“My love story stages” chapter 1

Hey guys its dolly back again , do u all remembe me ..I guess u all forgot me ! Anyway’s I am the writer of meri aashique and many more ff ”s I had quit ff writing for a long time ….due to some personal issues ..
Thanks for my readers who have supported and is supporting

Actually my I’d got deleted I don’t know how but now I will write in my friend shanthi account !

Guys who were the readers of meri aashique
I am sorry guys I will quit writing meri aashique season 3
Sorry guys because of some personal matters and don’t worry if shanthi she will continue …

Anyways I am back with a brand new ff …..

This is a very bold romance some age vulgar ff ..
Actually this is one is a real life stor of my friend ..so if anyone finds is vulgar …plz say so ..and don’t read it …u can feel free to say me too

So here is the story of our swasan ,
A beautiful street is shown with many villas arranged on the either sides of the streets ….
There is a bench on the front of each villas , and a playground where the kids are playing ….

Then we focus on the playground were a handsome young boy some what age between 13-14 holding cricket bat in his hand

Boy : hey I am not out …..better stay out aarav
Aarav : OK OK sanky cool down ….dude
(Yes the boy is sanskar maheshwari aka sanky)
Sanskar : OK OK go and bowl again ….
Aarav nods and goes ….he bowls in a professional manner …
But sanskar is not less than him …
Sanskar hits the ball and it’s a six …..
Sanskar jumps in happiness
Sanskar : yaayyyy !!!! We won
Sanskar and some boys of his team hugs ..
Aarav : OK OK
Sanskar : oh hello where are u going …where is the money for bet
Aarav : sanskar …. (innocently )
Sanskar : stop ur melodrama …..give the money and go
Aarav : u r from rich family then y u need money …
Sanskar pats his shoulder
Sanskar : game is game …..
Aarav sadly gives his pocket money …
Everyone cheers for sanskar and laughs for aarav ……

Ap (mother of sanskar ) from balcony shouts : sanskar come fast …we need to go to temple

Sanskar slaps his forehead ..
Sanskar : OK OK MA

Ap goes in ….

While the colony kids were enjoying and making aarav cry ….

The air was blowing faster …..and faster
The trees leaves were falling down …the flowers were flowing in air …….

Sanskar sets his gaze on the entrance ….
There comes a car ………
One window opens ….a girls sows her face outside ……

A angelic smile appeared on her beautiful bubbly face

Sanskar was stunned seeing her …..his stomach had butterflies flying around …….he couldn’t take the eyes from her ……

The girl smiles seeing him …sanskar was flown down (teenagers problem)

The car stops opposite to sanskar villa

The girl gets down …she was wearing red sleeveless top and black half jeans ….with headset on her ears

Her mom : swara come here …
(Yes it’s swara …swara dixit )

Sanskar : swara what a beautiful name (he smiles madly)

After she comes a boy gets down the car …
Swara : lucky ….give me my SD card back afree u get in home OK …
Laksh : OK meri shona

(Laksh dixit brother of swara first year collage)

Laksh : MA dad is this our new home
Mishti : u like it right …

Laksh : ok OK not bad ….
Shekar hits Laksh head playfully ….
Shekar : what OK …it’s so beautiful …only high class people stay here ….u know that …
Laksh (fake smile) : OK OK ….
Swara smiles ….

Sanskar was again blown off ………..

Swara family gets into the villa and close’s their door ..

Sanskar was lost in thoughts …

A girl comes running ….
Girl : sanskar Come fast dad is already angry on u …
Sanskar (tensed) :oh di …I forgot about temple ..
Girl hits him playfully and drags him
Girl : don’t worry I will help u ……
Sanskar hugs her ….
Sanskar : u r best rago di

(Yes the girl is ragini maheshwari , elder sis of sanskar ….first year collage)

They both head towards their villa

@maheshwari villa
Dp (angry) : u will never get ready on time na
Sanskar gulped
Ragini : dad dad …actually he was doing first aid for a small boy …because he fell down so
Sanskar smiled …
Dp cools down
Dp :oh really …..OK OK …go get ready
Sanskar smiles and shows thumb’s up to ragini …she smiles …
Ap smiles seeing them and brings thalli from pooja room

After some time …
When sanskar comes out……he hears a knock on the door

Ap from kitchen : sanskar open the door

Sanskar unwillingly goes ….before he opens ..he sees through the hole ….

