Its a love story (Part 5)

hnx alot for liking my ff…. and guyz its swasan only so u don’t have to worry…. i will make sure to entertained u all…. 😊😊

Recap… Laksh talking to swara forcibly… Flashback..
Swara….that day I cried a lot I was feeling that I have lost the most important person of my life but soon I realized that he was not the one I think that we were never destenied to be together (swara looks to sanskar who was staring her with a teary face they both were lost in each other but soon they jerked their thought and swara wipes her tears and start her talk)…umm m sorry sanskar I am so boring na he he but what can I do I have nothing in my life I have lost the most imp person of my life whom I loved a lot…(stand up start going when sanskar hold her hand nd make her sit she was staring sanskar with teary and shocked eyes)

Sanskar….u know what swara by crying for a person who never cared for u who insults u who broked ur heart u don’t have to waste ur tears on them u have many friends u have ur family…u know what swara I also don’t believe in love because I have seen how love broked everyone. My mom also loved my dad alot but he has never time for her tht wise i hate my dad alot my mom and dad lives separately they are not divorced but thn also u knw what my dad has destroyed my life fully and i hate i hate him but i never cry for him u know what never ever cry always be happy if he want to be ur frnd so do friendship with him don’t show him that u care for him or u get effect from him….

Swara…. Wh…. At he has done sanskar why u hate u father…

Sanskar… Its not imp swara leave it….

Swara. But sanskar…

Sanskar… Plz swara don’t force me u talk to laksh ok… Don’t let him know tht u care for him

Swara…. Its ur wish sanskar if u want to tell me or not but i can say sanskar u r ryt I will try thnx for understanding me and listening my non stop bak bak he he he …chalo bye ha talk to u later (she get up and start moving when sanskar called her again)

Sanskar…umm swara

Swara…yes sanskar what happen

He come close to her and put the hair beside swara ear and whisper

Sanskar…always smile like this u looks good when u smile (saying this he left from there leaving swara confused and shy)

Slowly swara opens her eyes she was lost she was confused she blushing… And she don’t know the reason

Swara POV
What has happen to me when ever I am with sanskar why I always feels safe with him when ever he is with me why I am lost in him what is going swara why are u blushing like this…
POV ends

Swara moves towards canteen all her friends are present there including laksh swara moved towards them

Swara…umm guys can I borrow laksh for a min please…

Everyone is shocked…
Ragini….ofcorse swara u can talk to him…

Laksh get up an went with swara

Laksh…I was knowing swara that u will come and talk to me

Swara….see laksh I am talking to u because we are in same group in same college and in same class it does not mean that I have forgive u…(without listening his ans swara went from there leaving laksh in teary eyes than a hand is shown someone patting his shoulder he turn and was shocked to see the person
Laksh….u Ragini…(yes the person was Ragini)
Ragini…..why can’t u tell her laksh…

Laksh…no ragini I can’t she will hate me after that not only me she will hate u also…no ragini I can’t tell her I can’t do it I am really sorry….(laksh leave from there leaving ragini shattered)

Ragini POV
I know laksh u love her but u r ryt if u will tell her she will surely be broken from inside she will be broken that her own best friend betrayed her she can’t take this much I am really sorry swara I am really sorry…
POV ends

When laksh and ragini was talking there was someone who was eavesdropping after listening them a smirk comes to that person face….and talks oh poor all i will destroy u all i will destroy ur friendship and screen freezes at at the person smirk…

Precap…. Swara… Stay away from me sanskar… Its good for u and for me also
Ragini POV…

To be continued….

Credit to: Asmita


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