u r old girl friend died …what happened to her
Sanskar smiles ….
Omi : don’t tell me u ….
Sanskar (smirk) : yes I was the one behind her death …..
Omi and Aarav were shocked

After swara said sanskar what riya said …
He went to riya room through the pipe …

@riya room

Riya wasn’t rich …she was middle class family
Sanskar (angrily) : so u warned her na ….
Riya was shocked seeing sanskar in her room ..she wanted to shout but sanskar kept a knife on the table and he sat calmly ..
Riya was shocked to the core
Riya (scared) : sanskar i didn’t do anything ….I just …after that I left it
Sanskar (smiling) : listen I didn’t ask u the reason …OK …

Saying this he takes his phone and shows a video to riya in YouTube…..

Riya was shattered …..she couldn’t control ..she cried hard

Sanskar (smirk) : must say ..it’s a hit in youtube and is viral ….
Riya (crying) : sanskar how can u do this ….sanskar ….
Sanskar (smiling) : I am sanskar maheshwarI ..I can do anything …

Saying this he leaves laughing

***************flashack over*******************

Aarav and Omi were shocked …..
Sanskar smiles ….

Sanskar : poor swara ….now no one fan save her from me

Screen freezes on sanskar devil face and swara pale face

Precap : riya and sanskar love story fb…..riya death reason ……is it a murder or suicide

Hope u like it …now guys u all will have many major twists and turns …
Coz I am somewhat good in giving twists …

Guys I work give many raglak scenes ..but this is a truly swasan teenage story ….

Hope u all make ur heart stone and wait …because the real story starts now !

Fingers crossed

Plz comment ..break ur silence or else forget the ff …
I am fed up

Thanks for reading ..

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