He was suprised seeing swara there …his heart was beating fast ….

Sanskar looks at the living room ..it was full of his clothes …he quickly cleans it up and then opens the door
Swara : hi (with a smile)
Sanskar (smiling) : hey ….
Swara looks at him …
Sanskar : oh oh …sorry come in ….
Swara smiles and comes inside the house
Swara : it’s very nice home
Sanskar : thanks …

Ap comes out ..
Swara bends and takes blessings
Ap (smiles) : khush raho beta …u r
Swara ; oh Aunty I am swara dixit …we have come today here ..
Ap ; oh u r new ….plz sit dear ..
Swara smiles and sits ….sanskar sits opposite to her
Ap : where r u from dear
Swara : I am from USA aunty…
Ap and sanskar were suprised
Ap : oh ..USA …why u came here
Swara : actually my brother wants to study here ..so .
Ap : ur brother ….means
Swara : elder brother aunty ….he is collage first year …
Ap : oh …even my daughter …
Swara : oh …
Ap : oh I forgot to give u something ..wait I will bring coffee
Swara : no no aunty …I just came to get notes from him . (Pointing sanskar )
Ap : oh by the which standard
Swara : 9th aunty …
Ap : even he is 9th …..
Swara : oh ……
Ap : sanskar take her to ur room …and give her notes …I will bring something …be fast we need to leave to temple ..
Swara : oh aunty I am sorry it’s OK u can go to temple ..I will come later ….

At that time Dp comes
Swara takes blessings from him
Dp (smiles ) : god bless u child ….by the way u r Shekar daughter are u ?
Swara & Ap & sanskar were suprised
Swara (confused) : how u know ….uncle ?
Dp : Ap don’t u remember ….Mishti and shekar
Ap (happy) : oh u Mishti daughter ….I saw only Laksh …..after that they went to went USA na …
Swara smiles ….

Shekar and Mishti comes
Shekar : how r u dp ?
Shekar hugs him
Dp : fine shekky. ….
Shekar and Dp laughs …while Ap and Mishti too
Mishti : it’s been years we r meeting ..
Ap : haan …

Swasan were confused

Mishti : array we were all collage mates ….when Laksh and Ap daughter ..ragini was somewhat 5th standard we went to USA …

Swasan were cleared and smiles …
Shekar : it will be a suprise for raglak na ….
Dp ; haan ….
Mishti : let’s keep it suspense …..
Ap : haan ….

Ap : we will do one thing let swara and sanskar stay home so that swara can complete her cw …
Ragini went to her friend house .

Mishti : OK. …
Dp and Shekar : OK come let’s leave to temple …swara Laksh went to his collage to get his timetable he will come litter late OK …sanskar be safe …

Swasan nods ….all leave
Sanskar locks the door

Swara breathes faster …she also had butterfiles in her stomach whenever sanskar sees her …

Sanskar : come …
Swara nods and follows sanskar to his room

@sanskar room
It was so boyish ….full of cricket posters and all the video games ….and a unarranged bookshelf ..with a computer …

And an lcd TV too ..with a long sized bed with blue combination …

Swara : ur room is very boyish … (she said looking around )
Sanskar smiles
Sanskar : I am a boy …(smiles)
Swara nods ..

Sanskar and swara sit close together on the bed and sanskar gives her notes…..
While swara was reading the notes …sanskar was looking at her in a desire…..he is in the same state of teenager ….whenever swara hair falls on him….
His hormone change’s ………swara was also blushing …..

Sanskar slowly takes his hand and slide it on her waist slowly …

Swara closes her eyes ……he presses her waist …she feels special ……a desire arises for her also
Sanskar makes her turn toward him to look at her beautiful face …..she was closing her eyes

Sanskar : swara (romantically)
Swara opens her eyes
Both share a eye lock ..
Sanskar looks at her lips …..swara leans towards him ..even she want to experience it
Sanskar also leans ….
Both were about to kiss …there was a sudden knock on the door …
Both gets apart …..swara goes and opens …..

