Its a love story (Part 6)

Recap… Sanskar and Swara stair talk flashback and ragini and laksh talk..

Swara POV….
Today was the best day or bad day what should I say first laksh comes to talk to me forcefully I was so frightened of him but thank god sanskar came in a perfect time he was so gud today I saw a new sanskar who cared for me oh god what has happen to me…..
POV ends

Swara dozed in her bed and started group chat…

Sahil….so guyz what the plan today getting bored yar…

Rajat….u always get bored ha go with ragini for a date don’t disturb us…

Sahil…shut up rajat huh please guyz ignore him please tell the plan today…

Ragini…baby I think so we can go to CCD it will be amazing na what say guyz…

Sahil…wow baby u r awesome

Ragini…huh shut up

Laksh….ufff stop ur romance OK I will be there in CCD if someone don’t have a problem #swara..

Rajat….yes swara tell u will come na

Swara…ofcorse guyz I will come yar so at CCD at 6:00 pm by guyz going to get ready…

Ragini…ya swty by…
(I have not mention whole chat which is not imp)…

Sanskar chatting with his friends…
Paras….bhai I am getting bored yar please we can go somewhere please please

Amina….yes sanskar to CCD how’s it…

Paras..(.fully flat on her) wow what an amazing idea u r amazing yar…
(Sanskar giving what the look to paras.)..

Sanskar….OK guyz at CCD be ready…..

CCD (cafe coffee day)
Swara and her group was chatting together when sanskar enters with amina they had hold there hands by seeing them swara fumes in anger she want to punch that girl but she stop that feeling….

Sanskar was talking to amina and paras without noticing swara….by this swara felt very hurt and she leaves from there shocking her friends….

Swara POV….
How dare she hold my sanskar’s hand ahhh wait a sec what I said my sanskar oh god whats going here yar why I felt hurt and jealous by seeing them together do I love him!!!! No no I can’t I can’t , love always hurts I can’t love him no….
POV ends….

Next day at college….
Swara POV ….
After yesterday I decided to ignore him because I don’t want to come in between in his happiness….
POV ends…

As swara enters her college she can see sanskar sitting in the canteen with his friend

She ignore him and moved towards her friends but sanskar saw her… That she is ignoring him..

Swara….. Guyz weekends are coming and than we have 3 days holiday after weekends we can make plans and can go

Ragini…. U r ryt swara we can go to mussoorie its a lovly place wow with beautiful mountains

Laksh…. Yes ragu you r ryt we will go there….

When they were talking sanskar felt angry because of swara ignorance so he walked towards them and hold swara hands shocking her frnds and swara itself..

Sanskar… I wanna talk to u swara.

Swara… No ryt now sanskar i am busy talking to my friends u can go i will talk to u later ha(facing towards her frnd)ha th guyz i was saying…

Sanskar hold swara’s hand and take her forcibly shocking others people present at the cafeteria…
He took swara near  the staircase nd pinned her to the wall

Sanskar… Whats ur problem why are u ignoring me like this…

Swara…. I am not ignoring.. I was just busy talking to my friends its not like that i am ignoring u

Sanskar… But i  think that u are ignoring me whats the matter yar why are u behaving like this
Swara was not seeing him….

Sanskar ….. Whats the matter swara..

Swara… Stay away from me sanskar its good for u nd for me also…. (And she left from there without noticing sanskar.)

Sanskar POV
She is ryt i should stay away from her it will be good for u and for me also
POV ends

When swara and sanskar was talking their were 4 pairs of eyes seeing them they were non other than laksh and ragini..

Ragini… What do u think laksh is something cooking btw them…

Laksh…. I don’t know ragini but today seeing swara i can say that somewhere  has got the feeling for sanskar but she did not want to aacept(his voice choked and tand tears fell from his eyes)

Ragini… (In a teary but concerned tone patting his shoulder)laksh r u fine what happen…

Laksh….u know what ragini i always want swara to be happy i have hurt her very much i am not capable for her after our breakup i have not seen swara talking to any guy like this but today she was not only talking with him but their was pain in her eyes when she says stay away from me sanskar.  I have never seen this much pain in her eyes(tears falls from his eyes)
He left from there without talking to ragini….

Ragini POV
I don’t know what will happen tommorow in our lives i don’t know what will swara do after knowing the truth but only i know that after the truth comes out every relation will destroy everyone will left alone….. Time will tell whats written in our destiny…
POV ends

To be continued…..

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  1. Awesome….but wat ragini gng to du nw??abt wat truth c is tlkng…??update nxt part soon

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