our love story RAGSAN part 1

xyz university
One guy is shown who sleeping in one girl’s lap.. .she is carecassing his hair lovingly, ,,,immediately that guy ,pulled that girl and tries to kiss on her lips,, ,but she pushed him away. ..and sees him angrily. …..

After few seconds both laugh ?….(guy and girl is revealed as ragsan)
Rag:u r always trying to do this
San:sadly only trying.. .
Rag :hits his shoulder
San:smile and back hugs her,while resting his head on her shoulder

Rag:shall v leave
San shockingly :wat this much early
Rag:slightly slaps his cheek :see time, now it’s 4.50pm ..they will close library within 10 minutes,and now v r in library store room. .she pouts
San :k then when v will see again
Rag:turns towards him and encircled her hands around his neck, ,y asking this question daily,v will meet regularly here @4.00pm na, then wat
San:holds her waist,, and pulls her,, becaz I don’t want to leave u…
By saying this he went close to kiss her but Ragini phone rings.. ….

San irritatingly who
Rag:smiles Ria (Ragini’s frd) ….k bye dear I have to leave, by saying she walks
San sadly k
Rag came back and peck his lips and goes. ..
San widened his eyes.. ..

Rag went smilingly by seeing san expression.. …..
(guys rag is doing final year ECE and San is doing final year mechanical engineering)
Viren:where r u
Viren:omg WATS in that library,, always 4 to 5 u r disappearing,,
San:leave I’m hungry
Viren :wah changed the topic
San:glares him, shall v go to hostel now ….
Viren yes boss
Both smiles

@girls hostel
Ria:do u know how long I waited for you,,
Rag:sry I was in library.
Ria:i searched there too
Rag:in mind OMG ,,vo
Ria: wat
Rag:nothing I was there only
Ria:k leave I’m used to it,, I don’t know Wat u r doing in that 1 HR, always with me only but when clocks shows 4.00pm u will disappear,, @5.00 u appear.. .

Guys this is my new ff, do u people like this,, if you r not plz tell, tell ur suggestion whether to continue or not… Thank you.. Hope you like it

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    Oh my god such a lovely start… Loved it a lot update soon di I am so excited to read the nxt part… And even I am frm ECE… Update soon di tk cr

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