our love story RAGSAN part 13


San is packing the things and

Ragini is helping him

Suddenly sanskar saw something and smiles., and holds her hand and make her sit in a bed and sat in the ground by kneeling down

Ragini is looking at him confusingly

San open his palm which he was closed till yet, Ragini became teary by seeing the ring

San:may i

Rag:nods and forwards her hand

San:smiles and put the ring in her fore finger

Rag sobs by reminding how she hurted him and how she threw the ring

San worriedly Ragini plz plz don’t cry,, he cups her face.. It’s hurting me to c u like this

Rag :sorry,,don’t feel bad, I won’t cry, she wiped her tears but tears r continously coming from her eyes..

San became more worried by seeing her condition and suddenly placed his lips on hers in order to soothes her pain

Ragini became shocked by his sudden act but closed her eyes feeling his love and both started kissing each other passionately.. Both fell over the bed by kissing ..

Ragini forgets all her pain by being in his embrace,, she started pulling him more towards her.. Sanskars heart flutters in joy in their blissful moment

After 15 min they break their kiss and started breathing heavily

San started to kiss on her neck and her chin, his hands are roaming all over her body..

Rag breaths became uneven and pulls him more towards her,

San looked at her face intensely and started kissing her sensouly all over her face.. Ragini gasps and moans his name.. .sanskar got alert and immediately stands up from her ..

Ragini opened her eyes when she doesn’t feel him.. And saw him standing showing his back towards him

Rag smiles and back hugs him

San:stammers shall v leave

Rag:really(she kissed on his shoulder)

San:closed his eyes by controlling himself ,,don’t make me too difficult for me

Rag:chukles and turns him, towards her, I’m only yours sanskar, u have all the rights on me

San smiles and hugs her, I know but I want our special night to b special..

Both break the hug,,

San:these many years I waited, can’t i wait for a day he winks

Rag :sudden guilt formed on her face,, San gets Wat he told,, he pecks her lips and holds his ears ,,rag smiles and nods that she is k, headed towards their home

@ragini ‘S home

As soon as he entered shekar hugged him and thanked him for understanding ragu..all had their family talk

And San made a video call to his parents and make them to speak with Ragini and her uncle and aunt. .finally the marriage date was fixed..all were happy but not sanskar

@sanskar room

Video call

San: mom y u did like this. I’m angry on u

Suj:wat I did

San:i told u to fix marriage tmrw but fixed day after tomorrow he pouts

Suj smiles widely and teases him

San blushes and cuts it

San in mind y no one is understanding me even Ragini too ,all r testing my patience, he reminds how Ragini teased him on dinning area by clasping his hand with hers and rubbing her legs with his… OMG …

After few minutes ,door knock

San opened the door and shocked to see Ragini


Ragini :just like that

San:k I’m feeling sleepy ragu v will speak later ..

Rag:pouts ,after 5 yrs v r together but u

By saying she pushed him and enters into the room

San huff in mind this girl na

Rag actually mom called me and told me that u r desperate in marriage, she teases himhim

San:became nervous when he accidentally saw her bare waist due to wind

Rag looks at him and adjust her cloth by covering her belly and goes close towards him in order to tease him

San immediately holds her hand and throws her out of his room and locked it

San:gud n8 v will meet tomorrow

Rag chuckles,, fake angry I didn’t c any one like u, throwing the girlfriend out of the room

San :in mind y she is not understanding me,

Rag:r u going to open it or not

San :in low voice plz understand me, after that incident, I can’t stammers

Rag:acts Wat incident sanku

San:is she really don’t know or

Rag:smiles arey tell na

San immediately opened the door.. Don’t u really remember

Rag :pouts her lips

San:in mind o god now y she is pouting her lips, I can’t control it by seeing her lips

Rag shakes him

San : stammers vo vo during hotel

Rag immediately hugs him and blushes

San hugs her back and both were like that for few minutes

After few minutes

Ragini makes sanskar sleep on her lap and carcass his hair..

San smiles,

both talk on random things.. After few minutes San dozzed off, she smiles by seeing him and pecks his forehead and tries to leave

but saw her hand which was tightly holded by sanskar in his sleep..

She sleeps beside him in his embrace


Both were sitting together

Suddenly sanskar feels heavy on his shoulder and turns to see Ragini who is sleeping in his shoulder,

he smiles and goes towards her and turns whether anyone is seeing or not ,immediately peck her lips and turns blushingly

Rag smiles and opened her eyes and looked at him lovingly and again sleep


All greets them..

Ragini was very happy to see all of them

And her eyes become widens and moist by seeing riavinay

She goes towards them and hugshugs them tightly

They too smile and hugs her but suddenly breaks the hug and starts to leave

Ragsan looked at each other

Hope u like it

Only one episode more to end

I’m very happy guys..

I’m very big fan of Anisha, I read her ff on fb ,,I liked it to the core and I wanted to read many ff, then I came here and started to read many ff which made me to write ff

And she (anisha) started commenting to my ff but poor me I did not identify her till I have seen her in wattwattypad..

Very happy.. Just wants to share this with u all

And I want to thank ragika too because to read her khatti meethi ff only I joined in watty

Next Wat ff do u want me to post

Which ff of mine do u like it ??

Which ff of mine u hhate iit

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