Its a love story (Part 2)

Likk for 1st part ….

Hy guyz this is Asmita thnx alot for liking my ff. I will make sure not to dissapoint u all so here is the 3rd part

Recap… Swara 1st day to college… Swara fight with a boy..

Swara’s POV
After talking to principal i walked towards my class as i entered my class i can surely see my friends i smiled and walked toward them and sit next to ragini from there i can see laksh very clearly he was staring me continusly i don’t know what to do to avoid him i start talking to ragini and kavya….
POV ends

laksh’s POV.
Today after 3 months i again meet swara she is looking beautiful as always when she enter the college i was continously staring her she was looking so beautiful i could not take my eyes from her. Her face was glowing but i can see that she was crying whole night i know that she loves me alot and i am also not denying that i don’t love her i love her a lot but there is a reason of breaking up but i can’t tell her m really sorry but i can’t see hate in her eyes for me please don’t hate me please… I love u but its very diff to love After many months today i can see u smiling whole heartly and i love u more now how can u smile how can u laugh when u r fully broken from inside… Today i don’t know why i am remembering our first meeting in class 8th…

I was so happy beacuse that was my first day of new my new school but i was bit tensed because i am new there i have no friends i am from the well reputed background we have a big bunglow… My father deependra sharma is a constructor and my mother is a social worker… So this was my family now back to my story… New school huh don’t know whats going to happen,  as i entered my class , the class has been started and everyone was staring me as they have seen ghost huh teacher ask for a introduction i introduced myself than teacher ask me to sit but there was no seat available than a girl caught my eyes she was surely very beautiful,  teacher asked me to sit next to her i nods yes nd goes near her she smiles very sweetly she was looking so cute… I also smile and sit next to her than the lesson start after the period i was thinking to talk to her but she start the talk …
Hy i am swara and u
I am laksh
So u r new here…
Oo by the way i was waiting for my friend but i think she is not coming today so you can sit here but tommorow u come early u will get ur seat…
Thank u but i have no friends here….
Oo is this the problem don’t be sad from today i am your friend….
Than she forward her hand to shake hand…. And we became friend…
Flashback ends….

That day was my best day i met swara and falls in love with her she was so cute.. But i spoil everything….
POV ends

Swara’s POV
I was talking to my friends when i see laksh was seeing me continuously i was so irritated with him he was lost somewhere but i can’t understand where was he lost… I guess he is lost how to hurt me more i don’t know how i fall in love with him i don’t know what was the reason to fall in love with him… I was lost in my thought when my eyes caught to a dashing and smart personality i was lost in his charm but at a second thought i remember that he is mr oversmart… Ooooo god he is in my class how will i tolerate him…..
POV ends….
Swara…. Ragini who is he who just enter from the door…
Ragini…. Ooo he… Ha ha he is sanskar whole not only first year but second year girls are mad at him… He he he he …. But why are u asking about him
Swara…. Like that only..
Ragini… Ooo wait a second its not like that na that u r also flat on him…
Swara… Oooo miss daydremer its not like that ok i and flat on that mr oversmart never….
Ragini…. Mr oversmart??? What do u mean
Swara tell her everything about the fight….
Ragini….. Oooo god ha ha aha ha ha aha this was fabulous seriouly Oo god ha ha Mr oversmart miss attitude Ooo god ha ha seriously that was too much ha……
Swara…. Ha ha seriouly…
When they were laughing a pair of eyes were watching them they were non other than sanskar

Sanskar POV….
Oh god this miss attitude na she looks more beautiful when she laugh Oo god what am thinking m i gone mad or what but seriously when i saw her today near principal office i instantly falls in love with her i was lost in her beauty when i just collide with her than our fight began and we gives names to each other.ha ha that was funny… i should introduce myself i am sanskar maheswari i am from a well reputed family my father is in the politics and my mother is a social worker i have a brother paras mehra but he is not only my brother but my best buddy my best friend to whom i share my every secrets next important personality in my life is amina shareef she is my best friend from childhood she also knows my every secret she is with me in my every sad times paras is in love with her but amina always consider him as her friend….this was my small intro now come back to my story yes i fall in love with swara in first sight but due to my dark past i can’t go close to her…..
POV ends…..
Class continuing ……..
Swara POV .
At last college ends today was the nice day i was happy meeting with my friends yes i was bit sad seeing laksh but its ok soon i will come over him… Today i meet that mr oversmart so he is the heartrobe of our college huh he is mr oversmart nothing else huh… That duffer idiot…. Huh…
POV ends….
Soon swara falls asleep but today after many days there was no depression in her eyes…. She was happy but she also don’t know the reason….

To be continued…..

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  1. Beautiful… ?
    Sanskaar has a dark past?? ?

    1. We can say it that something is stopping sanskar for telling his feeling to her its a past u will get to know soon

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    why laksh broke up with Swara ? will it be swalak or swasan?

    1. Its swasan dear u will come to know soon why laksh broked up ?

  8. I loved the story so a triangle …..good concept

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