Its a love story (Part 4)


a  sanskar’s library scene

Laksh POV
From 2 days i am seeing swara with a different nature she has fully changed i know she hates me now but i can’t see her ignoring me today i will talk to her hope so we will be friends again i know it is diff for her because once she used to love me unconditionally but just i wanna be her frnd again…. And at any cost i will talk to her…
POV ends

Swara Pov…
I am standing at the gate of my college but i have no confidence to face sanskar Oh god what will be he thinking of me i don’t know how to face him….
POV ends
As swara was walking a pair of hands tighten her and takes her to the store room first she can’t see who was him but when she saw him she was shocked to see him…..

Swara….. La…. Kas…h wh…at ar…e u doing here and what is all this ha are u insane leave me my classes are going to start..

Laksh… No i will not let u go anywhere i have to talk to u ….

Swara…. Listen laksh whats ur problem i am saying na i am not intrested in talking to you…

Laksh…. I am not talking about ur intrest.. I have to talk to u (and he tighten his grip on her)

Swara…. Awww laksh its paining please leave me ahhhh…. Leave me i said

Laksh… First u listen to me..

Swara… Ok i will u have only 5 min say what u want to say

Laksh .. Ok gud.. See swara i know i have done break up with u without any reason and i know that it is obvious that u hate me now par please don’t hate me i can’t see u hating me please….

Swara…. Ho gya now i can go please…
Laksh tighten his grip….
Swara….aww laksh its paining please leave me please….

Sanskar was passing through the library…. And he listen swara …

Sanskar… Swara….
Sanskar saw laksh and swara together and get shocked to see them than he saw swara who has tears in her eyes

Laksh… U please can u leave us alone for sometime….

Sanskar… Leave her when she is not interested in talking to u so why are forcing her….

Laksh…. Hey whats ur problem its our personal matter so stay away.. Ok ha th swara i was saying…

Sanskar fumes in anger and jerks him…. When she is not interested why are u forcing her
Laksh…. Do u know her whats ur relation with her…

Sanskar was standing in between swara and laksh…. And swara was hiding behind him… With teary face and seeing him….

Sanskar…. I don’t feel like giving u my any detail that whats my relation with her its not important for u but i am warning u stay away from her…. Mind it ok if I see u around her I will surely not leave u
He hold swara hands and took her with him laksh was standing numb with a teary face….

At the stair case…. Sanskar giving water to swara …

Sanskar… What was that who was he and why did he was threatening like this..

Swara….. (With teary face see towards sanskar) he was my mistake my that mistake by which i am regretting…

Sanskar…. (Confused face)

Swara(smiles seeing his confused face) he was my ex boyfriend..
Sanskar was shocked by knowing this..

Sanskar…. oh so i mean how come um i mean that…
Swara……. We were frnds from 8th class…

In 8th we became frnds but his care towards me his helpful nature fully changed me and i started falling in love with him that was my biggest mistake when we were in 10th he proposed me in front of the class and i accepted him we were so happy together but fate has something store in us when we were in 12 at the farewell party in front of whole class he slapped me without any reason and i was shocked with this…. He told

Swara…. Laksh what is this what are u upto from 2 to 3 days u r ignoring me ignoring my calls why laksh nd today u slapped me without any reason why laksh (teary eyes)

Laksh….because now I am bored of u you are so irritating oh god how can I love u more than 4 years and today also I was busy with my friends nd u start scolding mein front of everyone listen swara I am not ur slave understand please leave me now I am so irritated with you…

Swara…(teary eyes) how could u laksh how could u can do this I know u r joking hai na please don’t do this I love u please…

Laksh….oh god swara please this love and all is nothing its all are only time pass OK so please forget all this and stop this fake tears OK….I am not interested on u I am interested on ur body but u never give it u r never interested in it so we have to be apart now ok

Swara…..I hate u laksh I hate u.
(Swara run from there) everyone was shocked because they were the perfect couple of there school….they all don’t know what just happen they all were very confused and standing numb….

Swara was running like mad in the street she reached her house and without facing her family she runs towards her room
and start weeping in a dark room and blabbering…. why why did u do this to me we were so happy together but u broked me from inside i hate u i just hate u……
That was the worst day when i meet u, that was the worst time when i was with u. But i promise to u and to me that one day i will come over u one day i will be free from ur dark memories one day u will run after me for love but i will not there for u i promise soon the day will come…..
And than the swara lit the candle…. Her glowing face has been become dull due to crying…. Swara talking to laksh photo i promise, soon u will come across a new me… Its my promise , its Swara’s promise…
Flashback ends….

Precap….swara….guyz can I borrow laksh for a min please……

To be continued….

Credit to: Asmita

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