Its a love story (Part 14)

Guyz plz comment yar u know this story is very close to my heart u can say their are some Scences which is real…. My real story… ?? if u r not liking it i will stop and in 1 and 2 parts i will complete the story….?

Recap…. 2 year leap and swara and ragini ‘s Pov…

Sanskar POV…
Its been 2 year since that night incident every thing has changed swara has fully broken but she did not talk to me about it i know why she did not talk because she thinks tht i and kavya are in a relation and she did not want to hurt kavya’s felling… I know somewhere she feels herself guilty…. For ragini’s condition she thinks tht she has snatched ragini’s love …. Bt she don’t want to show or we can say she has no courage to face ragini…. I can feel she loves ragini alot…. I know it was 2 months ago their was ragini’s bday… I saw swara seeing ragini with teary eyes i can feel something was wrong so i moved towards her thn i saw swara was throwing something in the dustbin but i ignored tht and stand back of swara when she turned i was lost in her but soon i jerked the feeling and asked her about her problem but she did not tell me so i told her tht she can’t lie to me i also told her if their is any problem she could consult me she weekly smiles and nodded yes and went from their thn i saw at the dustbin and their was a beautiful card it was so beautiful with swara and ragini childhood memories….

I smiled seeing it and tht time i understood swara loves ragini alot and she is missing her thn i took tht card to ragini and gave her. Her eyes glow she was happy anyone can know seeing her eyes…. She was about to go to swara but i stopped her i don’t want ragini to talk with swara i don’t want her to be again hurt…. By this action ragini was broken and she runs from their but she told me tht she knows swara misses her and also she knows tht one day they will again be bestfriend…

Tht day i realized how imp swara and ragini was for one another i don’t want anything for me but for swara to be happy always she get everything in her life hah and i know wht she want only one thing but tht thing she can never get never ??
Pov ends

Laksh POV….
Its been 2 year and everything has changed… I and sahil don’t talk to each other anymore our whole group has been destroyed ya swara talked to me sometime but not much she has forgiven me but today i can’t see love in her eyes for me whenever i talked to her about love their is only one ans and ie.. When we were in love we were not matured our love started in a very small age i know somewhere she is right but i also know why she said this i can clearly see tht she loves sanskar but sanskar is always with kavya i don’t know why he always do this with her.. I can see tht sanskar loves swara , also i can see that he always care for her….. As per me i talked to ragini sometimes as i feel guilty tht somewhere i have also done a mistake but ragini is getting all the punishment…. Why ???? I don’t know and she happily accept every accuses … But can’t see any fingure towards me…. Why ragini why she love me this much but i can’t love her i can’t because their is always swara for me and i will always wait for her always…
Pov ends

Precap… Swara….. Sanskaaaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!

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