My love story SDCH

Hi every one ….i an haya
I like sdch and names are not same u can imagine
Sanchi as haya
Kabir as kabir ofcourse
Plz comment

Zandagi choti si hoti ha meri jaan ….hame pata bhi nahi chalta or wo khatm ho jati ha
Hum chale jaty hain zandagi chalti rehti ha koi kam nahi rukta sab ko jana hi hota ha . sabr karna seeko meri beti …sabr …dil ko mazboot banao .. Dadi jaan ko zarurat ha hamari .. Hum is tarha rooain gy to un ko kon sambale ga …. I tried to make my elder sister understand so that she stop crying

Soon my dada jaan was taken for last rituals

Everyone was crying …i felt my bile in my throat …i can’t cry …i can’t …i have to handle everyone …. I have to be strong .. I wiped my tears and tried to console everyone …my dadi jaan …my parents ….tai jaan … Taya jaan … Sisters …brothers

Till evening everyone stoped crying but everyone was in deep sorrow … Soon dinner was served ..i look after everyone …making sure everyone eats …. Serving food to family i realise my cousin who is actually so close to dada jaan and me among sisters must be hungry … I looked for him but couldn’t find him
I rushed to his room and without knockingthe door i entered … I was expecting my brother to be sitting alone bit i was wrong he was with some one of his age … Asfaar bhai was in terrible condition with red eyes .i was embarrassed …. Although it wasn’t my house but when every we come to lahore we stayed with them was like our house so we lived her as our house …. I was embarrassed because i have my dupata in my hand while running it slipped from my shoulder so i just caught .. Other hand was full of food hair which were supposed to be in an bun by now have become a messy bun …with alot of stands out of pins …

Its not the time to look at my self …it was the time to look after my family ….i have to do it
But that stranger’s presence made it uncomfortable …but i have to do it .. My brother needs me the most … I ignored the other man’s presence and went to my brother i walked in .. He give me some space to mave toward my brother

Kuch nahi hua …. Sab theek ho jage ga … He is in better place … Trust me …stop crying …asfaar bhai spoke to me ( an year elder than i )
I am trying to be fine … I spoke
I am watching how my little doll is handling situation … doll …. He praised with dull smile
Sometimes we have to be strong for the them we love . i replied

Finish ur food … I am coming backto get empty plate …. I told him while getting up as i turned he was standing still there whose presence was long forgotten … I left the room with mich embarrassment

Later on i found that he is asfaar bhai’s mamu son kabir sajjad .he came with his mother saman mumani

That night with everyone slept i went to the roof and cried my heart out i wasn’t the person who control pain or emotions …instead i was one of them who make everyone worried for just a small scratch … I wonder my actions today … But the truth was i was broken i loved my dada jaan dearly

I saw him many times after that incident in taya jaan house . i felt his presence around me that made me uncomfortable …my action were reserve around him

Once in the whole time our eyes met …there was something deep inside them .. I immediately looked away because i am not shame less to looked into someone’s eye who is not my family …soon we came back to home as we lived my terbela a less populated palce … Full of greenry … Peaceful place …my home
I am haya .. Study in class nine ….

After i passed tenth we shifted to lahore in the very next street of tai jaan house

Almost six months have passed when we can lahore i and my sister have joined college

It was noon of a mid October … When i came home .. Day was tiering …
After freshing up and lunch mom casually told me bari ami has arrived in tai jaan house
Bari ami is tai jaan’s mother .. My father’s phupho …

In excitement i grab my dupata and left for tai jaan house .i knocked the door ….no response …i knocked again the door clicked open
Haad ha yaar …itni deir …. I stepped in side and FROZE
He …himself ….. Kabir
I big shock was written on my face
He steped away giving me way
I was numb walk past him
I shook hand with tai jaan who was on the way to open door and kissed her hand ..
She bend a little and bend her head in a stlye
Sehzadi …
I act along bending more on my knees
Malika ….
We both laughed and huged i kissed her cheeks
I left her to meer others
It was my style to meet close people like shaking and kissing hand and hugging
I met fariha api and my little cousin who was only 3 years old born 16 years after her brother asfaar
Hi princess ….
Malika … She replied acting like me making me laugh
I looked around to find kabir sitting on near by sofa .. Unaware of anything using his phone
I met my dadi jaan and bari ami

Later i heard him banging door or the next room

Come on Asfandiyaar … How much u r going to take more time … We r going to miss our. Jumma prayer .. Come out or i am gonna break the door

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  1. Swetatitli

    It is nice but the story looks very different from sdch. Keep going dear

    1. HayaSikander

      Yes it is totally different from the serial plot.. Thank you

  2. AnahitaAnnie

    I am a little confused with the characters. Is this a kaanchi ff? Becoz tons of words and the storyline is a being hard for me to understand. I hope u can clarify some words for me.

