our love story RAGSAN part 11

@hospital, after few minutes

San with teary eyes holding unconscious Raginis hand by sitting beside her.

Rag slowly opened her eyes..

Rag:sanskar how is swara

San:stammers she is fine.

Rag:cries how it could be? She is lying in the pool of blood.. Dont lie, Wat happen to my sister

San:throat choked she is fi fin fine

rag:she immediately ran from the room. When she abt to enter,vinayria holds her

Ria:plz understand,

Rag:no riaRia. I want to see her by saying she enters and shocked to see Swara in unconscious state.

Rag silently goes towards her, swara I came, open ur eyes, I came she cries

Vinayriasan saw that and feels bad. .san felt guilty and turns to leave but Vinay holds his hand.. San looks on

Vinay :she needs u

San nods with teary eyes and went towards Ragini

San:holds her shoulder

Rag: cries more.. Sanskar u know na I love her alot, ask her to get up, ask her to speak with me. .Plz sanskar… Cries

San feels bad and hugs her..

After few minutes

Rag :in cracking voice,promise me u have to help me for identifying the cause of her suicide, I want to know it.. Promise me

San was any to make a promise but they here some crying sound with calling Swaras name aloud.. Both turns and saw shekshar coming towards them..

Rag goes towards them..

Shek:beta Wat happened

Rag:cries and hugs him

All went to Raginis home for last ritual for swara

Leap of a wk @vinays home

Vinay:r u sure

San:nods,i cant hide it more. Im going to tell to her now itself and ask for her forgiveness

Vinay :but do u think she will understand u



San:cuts him I have faith in my love, definitely she will understand me..i cant live with this guilty feeling anymore

@raginis home

Door knock

Rag opened the door and shocked to see sanskar and immediately closed the door

San :confused ragu Wat happen, its me ur sanskar

Rag:plz get out

San:open it he bangs the door

Rag:angrily I dont want to see ur face anymore

San:wat r u speaking? R u in sense, its sanskar damn it

Rag opens the door yeah I know its sanskar. Im in my sense oly. Get out from hehere and my life

San:ragu he is about to touch her (confused)

Rag:dont touch me. I came to know everything about you, I came to ur fake love towards me, I came to know who is reason for my sisters death, she cries

San:shocked ragu let me explain, I came to tell

Rag:shows her palm, enough of ur acting sanskar, Wat r u going to say more than this, by saying she showed Swaras phone which has swasan hugging photo..

San more shocked :stammers its not true

Rag : wow still acting.. I dont want to revenge u. Plz do only one help to me. She joined her hands, dont come in my way.i hate myself by loving u once

She cries

San:u misunderstood me .i know u cant hate me because v r incomplete without each other

Rag:before he completes Ragini remove the ring and threw it on his face

Everything is over.. I wont fall in ur act she turns to leave

San holds her wrist, in cracking voice I love you, and u knew it. I will explain it. Plz give 10 minutes

Rag:struggles and tries to free her hand

San immediately back hugs her ..i love you

Rag pushes him by using all her strength and slaps him hardly.. In angry voice dont dare to touch me by saying she closed the door and went to her room and threw herself on bed and cries

Here San collapse on the floor and cries badly.. Plz believe me Ragini, I didnt do anything….

Leap of 5 yrs

San:tmrw r u coming to London for project meeting

Vinay:sry sanskar. Actually today my uncle and aunt is coming, so u know na Ria wont allow me

San:smiles..u r like a tiger before marriage but became cat after marriage

Vinay:pouts u will understand after ur marriage only

San feels bad

Vinay gets Wat he told, Sry I didn’t mean to hurt you

San nods (fb shown vinayria tries to explain to Ragini but she was adamant and cuts her friendship with them, after few months she disappeared, no one knows where she went)

His thought get disturbed by door opening sound

Voice:hi sanskar

San:hi ria

Ria:smiles sanku one idiot told he will pick uncle and aunt in airport but still he is in office, she glares vinay

Vinay :hey u called me idiot

Ria:y r u getting angry when I didnt mention name, so u itself know u r a idiot she chuckled

Both started fighting

San:kk b cool this is office guys so plz

Vinayria nods and again starts their fighting and went

San admires there bonding and looks at Ragini photo

In mind when v r going to be like them


After successfully finished the meeting he went to look the city. ..

He admires the beauty of London

And collides with a girl and the girl is revealed as Ragini

San:stammers rag Ragini,tears starts flowing from his eyes

Rag:turns to one man beside her and tell to him ,she will cum

Rag:looks at sanskar and smile, how are you

San:nods u

Rag:yeah Im doing well, he is my husband and he loves me alot and Wat abt u

San:throat choked. His breath is going to stop. His heart pained more and more

Rag:shakez him

San:controls his tears. Yeah Im also married, I have beautiful daughter too. Both loves me alot

Rag:good.k I should leave, he is waiting for me

San:tmrw Im leaving London.. I want to speak to u alot. Can u give ur address

Rag denies bit he assures her


She gave and went

He runs to isolated place and collapsed on the floor and cries badly

Next day @ragini S home

As soon as sanskar entered to Ragini room

Hugged her tightly not letting even a air to enter between them

Rag:was shocked and struggle at first and later became worried by sensing wetness on her shoulder

Rag:wat happened

San:Hug her even more tigher.. I missed you

hope u like it

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