Its a love story (Part 8)


Recap… Swara told sanskar to stay away from….

Swara POV..
Today whole day i was alone at the beach because i want some lonely moments don’t know why i was very hurt,  today when i ask sanskar to stay away from me its was something like someone has taken soul from my body i don’t know what is this feeling and i also don’t wanna know because i can’t hurt myself more… Full day after college i went to beach and thinks all the moments spend with sanskar i fell happy about that but soon i jerks my thought…. Soon i saw the time it was 8:30 i was so shocked that i spend 4 hours at the beach soon i marched to my home when i enter my house i can see my mother and father was waiting for me for a family moments its been a long time i have not spend family time with them after laksh i was so broken that i can’t face them and today also i was broken because today i have hurt sanskar a lot and i don’t want my family to know about my problem so i lied to them that i am not feeling well and don’t wanna eat and went to my room i changed my clothes and lie on my bed… Today again i was sad today again i was thinking that i have lost the most imp person….. But i can’t do anything it was ryt for him and for me also….
POV ends

Soon swara sleep again with a depression face but this time not for laksh it was someone else whom she has known for 2 days only…..

Same trauma was going in the mind of sanskar…

Sanskar POV
Today at the college swara was ignoring me i was so distract so i took swara with me forcibly but when she told me to stay away from her i was so broken and that line only ecohed my ears it was a feeling that someone has taken my soul from my body but soon i realized that what she say it was ryt for her and for me also i don’t know what is that feeling that whenever i see swara crying i can’t stop myself. I don’t know what magic has swara done on me but i also know that she also care for me but i can’t go near her i have seen pain in her eyes when she said stay away from me no i can’t let her to fall in love with me i can’t do it i have to do something so that she can stay away from me yes i have to do something….
POV ends…

Next day

Swara woke up but something was diff her eyes were swallon which means she had cried whole night from 2 days she was happy to meet sanskar she was laughing in their silly fight but again today she was dull because she know that from today she will never talk with him…..
Swara get up and get ready for the college she eats her breakfast and marched toward her college everyday she was exited for the college but today she has no excitement….

At the college …..

Sanskar talking to a girl…

Sanskar… Please help me i need ur help i need that she hates me plz i am begging u…

Girl…. No i can’t please try to understand she is my bestfriend….

Sanskar… Please kavya(yes the girl ws kavya) u will do this for ur friend only please ….

Kavya… Ok i will do if this is for the happiness of her….

Sanskar…. Thnx a lot and he hug her…

Swara was passing from there and she saw them hugging…. A drop of tears fall from her eyes and she runs from there soon after swara run sanskar leaves kavya and see swara with teary eyes who was running ( yes he has seen swara coming towards them so he hugged her)

Sanskar…. (In mind i am sorry swara its for your happiness)

In the canteen

Swara… So guyz r we going tommrow …

Sahil…. Yes yes ofcorse baby (to ragini) you r coming na.. 

Ragini… Uff sahil please i am not ur baby ok i have told u many times tht now we are not couple…

Sahil…..(Pout face)but i am ur boyfriend u have broked up with me not me na…

Everyone laugh seeing ragini reaction just than kavya come…

Kavya… Hey guyz whats up what r u talking about

Swara…. Ummm kavya u remember about  weekend plan na…

Kavya…. Ya i remember so we r going ok….

Swara… Umm why don’t u call ur new boyfriend….

All are shocked…

Laksh…. New boyfriend ????   Who…

Swara.. Sanskar the heartthrobe of our college hai na kavya he is ur new boyfriend hai na….

Kavya… (Fakely smile) ya ya he ummm i don’t think so he will come…

Sanskar was listening all this and went towards them…

Sanskar…. Why not kavya i will surely come (smirk ) ur bestfriend is calng me i will surely come…

Swara…. Stand up with a jerk ok guyz than be ready tommrow… At 8:30 she pick her bag and went towards her class…

Everyone was shocked seeing swara this reaction but sanskar has tears on his eyes….

Precap…. Mussorie…. Masti…  swasan romantic moments…

Guyz i have written the introduction of my new ff Ek duje ke liye plz do read

Credit to: Asmita

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