Its a love story (Part 3)


ack… Laksh Pov … Sanskar pov…
Swara POV
Next day again the same routine but don’t know why i an excited today, don’t know why i was ready to face laksh today…. I get ready i wear black capry and yellow top and loose hair with light makeup, yes now i was ready to face him… I did my breakfast and went to college….
Pov ends

Swara walked towards the canteen there she can see her friends sitting in a circular table….
Swara…. Hey guyz…
Kavya…. Hy swtu how are you…. Today..
Swara… M extreamly fine u all tell na howz u all..
Rajat… What happen swara u look so happy today any good news…
Swara…. No yar no gud news umm ok guyz i meet u later in the class…

Swara POV..
When i was talking to my friends i saw sanskar he was going towards library so i make an excuse to talk to sanskar… To say sorry because yesterday i started fighting without any reason
Pov ends

At the library…
Sanskar please listen i wanna talk to…. Listen na are sanskar
Sanskar… What ,are u insane why are u running and shouting like mad ha what happen why are u staring me like this say what happen…
Swara…. Oh hello i am not staring u ok i have just come here to say sorry ok….

Sanskar….. What what… What did u say sorry oh so miss attitude say sorry also ha intresting….oh it that u have lost in my charm and u wanna do friensdship ha (Smirk)

Swara….. Oh hello m saying u sorry beacuse i thought that it was my mistake…. Without any reason i was fighting with u….

Sanskar…. Oh miss attitude great so today you got to know that it was your mistake.. (smirk)…

Swara…. Hey why are u smiling like an idiot u know what i know from starting that u are a donkey huh …

Sanskar…. I donkey so who are u crocodile huh u know what u only know how to fight… Huh….

Swara…. Oh i fight so what u did ha u started fighting and u are …….

When they were fighting in the Library the door closed no one was there beacuse of urgent meeting all have gone there and swara and sanskar are there alone with the doors closed and no one is there….
With a bang of the door they stop fighting and they saw that the doors are closed and they are stuck inside the library…..
Swara was frightened she was looking nervously to sanskar and he was smiling naughtily
Swara…..hey u Mr oversmart why are u smiling see don’t dare to come near me ha (sanskar walking slowly towards swara)..hey u don’t know I am black belt in karate ha don’t dare to do anything (sanskar pinned swara to wall)…
They have a cute eyelock…sanskar slowly leaned toward her and swara also don’t do anything because she was not in her senses they were so close and swara was feeling that she has miss her heartbeat…she was so lost in him.when sanskar leaned towards swara to kiss her she closes her eyes that time she has given herself to him but…  something different happen what was expected….  without touching swara sanskar moved towards the door and till that time peon has open the door…
Swara was standing in that position only slowly she opened her eyes with tears in her eyes..

Swara POV
What was that???what I was doing did I have gone mad??how can I give myself to him oh god I am so confused whats going with me….  oh god see the time because of this sanskar I have missed our 1st period Ooo god..
POV ends
(Guyz I am not exceeding the college part its not so imp)

A big mansion is shown A lady is shown sitting in a sofa and drinking coffee some other ladies are also sitting with her and they are discussing about something…

Lady 1- I think so we have to do this function this could be very helpful to the children….
Lady 2-yes I think so she is ryt what will you say Mrs maheswari….(yes the lady was sanskar’s mother Aanpurana)
Aanpurana…yes i think so you are ryt we will surely think about the function (just than she saw sanskar coming from college)
Are sanskar u r back how was ur day ur dad was asking about u…
Sansakr ….why mom today dad remember that he has a son also …
Ap….sanskar is this the manner to talk about ur father…
Sanskar ….please mom he ha nd father please don’t do the insult the name of father please…(and he went towards his room without looking towards her)
Aanpurana….(thinking) please god do something so that this father and son could come together again..(with tears in her eyes)..
Sanskar enters his room he throws his blazer on the bed with full force he closed his eyes in anger and saw swara smiling face and library scene and a slight smile comes to his face but soon he jerked his thought…
Sanskar POV
I don’t know what has happen to me when ever I comes close to swara why I am lost in her what is going why I have no control on my self oh god swara what have u done to me I falling in love with u oh no no no this can’t happen I can’t swara u have to hate me  I can’t love u I can’t
POV ends

He dozed off and sleeps on the other hand swara is sleeping with a smile in her face…after many days…

To be continued….

Credit to: Asmita

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