our love story RAGSAN part 10

part 10


San:ragini at last our exams came… V have to work hard.. And (he drags)))

Rag:and v r not supposed to c for 2 wks

San:nods…and kissed on her forehead


San:holds her hand.. Just 2 wks,after that u will be mine., v were waiting for this day only. So don’t get distract ur mind.. This 2 wks separation for our life long union.. Don’t forget that.. Then only I’ll cum to ur house and ask ur hand for marriage. Understood

Rag:yeah I know.. But i miss you

San:me too.. But Wat to do.. Shall v leave

Both gets up starts to leave..

Rag:sanku …san turns towards her

Rag:all the best

San:smiles all the best too..when he about to turn.. Ragini holds his hand

Rag:after two weeks only v r going to meet, so give me something which make me to survive for 2 wks

San:i already gave na (he points there ring) ?

Rag:hits her forehead.. Murmurs tube light

San:smiled,and drags her towards him by holding her waist.. Wat did u say

Rag:breaths heavily by their closeness, stammers I didn’t say anything

San:frowns is it? He goes close towards her and kissed her chin…

RaG:holds his shoulder tightly ..

When he is about to take another step.. They hear sounds.. Both gets alert and went from the library….

Ragsan missed each other,by brushing there thoughts, did exams well

After 2 wks ,@library

Rag was desperately waiting for him.. Soon her phone rings.. She smiled and pick it

Rag:tell sanku.. When r u coming.. I’m waiting for past 15 min… I’m desperately waiting

San:cuts her, sry ragu I’m not coming.. All frds are planning to go to outing.. V will meet tmrw.. Bye ? take care and kissed through phone (cuts it

Rag:He is not even care for me.. V r meeting after 2 wks.. But he.. She curses him and starts to leave

And suddenly one hand holds her and pulled her

Rag widened and about to shout but he closed her mouth with his hands

Rag:after seeing him.. Glares him and signed him to take it

San:my sweetheart got angry.. Rag nods and start to hit him

San:sry Sry I was just kidding yaar.. And holds her hand.. Both had cute eye lock..

San:huskily I missed you

Rag:lost in his eyes me too..

San::goes towards her ear, when should I cum to ur home, to speak to ur uncle and kissed her ear lobe

Rag shivers…. San smiles I can’t wait more.. By saying he kissed on her cheek

Rag clasps her palm, san :love you by saying he started kissing her lips.. It was a passionate kiss.. Both forget themselves, both came to sense when San bits her lips

San:immediately breaks it.. Sry Sry

Rag:glares him and turns opposite side and blushes

San back hugs her by resting his chin on her shoulder.. Sry

Rag blushes and hugs him tightly

After few minutes…

San :when r u going to leave to home

Rag:day after tmrw after attending farewell party and u

San:me too and after u settled in home, call and tell me when should I cum to ur place with my parents ..after our parents acceptance v will tell to vinayria

Rag:blushes .shall v tell to them tmrw itself

San:r u sure …Rag nods ..both bid bye and went

@farewelL party

Vinay:Hey tell what you want to tell .from yesterday u were saying this

San:wait dude.. Let Ria also cum.. Becaz v want to tell to both

Vinay :v??

San:no no I’m only

Vinay nods and went.. Suddenly someone pulls sanskar towards the corner

San:swara Wat happened

Swara:tensedly sir I want talk to you personally.. It’s important. Plz come to terrace of this building.. Immediately.. I will b waiting by saying she went hurriedly

San was confused and excuses to vinay and went


san:u r looking tensed.. R u k swara

Swara:no sir I’m not k, how could I be k.. When my love is going to leave me tmrw.. She cries.. missed you sir.. at first I thought it was just attraction but no it’s love. Yes sir i Iove u I came to know this in this 2 wks I missEd u alot.. plz accept my love.. I love you by saying she hugs him tightly..

(someone clicks the photo)

San was shocked.. He pulled her out of the hug.. I’m sorry swara I can’t

Swara:immediately close his mouth by her hand …i will die if you didn’t accept my love

San:love can’t be get by blackmailing

Swara:im not blackmailing.. I’m expressing my love

San:how can I love you swara, when my heart is not with me

Swara:.widens it means

San:i love someone.. Sry by saying he went down

San in mind I’m feeling bad for swara but Wat can I do? If rag came to know this, o shit.. He curses his fate.. I should talk to swara abt it when he abt to return to terrace.. vinay came and drag him

Vinay:cum ragria came


San is standing in front of all three (he was tensed)

Ria:tell San

Rag:she also get tensed (in mind vinayria should understand us)

San:Hey wait where is swara( in mind she should know it now itself

Rag:she came before itself. Wait I’ll call her


Rag:.she didn’t pick it

Vinayria :k tell it first.. She will b busy

San:no I want to tell to three of them


Rag:widens (bexaz he didn’t tell her that he is going to confess their love to Swara too) but sanskar assures her

All were searching for her and called her

Atlast San told v will go and search her in terrace.. All went.. And shocked to see swara Lying in the pool of blood

Rag:shocked swara and fell unconscious

San:held her to prevent from falling

@ hospital

Doc:sry she is dead

Vinayriasan was shocked and cries

After few minutes

San :its because of me.. I killed her by not accepting her proposal but how could I when I love my raginRagini he cries badly

Vinayria shocked by his sudden confession

Guys hope u like it…thanks for ur response

Plz tell do u like it or not

I’m planning to provide more 3 shot ff.. On ragsan becaz it’s easy to write it more than a ff… Is it k for u all

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