our love story RAGSAN part 4

Shot 4

Sanskar who came saw Ragini standing near the window.. ..
San slows goes towards her and back hugs her. …with smiling
San:kya hua
Rag:nothing..(her eyes r moist)
San:cups her face,, ,eyes her to tell
Rag:ria loves ur Friend. ..
San: my dear ragu it’s good news, ,like us our frds too love each other. ..
Rag:yeah it’s happy news.. But do u know when Vinay proposed
San:yesterday evng
Rag:yestsrday night itself she told to me (after accepting his proposal). .that much she values my friendship.. But I.. .She sobs
San looks at her. .
Rag: I love u since 2 and half yrs and v r meeting daily in this library, ,but she doesn’t know any thing about it.. .im feeling guilty sanskar. ..she cries. ….sanskar tries to console her

Rag:when she came to know about our relationship, ,how much she will feel bad,, that I didnt value her in my life. ..

San :i agree, ,it’s my mistakes only. .i only stopped u, wen u tried to tell ourselves to ria,,,do u know at present I also thinking the same thing (the same thing to my frd Vijay) ..but Ragini u know y I told like that.. ..becaz I’m scared to lose you..

Rag : but sans.
San:plz their situation r different. .our friends will understand us. .just 8 months more to finish this course, ,after that I’ll come to my uncle’s home and ask ur hand for me.. .

Rag smiles (guys Ragini has lost her parents in her childhood , she is with her uncle and aunt. ..who loves her)

San:this girls na…v Can’t understand them

Rag :y
San:2 and half yrs before u only said,, that ur uncle and aunt shouldnt know abt our love by outsiders becaz u will feel, u did mistake to them,, who brought you up since childhood. ..but now u r saying v should tell it to vinay Ria.. .scarciticallY omg plz god give special brain to understand girls,,, he tease her…

Rag fake angrily turns towards the window
And becaz of wind,, some dust get into her eyes. …
Rag:ahhhh she continuously rubs her eyes
San:wrdly ragu wait let me see
Rag:its paining sansku
San:cups her face and took the hand and blows air into her eyes …..
After few seconds.
San:r u k now
Rag:now feeling better (both were still close to each other)
San:lost with her angelic face,,,
rubbed her cheek with his finger to wipe the tears.. Both get lost
San:rubbed her lips with his thumb… Rag breaths heavily when his hot breath touches all over her face…
San:leans close and placed her lips with his…….. .Both were kissing passionately,,, after few minutes San breaks the kiss and started to kiss on her neck… Ragini clutches his shoulder tightly. ….

Rag hands travels from his shoulder to hair,, suddenly she came to sense and pushed him…

Both eyes each other shockingly……. Both feel bad
San:slowly rag Im sorr
Rag:without listening she runs from that place……

San ::o god Wat I did,,,Wat she will think of me,, I used the situation.. No no sanskar Wat r u thinking she is ur love, she will never ever think like that,,, and two days before she peck ur lips,,,,, o god u idiot sanskar it’s just peck but today u kissed her(their first kiss) and in her neck… (he reminds how he bites her neck)
He slaps himself,, Wat will Ragini think of me…

He called her many times,,, but she didn’t attend it

@night he called it was not reachable
Again @mrng he tried it’s switch off… He worries
He cries by thinking of Ragini leaving her…..

Vinay:sanskar Wat happen y r u dull
San:im fine (fairly smiles)
Vijay : evng plz don’t go to library,, I’ll introduce Ria to u
San:sry vinaY
Vinay:sadly k ur wish
San:k I’ll cum (in mind Ragini too accompany Ria)

@4.00pm canteen
Both wait(sanvin)for riarag ,,San was expectingly looking at the door
but only Ria came
Vinay introduced Ria to sanskar…
San was disappointed to the most…..

Vinay Ria were talking but San lost some where….

Vinay shook him and ask Wat happened…
San: nods as nothing ,,,after few minutes
Ria:k I’ll leave..
Vinay :hmm,, and u told u will introduce your friend ,,where is she
Ria:vo Ragini… she is gone to her house… I’ll introduce her after she comes,,

San was shocked because she never go anywhere without informing to her…. He cries…. By thinking of losing his love….

Guys do u like it,,
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Hope you like it
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