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Hello guyzzz i dont have write any ff til now. Actually i am new here. New im this site. Well this story is about School-Collage love story. Just a idea come on my mind and i pen down it. Hope you all will like it. So lets start. Before starting character are the same.

A was new in this class. Me and my family just shifted from india to here in Danmark.
I first went to a language course because i could’t talk danish. After one year i went to my class. Actually we shifted from the place where i took language course. So it was new school,new class,new people’s. I was really scared. I went inside the class. And was looking down. I knew everyone was starring at me because whenever someone new come everyone look at her/his. Well i now it will be easy for me to chat with them because i am a chatterbox. And secondly i am Ragini gadodia. So i am sure boys will love me. Well i know in india many boys were flat on me. But i was not so sure about denmark. Well ragini go with a flow. My teacher took me inside the class. I was shocked when i get to now one of their mate died in a accident while they were coming from Sweden. I did’t know about that person. But everyone was crying even boys. Abd suddenly my eye went on a boy. Oh my god he was looking so cute. I just fallen in love. Maybe’hehehe’. Suddenly i heared a girl saying that: She comed in our class and we lost our mate. I suddenly look down. I felt really bad. But i understand. But i was shocked when all of them support me and said: Its had to happen. We cant stop. It was writen in his destiny so it happened. Now shutup and dont blame her. I was happy. One week passed with lot of stress and things. I did’t even knew anyone of them name. But after two week i get everything in my mind, Mostly their names. I have got many friends and i was happy. My best friend Swara. We were sister’s. She loved me like her big sister and i like her my little sister even due we have same age. But i am bigger then her some months. We shared a good bond.

Days passed like second i still cant belive the person i hate the most now i have a crush on him. Well i hate him because he was irritating alwayss. Arrogant,Self obsessed, And many more. He always fimd a way to spoil my mood. Well i knew his name Sanskar. Yes his name is Sanskar he is also a indian. Is it not nice. But he never liked. Whole 9 grade i was trying to make him fall in love with me. But no he never cared. And i always try to forget him and move on but all in vain. Now we where finished with our 9 grade and next was our collage. I did’t knew if we will come in one class. Or different classes but never cared about it. When we went to visit our collage. He was in 10A and i was in 10C. I was not at all happy. But it who life is. After summer vacation. It was our first day at collage. I got ready in white slik shirt sith black jeans and my white converse. I was happy because of my mew class. I have not meet them yet but still.


Now i was happy with my new class and still was loving Sanskar. But one day i got to now that he is with a girl called Kavita. I was so angry. I always took her wrong. But then i got to know that sanskar is not good for me. He was cheating on kavita and was roaming with her friend Kavya. I saw them many times together. Even deep down kavita also new about it but never took it seriously. One day i got to now that my friend Swara also like sanskar i was in shock. Day passed and i stopped liking Sanskar.Now kavita and sanskar breaked up. And he was singel. But i stopped loving him. One day my friend told me that laksh like me. Oh well i know him. He also went in my class 9 grade but now he also go with my friend swara 10A. I knew that he liked me but never cared because i liked sanskar. But we were very close friends.

I feel special when i am around him. He really care about me. Always there when it’s needed. My life passed with collage also. It was last day. And the shocking day.


My last day:
I was waiting for swara to come. Just then i got a call. And shocked me it was from my parents. They said my alliance is fixed. I dont now what to do. And it was not enough swara come and told me that sanskar proposed her and want to marry him. Now i dont now what to do. So just hugged her. Swara went home amd i was goimg to take bus. But then laksh come there. I wanted to tell him about my marriage.

When himself said he is going to get married. I was shocked. I some how had a strong feeling for him. Tear start rollimg from my eyes. And he also went. I was shattered. What is happening i dont now. I went home everyone pampered me. My mehendi,sangeet,haldi everthimg went slowly i have not even seen him either he. Strange we both did’t bother to see eachother. Finally my wedding day come. I got ready. Swara told me while she was getting ready that laksh are getting married today. I wanted to ask how my husband look but then stopped because even she have not seen him. Actually she was busy in her wedding with sanskar. And i must say they are really fast just 3 weeks past they get married and swara is pregnant. Hmmmmm sanskar and swara are too fast. I got ready and went to mandap with my mom and swara and some other friends. After marriage we went to my husband home. Well i am clear i will tell him that i love laksh but i will try to forget him. Yess i love laksh everything was planned on my last day of collage i was going to tell him but all went wrong so decided to not tell. I was welcomed by them in there house. His sister took me with her. And we come in his room. I must say it was classy but yet simple. I waited for him on my bed when my eyes went on a photo i was shocked. Are may i say happy. I cry with happiness that finally i got my malik. Yess laksh malik. Its was laksh. I suddenly someone coming toward the room. I took my veil over my face. And sat there. Suddenly laksh enter the room. Now i was sure about my feeling but what about him. He sat beside me and said. That he dont love me because he love someone else. I was broked but then thought he have not seen me. So i asked who. He said he love a girl named ragini. I wanted to kill that girl. But then i said to myself “Ragini”. Its me dumb girl. I thought to have some fun with this.

So i start to go close to him while he start moving back. I was so close to him when pushed me and was about to go when i held him. And said Laksh. He look at me and i took my veil. He was shocked. I understand. I push him and he sat down. He look at me and we have a intense eyelock. He look at me and ragini ‘I LOVE YOU’ I was happy. So i hugged him tightly and said ‘ I LOVE YOU TOO’ i broked the hug and he come close to me. I closed my eyes. And he kiss my lips. We both falled on bed while kissing. And yes it my love story.
The end hope you all liked it. Do comment. Just wanted to say there is alot of different between love and attraction or like. So plz dont misunderstand the mening of this.

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