Its a love story (Part 16)


Farewell night…
Swara POV
Today is the night when we all be apart hah I guess we are apart for 2 years I can’t believe me and ragini has not talked for 2 years …I miss her yes I i and sanskar will also be apart forever
POV ends….

Everybody ready…A voice came…today is the day when every friend will goes to their own path…many will be together and many will be alone just enjoy ur day today….kya pta kal ho na ho…..

So here the music began Ready…..

Everyone start dancing…. Swara comes there wearing a red gown curly hairs….she was looking cute …..

Sanskar was mesmerized with her beauty sanskar was wearing black coat black pant and white shirt…???(i love sanskar when he wear black suit awww vaise th he look cute in every colour bt in black… ??? he he chalo start the story)

Sanskar… Hy swara looking nice..
Swara…. (Smiles )thnx…

Sanskar…. Come…
Swara… Ya chalo…
They both went inside…. Laksh was standing their wearing light brown coat and brown pant and dark brown shirt he was also looking nice …. When he saw swara he was too mesmerized with her…

Swara excuses herself… I think sanskar kavya is their i should go and talk to her..

Sanskar…. Ok go…

Laksh got a call seeing it he is shocked he goes to the corner and talk …

Lights gets off..

A voice says pyar zindagi hai love is the solution of every problem i have done many mistake i know but i have forgiven hah i think kuch log samjh gye hoge who this is this is lalsh…
I have to say something to someone… (Moves toward swara)…. I don’t know why but yes i love u now also i can’t live without u plz plz come back to my life i know u can never forget me because i am urs first love plz swara give me ur hand again i promise u will never broke it will never broke ur trust….

Swara was in tears she see towards sanskar but he ignored her and see otherside swara don’t know what she was going to do…
Swara….. Yes(with teary eyes)
Sanskar closed his eyes and went from there ragini follows him…

Ragini…. Sanskar wait sanskar apne ye ku kiya why don’t u stop this..

Sanskar…. Come to my life ragini …. Plz be with me forever…

Ragini….. Sanskar !!!!!!!!!!

Swara… Wow wow wow seriously man i can’t beleive u ragini first laksh thn sahil and now sanskar oh seriously i can’t beleive.. U..
Ragini…. No swara its not like this plz listen to me sanskar what is this tell to her na what r u saying thi..

Sanskar…. I am saying ryt raginj come to my life… He see swara with teary face and swara too see him….

Laksh ….chalo swara koi faida ni hai yaha bat krne ka come…
Sanskar…. Vaise swara u know what u r saying to ragini all this and what about u ha u also first laksh than me and than again laksh hats off to u seriously man hats off..

Swara…… Sanskar how could u…

Sanskar…. Just shut up qnd go away i am with ragini and will always with her now… Go away never come near near…

Swara…. Sees him with teary eyes and runs from their saying i hate u sanskar never ever cross me i just hate u and she runs from there followed by laksh and sanskar sits down with teary face and crying….

Sanskar… Bt i love u swara i love u..

Ragini…. Why sanskar why u do this why….

Sanskar…m sorry ragini because of me she hates u more but u only think theywete a couple once… They were happy nd now again they r together again….
Ragini… But sanskar…

Sanskar… I don’t want to talk about this (he went from there… )

Scence changes..

Laksh… Why u did this why swara..
Swara… Thnx laksh for helping me now he hates me and i want tht only…

Laksh…. But swara
Swara… . Plz laksh i don’t want to talk more(she runs from there)

Swara walking in a silent road ..
Sanskar sitting at his house seeing stars
Laksh sitting at the corner of the road
And ragini sitting at her balcony
songs starts

Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
Jigraan vichoraan agan laga ke Rabba
Laqeeran vich likh di judaai
(Sanskar is seen sitting in t window crying remembring all the moments with swara)

Kho gaya, gum ho gaya
Waqt se churaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..
Ho tera, woh mera
Saath nibhaaya tha jo
Apna banaya tha..

(Swara sitting in the ground with force remembering all the moment with sanskar when be is there for her

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni (x2)

(Laksh is shown remembring there frndship all the moment with his frnds)

Aisa bhi kya milna, saath hoke tanha
Aisi kyun sazaa humne hai paayi, Ranjhana ve

(Ragini is shown crying bittetly remembring swara and her frnds breaking all the relation with her)

Phir se mujhe jeena, tujhpe hai marna
Phir se dil ne di hai ye duhaai, Saajnaa ve
Laqeeron pe likh di kyun judaai..
(Swara is shown remembring sanskar when they are going to kiss first time)

Gair sa hua khud se bhi, na koi mera
Dard se karle chal yaari, dil ye keh raha
Kholun jo baahein, bas gham ye simat rahe hain
Aankhon ke aage lamhe ye kyun ghat rahe hain
Jaane kaise koi sehta Judaaiyaan.
(Sanskar is shown remembring swara her laughing her enjoying moment at mussoori

Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Chadariya jheeni re jheeni
Aankhein bheeni ye bheeni ye bheeni
Yaadein jheeni re jheeni re jheeni (x2)

(All are shown crying and remembring all their moment)

Ranjhan dhoondhan main chaleya
Ranjhan mileya naa ye…
Jigraan vichon agan laga ke Rabba
Lakeeran vich likh di judaai
(The screen black out with a voice of swara (i love u sanskar)sanskar(i love u swara)laksh(i love u swara )ragini(i love u laksh)

Scence changes to a dark place a person laughing loudly with the four picture at the wall of swara sanskar laksh and ragini the person took out the lighter and burn all the photos…
I have done i have taken my revenge u all r now apart from Each other i like it and the person lit the candle and the face is shown…….

Precap….. 4year leap life changed of all the character in these 4year..

Sorry guyz taking these many leaps but its really required

Credit to: Asmita

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