our love story RAGSAN part 2

San:called Ragini number many times but it was switched off. .
In mind Wat happened to her, time is 4.35 y she didn’t come till yet.. He waited for her until library closes and sadly went back to his hostel

Vinay:wat happened, y r u sad?? Always this time u use to be happy, now Wat happen ,,r u feeling sad that you missed important class,,but I’m sure not for that
San:plz leave me, i want to be alone,, ,in mind worried about ragini Wat happened to her,, is she in problem that’s y she Didn’t… His thoughts get disturbed by phone call.. .
(this is the first time rag didn’t come to see him in these 4 yrs)
San smiles by seeing the called id
San:ragini r u k
Rag:sry sry sry. ..
Rag:sanskar actually important practicals class was there,thats y I didn’t come
San:its k Ragini. ..

In mind but for me u r only important Ragini, ,I don’t know how I’ll revive upto tmrw Without seeing you. …

Rag:in mind OMG I’m not getting sleep ,,sanskar when 4.00pm will arrive(tmrw will come) , I’m desperately waiting to see you. ..

She slept by thinking of sanskar. .

Both ragsan are sitting beside each other,, with some space in between them. ..

Both didn’t talk, ,just seeing each other. .
After few minutes Ragini breaks the silence

Rag:Wat happen
San:nothing shall v leave. ..
Rag:san now only v came,, time is 4.15 only
San:i know Ragini u r having practical class for this 1 wk but u came today by Cutting it,, it’s k Ragini,, u go and attend it,, ,,v will see after 6 days… …
Rag:feels strange in his behavior …no sanskar today class is not there…
San:feels bad,, Ragini I’m having head ache.. Shall v by saying this he starts to move. …

Ragini follows him confusingly with few distance away from him….
Avinash (his professor)saw sanskar and called him
Avinash: y did you bunked ur important class yesterday. .U r getting good marks but it doesn’t mean U should be irregular.. Plz attend the class regularly…
San:simply nods and went
Rag who hears this feel bad and call him…

San:tell ragini
Rag::come to library immediately…
San : but rag
Rag cuts her call, not letting him to speak

@library 4.35pm
As soon as sanskar came
Rag hugged him and kissed him all over his face…..
San:stammers rag ra
Rag:i know sanskar u r feeling bad,,,u only told before that v have to study well,, v have to stand on our own legs,, after v settle In our lives v should get married ,,I want you through out my life sanskar,, that’s y,, I thought u will feel bad if I cut my important class but you…
San:yes Ragini but I don’t know Wat happened to me,,,I’m feeling like nothing is more important than u.

Rag:,,if u think I did a mistake u can hit me, scold me but don’t ignore me…
San:rag i
Rag:then Wat was that sanskar,, u sat beside me with some space between us,, and today u didn’t sleep on my lap,, u asked me to leave earlier itself and u didn’t not even try to kiss me (blurred out)
San:smiles and holds her hand.. Pulls her

San kissed on her forehead, sry ragu I will never hurt you and I was upset that my ragu didn’t come to see me yesterday but after knowing the reason behind that I’m feeling happy by saying he tried to kiss her

Rag:placed her palm on his lips

Promise me you will attend ur classes regularly,,, promise me you won’t get upset on me..

San nods

Rag smiles and turns to leave..

San pinned her to the wall
Rag: sanskar
San::sssshhhh…moves close to kiss her

Rag teasingly :need my permission sanky
San:before a while, u kissed me, where did u get the permission… By saying he moves close

Rag smiles and pushes him….
Rag:time is 4.55 boy friend I’m leaving, she runs

San smiles by seeing her Ragini….. Sry,,,, I love you

Guys do u really like it,,,, plz tell the truth,, I will take it easy,,,

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