“My love story stages” chapter 3

Hey guys dolly is back ..and thanks for the beautiful responses u gave to the teaser …it means a lot …

From now I may give flashbacks and take the story ahead ….
I may be fast but plz bear me

Here is the story

Swalak were fighting for the balcony room …
While mishti and shekar were unpacking the stuffs …..
Laksh comes to mishti defeated
Laksh : MA when she will leave this home and go to sasural ..then only I will be free MA
Mishti laughs …
Laksh stamps his foot and leaves …
Shekar : I guess Laksh doesn’t know that he will be the first one to cry …lol
Mishti and shekar laughs …..

Swara was in her dreams of sanskar
Suddenly sanskar came from the balcony into the room
Swara was shocked and was about to shout but sanskar keeps his hand on her mouth …
Both share a eye lock ….
Swara : what r u doing here at this time sanskar ?
Sanskar : couldn’t sleep so came to meet u …y can’t I come to meet my princess
Swara blushes
Sanskar ; OK come with Me ….saying this sanskar drags Swara to the balcony
Swara : sanskar what if anyone sees …
Sanskar : Swara be quiet and come ….
Sanskar makes Swara sit on the sofa in the balcony and sits opposite to her
Sanskar : look at the moon Swara …
Swara looks on
Sanskar : today it’s crying
Swara (innocently) : why ?
Sanskar looks at her
Sanskar : because a human came who is more beautiful than the Moon
Swara : who I’s that ?
Sanskar hugs her ……
SanskAR : it’s u my moon beauty ….
Swara hugs him back and smile’s……
Swara : u r the best my handsome prince
Sanskar smiles …….

Someone knocks the door swasan break’s the hug and looks at each other in horror
Swara : sanskar go fast
Sanskar nods and leaves through balcony after confirming it
Swara open’s the door
Mishti : what happened Swara ..why u took this much time
Swara : nothing MA was in washroom so
Mishti : OK here….i came to give water
Swara smiles and kisses her cheeks
Swara : good night
Mishti smiling : good night …

Swara quickly closes the door and gives a relief sign ….

The next day
Swlak can’t stay apart each other …they were one again

Shekar : see yesteady they were fighting dog and cat and today
Mishti : they are impossible na
Shekar side hugs mishti
Shekar : that’s y they are our kids …
Misthi smiles

Swlaka waves bye and gets into the car .mishti leaves to hospital with shekar (mishti is a doctor )

While Laksh drives the car and drops Swara at school .
At that time sanskar also comes ….he was looking handsome in his uniform too

SanskAR comes as joins swara
While both were walking all the girls and boys were having their mouth full open ….or instead they were jealous ….

Aarav : see na ….this sanskar won’t change at all
Omi : correct …baba plz save this girl from sanskar
Sanskar wins at both them

It was a good day for Swara ….she easily made friends with everyone

@Swlak villa
Both the family were talking …while sanskar was in Swara room helping her in homework for name sake …but actually he was flirting with Swara

Swara : sanskar plz stop…I have lots of homework ..
Sanskar : OK princess ….u do ur homework ..I will continue my work …
Saying this he land’s on Swara lap and plays with her hair …
Swara blushes and smiles ……

It became a habit for Sanskar staying with Swara the whole day …..
Ap noticed something different in him ……

A leap of one year ……..now they are officially tenth standard

At night
Swara was sleeping her bed …while SanskAR enters through the balcony and come’s

Sanskar was memerised seeing her …..
Swara turns and sleeps while Sanskar also sleeps beside her ….

His hormone had a change …he couldn’t control staying close to her

He slowly moves close to her……her dress was sleeveless …..
He could clearly see her cleavage …..his desires were boiling
He couldn’t stay there so he went with a devil smile in his face

(Sorry guys)

One fine day ….it was a normal day though

At the canteen (in school)
Riya (Swara new bff ) : Swara I can give u a advice ..
Swara ; what’s that ..
Riya : stay away from sanskar
Swara : y (angrily)
Riya ; I know u will get angry on me …but that’s the truth
Swara : what happened Swara
Riya : he is not the one u think …..because even I was fooled of him
Swara : why what happened Riya (concerned)
Sanskar sees them….he gives a devilish look to Riya …Riya frightens
Riya ; OK bye Swara …will talk to u later sanskar is seeing me bye .
Riya run away ….Swara was shocked

Swara : why should I belive her …..
She went to her classroom ….SanskAR was noticing her antics …

He went back of Riya ….he dragged Riya to a store room

He pins her to wall
Riya (cries) : sanskar leave me …I am sorry
Sanskar (angry) : shut up shut up ..I know u r jealous do Swara …thats y u r doing this ….
Riya (cries) : no I am not …..I don’t want her to be like me..getting trapped by u
Sanskar (devil) : listen stay away from her …OK she is mine today ..maybe tomorrow she won’t but today she is mine OK
Riya (cries) : sanskar she is an innocent soul plz leave her
Sanskar (angrily) : that’s none of ur business Riya …if u do like this I leak ur video ….do u want that
Riya (cries) : no no plz…my whole family will die plz sanskar …don’t do that …..I won’t tell anything to Swara ..
Sanskar pats her cheeks : good girl
Riya begs and cries ….Sanskar leaves smirking and laughing

Precap : a new sanskar for u all

Hope u like the episode …from now only teenage problems ..

Plz be free to share ur thoughts …if it’s not good tell me

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