“My love story stages” chapter 2

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So here is the story , ?
Swara opens the door …..it was ragini
Ragini was confused seeing her
Ragini (monolouge) : I have seen her somehwere
Ragini (confused) : hmm….u r …I mean what r u doing here in my home ….MA dad …
Sanskar comes
Ragini comes inside
Sanskar : vo di …she is our new neighbour and our family friend
Ragini (confused) : family friend ?
Swara : vo I am Swara shekar and mishti’s daughter …
Ragini was suprised …she hugs Swara instantly
SwaSan were suprised
Ragini (overwhelmed) : omg …chubby do u remember me …of course not because u were 3years old as my brother …
Swara smiles ….
Ragini : god I had a feeling like I saw u somewhere !
Swara smiles again …
Ragini : come cone sit ….
Swaragini sits together and Sanskar opposite
Ragini (happily) : if u r here than ….lucky must be here na
Swara : haan …..
Ragini jumps in happiness
Ragini : where is that donkey I want to meet him
Swara : vo he went to collage ….to get timetable
Ragini : which collage ?
Swara : er..loyala collage
Ragini was flying in the air
Ragini ; even me ..OK then I will go and suprised him ….
Swara smiles
Ragini pulls her cheeks and leaves ….Sanskar locks the door
Sanskar (smirk) : vo she is crazy all the time
Swara (smiles) : but sweet sis …
Sanskar : haan thats correct ….anyways
Swara : my notes
Sanskar smiles and goes closet to her ………pinning her to the wall
He sees top to toe …..with a desire
Swara (blushing) : listen Mr …stay away ok
Sanskar : oh really (with a dashing smile)
Swara was memrised
Swara moves on left …Sanskar keeps a hand
Swara moves right …Sanskar keeps a hand …Swara smiles …
Swara : Sanskar what if someone comes and sees ….
Sanskar : don’t worry ….no one will come I have locked the door
Swara smiles and lowers her head ……
Sanskar kisses her neck…..Swara shivers and closes her eyes
Sanskar hugs her tightly and kisses her neck …..roughly somewhat (sorry)

Swara suddenly pulls back
Swara ; enough …enough…now give me notes I need to leave
Sanskar (sadly) : OK here take and go
While leaving Swara kisses his cheeks and runs away
Sanskar smiles

@Swara villa
Swara was lost in his thoughts …she closes her door’s and sits in the sofa which was covered (new one)
Swara : am I doing right …..but it feels very nice …after all i am in my teenage …it’s common
.but I need to be in limits what if mom or dad ..no no …can’t even imagine

She goes to the balcony …..she was feeling the fresh air ….and takes a selfie
Suddenly someone shouts : oyyee selfie

Swara looks on …..
It was Sanskar on the opposite balcony (they are opposite to each other)
Swara smiles ….

Sanskar : u were looking cute selfie
Swara : I know Mr Sanskar
Sanskar smiles listening his name from her …..

Just then someone pats swara”s shoulder
She was scared and then turned …..

It was laksh

Same happens with Sanskar he turns

It was ragini

Swasan were scared if they heard what they talked now

Laksh : sissy why r u shocked and scared what happened
Swara (relief) : hmm nothing lucky ….simply talking with our neighbour …
Laksh looks at Sanskar then ragini who was smiling
Laksh : u were talking to Sanskar right
Swara : haan
Laksh : so what’s the matter ..why were u scared
Swara : I was scared as someone from behind touched me ..so
Laksh ; pagal ….
Swara : by the way did u meet ur so long time friend
Laksh : ya …

Ragini waves hi
Laksh also

At loyala collage

Ragini was so excited to see him
She was searching for him madly …then suddenly
Someone threw flowers at her …….she turned
It was laksh

Laksh and ragini both stared

Both at a time shouted : lucky/ragzzz
Botha shouted at each other and hugged tightly

Laksh : omg ragzz …I never knew it was u ..but I identified seeing ur eyes …
Ragini (smiles) : aww ..I found u by seeing ur hand tattoo ….which had ur sis name swara …
Laksh smiles …
Laksh : even u r having ur brother name in ur hand na …
Ragini smiles …..
Both raglak keep their hand together …
It made swasan………plus raglak on their left hand

Both felt very happy !
Ragini : come on laksh I missed u so much ..from now on full masti mode OK
Laksh : sure ragzzz
Raglak smiles and goes around to see the collage

*****************flashback ends*****************

Sanskar : oh so u met ur friend ha
Ragini smiles
Ragini : u also make ur friendship with swara ..OK
Sanskar smiles and thinks

On the other side
Laksh : OK make friendship him
Swara smiles and thinks
Laksh : when will mom and dad come
Swara : I don’t know …u call them better
Laksh nods and leaves …..

At night
@maheshwari villa
They were having dinner in dining table
Ap : it was do nice to meet them after a long gap na
Dp : haan …by the why u didnt call them to dinner
Ap : they said ….they don’t need and mishtI will prepare ..
Dp : but we should give them na ….wait a sec ragini and sanskar go and give them our food .
RagSan nods happily …

Both leaves to dixit villa

Precap : swalak fight …..swasan first day to school ….cute romances ……leaps too

Done with chapter ….hope u all like it ..
I will update one more episode today only …hope u all read it …

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