Its a love story (Part 17)

Wow these many comments thnx guyz….I have changed my name ….its drishya now

Recap…laksh…proposing swara

Person’s face is shown and it is…….kavya….(shocked na)..
I have taken my revenge swara u have destroyed my life I love laksh but no he proposed u its OK I accept it than we comes to college I start loving sanskar that day he said me to be his gf I felt so happy but than he told me a t was because of u I was very angry on him so I decide to destroy every member’s life first was laksh and ragini I know their secret so I blackmail them (flashback is shown when ragini getting threatening msg)….and than I msged u to stay away from sanskar and I have tried to kill sanskar two times I have destroy all ur life ….u 3 laksh ragini and swara u always get the main attention and I left alone ever but not now I have destroy ur life I have written ur destiny I have destroyed u all fully i promise whenever u all will be happy I will be their to destroy ur happiness I promise and the voice and screen…faded..

Leap of 4 years…

A big mension is shown a girl talking in a phone..
Girl….yes Mr joshi ur order will be given u soon don’t worry ok…

Boy…swara(yes the girl was swara)

Swara..OK Mr joshi talk to u later what happen laksh (yes he was laksh)…

Laksh….why r u looking in tension any problem kya..

Swara…no laksh nothing u go and enjoy ur life yar..

Laksh…plz swara why u always talk like this my life is with u (swara sees laksh with shocked face) I mean with u and ur business…

Swara….as u wish laksh for me u have done many sacrifices I can never thank u for all u have done..

Laksh…uff swara isme aisa khene ki kya bat we r friends and friendship me no thank you and ..

Swara….no sorry (and they both laugh and went to their respective rooms)

Swara POV..

Its been 4 years I want to be a journalist but now I am handling a business with laksh my family and laksh family wants us to handle the business…. So because of them we r doing this 4 years have been their I don’t know where are u (sees a photo of sanskar)I know u r married to ragini and I am happy for it but I miss u I miss u so much …
POV ends

Morning time..

Voice….ragini ragini where r u ragini…

Ragini…ya ya coming don’t shout yar what happen sanskar why r u shouting…

Sanskar….their is a good news our that project of India has been finalized and soon we r going there I am soo happy..

Ragini….seriously oh my god wow sach me sanskar its really awesome India after 4 years wow i am so excited to go there…

Sanskar….ya ragu sach mai really excided(ragini smiles and go from there)..

Sanskar POV…
Its been 4 years and I am in London dad wants me to join politics but I am least interested so I come here with you Ragini and start our new business …its been 4 years and I have not seen u..I don’t know where are u(seeing towards swara ‘s pic )…
I know u r married to laksh..but I miss u I just miss u so much..
POV ends…

Swara…laksh is that our meeting with Mr mehra has been finalized …

Laksh…ya swara it is but some new candidates are also coming from London and Mr mehra is going to deal with our both companies..

Swara…oh OK let’s see how they are hope so they can adjust with us…


Ragini,..hey paras kya kar re ho..

Paras ….nothing seeing to my moon..

Ragini….moon???its morning moon kha hai
(He points towards amina)

Ragini….oh kya bat why don’t to tell her about ur feeling..

Paras ….I am afraid kahi vo mujhse frndship na tod le …

Ragini…apne dil ki suno and kosish karo say ur felling to her ..
Parar looks at her and smiles and goes towards amina…

Sanskar comes back OK ragini ..

Sanskar ….thnx ragini…
Ragini…sanskar (slightly angry)u don’t know friendship rule frndship mai no sorry and..

Sanskar….no thank you…

Ragini…that’s gud (they laugh and scence ends )

Precap….sanskar and ragini comes to India …

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  1. nice,,, is swara and laksh married?

    1. Drishya

      No dear they not married but sanskar has misunderstanding… And so as swara too

  2. Awesome episode ?

    1. Drishya

      Thnx dear ?

  3. Soujanya


  4. Shana98

    Great scene ??… waiting to read more

    1. Drishya

      Thnx dear i will try to post soon

  5. Tamanna

    Nice…. Finally you revealed that it is kavya…I am really wanting for swasan meeting…. Please unite swasan soon….
    Waiting for next one

    1. Drishya

      Thnx dear…. They will unite soon

  6. Khushiii

    Awesome continue soon

    1. Drishya

      Thnx dear

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