“My love story stages” chapter 12

Episode 12 – MLSS

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Swara wakes up with a jerk ….she sits on the bed and looks around the room scanning …

Swara touches her hands and her forehead ..because she had injuries

But to her suprise nothing was there

Swara : was that a dream ?

Thinking this she goes down , and sees everyone watching news

“News – yesterday in Mumbai a terrific accident happened in the famous bus stand …it took place at 10pm …by a lorry driver

It was said that the lorry driver was drunken …

More than 15 people died and 4 are in hospital under surveillance

The police force have decided to hang the person as the punishment for drunken and drive ”

Swara eyes welled up with water (tears) she runs back to her room and sits on the floor and cries

There at Mumbai

Sanskar was shocked hearing the news ….

Sanskar (cries) : swara ….swara ..she saved me ..hmm….swara …

He cries thinking that even after his torture to her …he saved her forgetting all the things ….he wanted to thank her ….

There at Delhi

Swara phone rings ….swara picks it up

Swara : hi parth (wipes her tears)

Parth : swara are u alright (concerned)

Swara : hmm ya …ya

Parth : no actually u didn’t come to farmhouse ..I called your phone ..but it was unreachable …so I called laksh and informed ..

Swara : oh …

Parth : he said u have fever …now how is fever …can I come (concerned)

Swara : no no ..I am alright parth

Parth : uff …now only I am relaxed dear …

Swara smiles ..

Parth : OK now come to collage I am waiting for u impatiently

Swara : ol OK …I am coming …dear

Parth ; bye love u

Swara : same to u bye

Both hangs up

Swara then remembers sanskar …she thinks whether to call him or not …

But then as a well wisher she could know about him right !

So she calls him

Sanskar : hello

Swara doesn’t reply (she has tears)

Sanskar (lovingly & tears) : swara

Swara wipes her tears

Swara : haan …how are u …

Sanskar (cries) : thanks a lot swara …u have saved my life ..I don’t know what would have happened to me ….if u didn’t say Me

Swara calms him down

Swara : it’s OK …

Sanskar ; even after I did that much u helped me

Swara : hmm…

Sanskar : by the way y did want to know about me now …is there something (normal)

Swara : listen don’t take your hopes high …not only u any person in your place I would have helped OK .

Sanskar smiles …

Swara : and by the way I am already engaged and will marry soon OK

This shocked sanskar

Sanskar : what are u serious ?; (shocked)

Swara : yes I am serious Mr sanskar maheshwari .

Sanskar gets tears and it starts flowing …swara cuts the call and looks at the phone

Sanskar (cries) : I missed u swara ..I miss u …

There ,

Swara was not knowing what to do
How is this possible ..how did she know …that the accident was going to take place …

She couldn’t understand anything ..but suddenly the black figure cmes to her mind …

She gets scared thinking about it …but later erases it and freshens up …

She goes down and greets everyone

Laksh :swara how is your fever

Swara (confused) : fever ?

Laksh looks at her

Swara : oh ya …I am fine …

Shekar : shall i drop u beta

Swara : no dad …I can go …

Laksh : no no let me drop u

Swara gives up and nods .

Laksh and swara leaves to collage

At collage

Kavitha : swara is here jiju….

Parth turn and finds swara getting down from car ..he goes to them

Laksh gives him a friendly hug
Laksh : hey parth …how are u

Parth ; all fine dude …how are u

Laksh : ya fine ..anyways take care of my sis ..huh

Parth ; don’t worry she is my would be wife …

Swara smiles …laksh pats her cheeks and leaves …

Swara and parth goes in

Parth : hmm at last I feel happy seeing

Swara : come on parth we just saw yesterday evening ..only we didn’t see night it was just 8hours

Parth : it’s not just 8 hours ..ots 8 houuurrrsss !!!!!

Swara ; enough ..enough dramebazz …

Parth smiles …

At that time there was an announcement by the principal through the speakers

” principal : good morning students …as our semester has come to an end …we would like to inform u that your holidays starts from tomorrow till 17…it’s an 2weeks break ..hope u all enjoy …”

Everyone were cheering in happiness

Kavya and Kavitha comes to parth and swara

Kavya : jiju now will u take us to your hometown …at least .

Parth thinks

Kavitha : so bad of u …

Parth pats their shoulder

Parth : ok for my cute devarni ji’s I would …

Kavitha and Kavya smiles …Swara was admiring their bonding .

Parth ; swara aren’t u happy ?

Swara comes to them and hugs them all ..

Swara : of course I am happy !!!

All smiles ….

The at Mumbai

Sanskar was waiting in the collage canteen ..

Sanskar : why I am feeling so happy now ….

Nidhi : that’s because we r having holidays from tomorrow (teases)

Sanskar : not that yaar …something …the feel will come only when u see someone who is really close to u will come to see u …

Nidhi ; hello love guru stop your principals and eat fast we need to leave asap ..or else uncle will kill u alive

Sanskar : ha ha ha ….

They both leave .

There at Delhi

Parth and swara were waiting in hall …shekar and mishti comes and sits with them

Parth ; uncle

Shekar ; parth (fake anger)

Parth : sorry dad …

Shekar smiles

Parth ; dad I want to take swara to my hometown …to show her my real place …

Shekar : you wanna take my daughter to her sasural now

Parth smiles

Shekar and mishti smiles

Shekar : does ram knows

Parth : haan dad papa knows in fact he was the one who told me to bring swara

Msithi : she is all yours parth …u don’t need to ask permission

Swara : maa

Shekar ; ya that’s true !

Parth and swara smiles …

Mishti ; in this generation …without eve asking parents they are going but u ….

Parth smiles …swara looks at him

Parth : mom after swara entered my life than only I got to know the real happiness mom …

He looks at swara and holds her hands

Parth : she is the love of my life ..

Shekar and mishti were touched with him….swara had tears …

Parth : so then swara get ready I will book tickets !

Swara nods …

Parth takes blessings from shekar and mishti and leaves …swara goes upstairs …

Swara room ,

Swara to herself : swara u should not cheat parth ..he loves u so much …forget sanskar …..he is not right for u ..he doesn’t deserve u …now u are only for parth and u should only breath for him and not sanskar ….

With determined face she packs her bag .

Precap : swara , parth , kavitha & Kavya and nikhil in Mumbai …sanskar and swara face off

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