    1. HayaSikander

      Lead Character are same but I just change sanchi’s name as it can’t go with a muslim plot… U can imagine sanchi as haya

  3. Nice but what was the story

    1. HayaSikander

      I will give u main story line in the next chapter… Hope u get it

  4. Trisha139

    This wa good but I didn’t understand the words properly and also the plot

    1. HayaSikander

      Ok I am gonna translate lines in English as well .. It will post story line in next chapter… Thank you for telling me

  5. Nice

    1. HayaSikander

      Thank u vasundhara

    1. HayaSikander

      Thank u ashnita

  6. Guys if Iam right, she is telling her own story.Coincidentally her lover name is also Kabir.Some words in the storyline is very confusing to me.

    1. HayaSikander

      Actually it is little bit of my story… Just how we met… My fiance name isn’t kabir.. Its just kabir and my fiance have same attitude … So I thought to tell u all my imaginary story not my actual one…. I kept female character as haya because I am haya and I love my name

      1. But,ur imaginary story is very much related to my life.Like u I also love my name and what is the meaning of ur name?upload next episode fast.Waiting for it…

      2. But,ur imaginary story is very much related to my life.Like u I also love my name and what is the meaning of ur name?upload next episode fast.Waiting for it…

    2. HayaSikander

      Haya means living…. Alive … Shy.. Modest

  7. haya dear, don’t mind me saying but i couldn’t understand some of the words and was unable to get the plot as well, so many characters, i mean sorry, but i was a bit confused while reading this………btw dear, don’t stop writing & hope u give a better picture of characters in ur next update

  8. Sakash.

    Hi Haya dear.One thing i under stand well.U r a muslim.One request don’t use arabic language.It is difficult for readers to understand.Second u r telling about ur story.Whatever u want to write?please write in English.Third u said u like Savitri devi college and hospital.But in ur story there is no Saanchi,Isha,Pragya Veer Especially Dr.kabir.
    U said u change all their characters names.But didn’t give characters sketch.
    The name kabir u used is totally different from Dr.kabir.
    I hope u understand.If any of my words hurt u.I am extremely sorry.Good luck for next part.Please give reply and clearify all doubts who ever comment on ur FF.

    1. HayaSikander

      Yes I am muslim but I did not used Arabic…
      2: its haya aka sacnhi view
      Soon I am gonna uploaded same episode with translation and plot with character sketch
      Friends will be soon introduce as well
      I hope u under stand

      1. Sakash.

        Thank you so much for clearifying my doubts.Arabic words mean Tai,Sajadh,Sehjadh,Phupo,Api,Dada,Dadi jaan,Taya jaan.U r married.And u r writing ur story and mixing SDCH.
        Ok update ASAP.

      2. Sakash.

        I am sorry.It’s not arabic words but urdu.Any ways leave it and sorry haya di.Bye.I hope u wont have any problem if i call u haya di.

    2. HayaSikander

      Just engaged … Its fine dear….
      Words do not matter neither apparent thing all that matters is feeling… U can call me any by name….

  9. What’s that.
    but I didn’t understand a single word accept kabir. …

  10. nice yaar but i can’t understand the story

    1. HayaSikander

      I am gonna explain the whole story in next chapter… I hope u understand the story

  11. I couldn’t understand it completely as I know only telugu and English. Anyways keep writing ☺.

    1. HayaSikander

      Sure I am gonna translate lines in English for u… Keep smiling

  12. It’s amazing
    And feel good to see a Muslim ff
    I am also a Muslim and I understand all words very easily

    1. HayaSikander

      Thank u any ways jumna mubarik

  13. Richa1496

    I couldn’t understand it.. Sorry…

  14. Jumma Mubarak to u too
    It’s raining heavily here
    Where do u live?

  15. Moonlight25

    It was nice but couldn’t understand the story. Please translate into English. I loved it as much as I understood

  16. VINAL

    Nice story line different from others .As we have many ff of kaanchi meeting @ hospital so I was looking for something different soo ggod work
    But liitle bit confusing not understood few words but apart from all was good
    Post soon

  17. Abhilasha

    It was amazing dear and I loved the background u used as I love Urdu words because there is so much sweetness in it and also I could understand everything as I have my many Muslim friends….. Update next part soon and one more something try to mix sanchi and haya…. It would make it easy to relate kanchi!!

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