my love story (part 3)

love is the best feeling which happens to us in an unexpected time with an unknown person. This is the feeling which is not blessed to all. So lets start the story of two individuals who are blessed to have this feeling and to cherish it would they able to recognize it.

swara reached home and started her blabbering: khadoos, idiot, sadu. God knows whom face I have seen that I got to meet him.ugggh and now why I am talking about him(folds her hand in irritation) relax swara(closes her eyes and and takes deep breath but immediately opens) and now why I’m seeing his face(dramatically crying). O god swara that khadoos has done magic on you run thhat’s why you are seeing his face everywhere(covers her face with palms and starts crying) aaahnnn aaaa

doing like this she went to her room and the two people who were watching her hung their mouth wide open.

Shekhar: shomi did you saw her
Shomi: yes shekhar her dramabazz is increasing day by day
Shekhar: yes shomi one day my daughter will be a superstar(dreami
She leaves from there leaving his husband in his dreamworld.

Another side SM mansion is shown which is all silent and gloomy and indicating its sorrow. A man is shown(who it will be other than sanskar aka sk). He was sleeping but the peace which we get while we sleep was not visible in his face indicating that there is no peace in his heart . his sleep which was keeping him in an illusion keeping him away from the world for few seconds doesn’t lasts for long leading him again to get drown in this cruel world memories in that illusion also.

Sanskar(cries in dream): AHH I’M SORRY LEAVE ME. IT HURTS

He started beating his hands and legs by moving up and down trying to free himself like he was tied with something which he was trying to remove. His sleep got break and he felt a sudden pain in his head: ahh

He got up holding his head with great difficulty and started searching for medicines. His head was spinning now and he was stumbling with great difficulty he searched took out the medicines and ate it. Within no seconds after falling on the bed he was unconscious with no movements in his body away from this cruel world memories
Another side” you know jimmy what happened with me today said swara sitting in indian style munching a chocolate with the melted chocolate on her lips. She narrated him the all know he was such a khadoos, monster , arrogant vampire.
After completing the choco she was licking her fingers suddenly she said” hawww now do not say me its my fault mr. do not dare to take that khadoos side huh(childish way while making faces)
Doing her complains she went to sleep hugging her teddy.


Welcome the miss goddodia who has taken the company to heights said a man. Swara comes smilingly and stood in front of them. Everyone started congrulating her suddenly miss gaddodia what the hell said a person in an angry tone. Yes sir said swara in a scared tone like a kitten who has been traped .she looked around and saw none there , everyone got vanished just like vanish powder who remove stains. that person and she was there. Swara was just looking at the person’s eyes which were saying something to him and were saying a lot to her but she was just lost in them. World got stopped for her there was just his eyes which were saying something

“Aree chor char ke apne salim ke kali anarkali disco chali chale re chale disco chale echoes and swara opened her eyes in jerk: ahh stupid neeti she must be only

Saying this she took the phone: ha bol stupid

Another side: di(annoyed voice)
Swara(laughed):acha bol nidhi

They talked for sometime and after that swara came from breakfast and informed them: maaa nidhu called and informed me that she is coming yieee and most important news ahem ahem I’m going for a job interview(raising imaginiary collars)

Listening to her the tea cup which shomi was holding fell from her hands and shekhar stumbled a bit. Both were looking at her in deep shock.

Swara; dramebazz mom and dad(annoyed tone)accha I’m going
She was going and both came out of shock. Shomi: pinch me shekhar

Shekhar: me too shomi

Swara went and pinched both of them: ouch

Shomi: sukhi raho beta(dramatic tone)
Shekhar: be successful(emotional)

Shomi/shekhar: dudo naho poto (blessing her keeping their hands on her hands)

Swara: ofoo I’m not going for marriage selection post huh dramebazz

Shomi/shekhar: aakhir iss ladki mein akal aayi

Swara: not fair you both are teasing me
There was silence for a minute and trio bursted out in laughing
Swara: ok I’m going

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