Precap : depends on the comments

Plz guys comment …it’s ur dolly (esha gupta) …plz support me
I know it’s vulgar …but plz it’s needed to the fiction

I am sure u will love it ..because it’s full of swasan only …I will show all the stages….of their love life

Plz comment ..

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  1. Mahjabeen

    Awesome dear…it ws not vulgar..dont say that…i rlly loved it…waitng fr nxt

    1. Shanthi

      Thanks dear ..glad u didn’t find it vulgar ….thank’s for the comment …
      I will post asap?

  2. Don’t take it like this yaar see their age pls. They should be little grown up write. Nice starting

    1. Shanthi

      I am sorry dear …for making u uncomfortable but it’s needed for the story and I have mentioned it too …sorry !
      Thanks for the comment

  3. Scooby

    Dolly is bck aftr long gap nooo months.. welcime dolly. Continue bcz its abt teenagers prblm..

    1. Shanthi

      Awww …dear thank’s for the welcome gesture …I will continue it ….ya it’s a teen problem …
      Thanks for the comment ?

  4. Haaye!! Meri dodu…mast part. Continue kr jldi…btw kaha gayab hogyi thi achanak se…bahut zyada miss kra…bas ek hi din baat kri thi lekin jb bhi pta nhi…attachment hogyi thi..btw kaise h.. Pechana mereko ya bhul gyi??…mereko lgta h mereko gyi tu..so bad…koi nhi take care!!

    1. Shanthi

      Awww…Sammy I remember u yaar…..even I couldn’t help without talking to u .
      But I was not well due to some circumstances …no worries we r back on track again dear …miss u loads dear ….?

      1. Shanthi

        Sammy yaar …I missed u so so much….I was having some medical problems so …
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      2. Aww! My dodu remember me yipee..btw kaisi h..aur take care of your heath…ab gayab toh nhi hogi na??.

  5. Welcome back after so many days….
    well i am one of your silent readers….
    i like ur new ff but why are you not continuing meri aashiqui dear???

    1. Shanthi

      Thanks for the welcome dear ….so u were a silent sis of my mine huh …it’s OK I am glad u were reading It …
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  6. Pooja26

    awsm dear…..

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  7. Vaikha

    Welcome back dear… Sooooo happy that u r back.. Will love to read ur new ff.. Its not at all vulgar dear.. No worries.. Beautiful story line.. Loved it

    1. Shanthi

      Thanks dear …I am glad u liked it ..thanks for the comment and I liked the welcome too?

  8. hi dolly..ya remember u..missed u and ur ffs a lot..
    dis is nt vulgar..it was cute and sweet..continue soon..i used to comment on MA..

    1. Shanthi

      I know u kumu how could I forget my sister’s ….who gave me life in telly updates …I missed u too ..thanks for ur prayers dear ….ya I will continue asap
      Love u loads dear ?

  9. Awesome plz update dear

  10. Superb waiting for next plzz post soon dont take much time

  11. wow dolly is back nice plz continue

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    Its not at all vulgar…
    Loved it… continue soon

  13. Kakali

    Hiii Dolly,, reading ur ff for d very first time.. as m new here ,, may b its been 2 months m here… soo never teste ur any FF..

    But after reading today’s chappy ,, m sure it’s gonna be awesome… i love it dear …

    the topic u have choosed is rare… n realistic also… teenage problem,, their mistakes,, imaginary world… fantasy etc…

    n i would like to d further updates… doo continue soon…
    Thnk u…

  14. Welcome back…. N ya it’s not at all vulgar .. In fact its very interesting …pls update soon

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    Hey dolly … reading ur work first time bcoz I have joined TU 4 to 5 months back only … and its not at all vulgar … its interesting …. hope u will continue …

    Take care
    keep smiling ??????

  17. Welcome back dear.. And it didn’t seems vulgar,. ..plzzz do continue.. And also try to continue your other ffs tooo except merit aashique (becoz u alrdy told u stopped it), really missed those stories tooo

  18. Nice

  19. Mica

    love it.. love it love it Doll….tyty

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