Its a love story (Part 13)

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Recap….. Truth revalation…

Swara POV….
Its been 2 year in these 2 year our lives change ha no i should say only 1 night chages are life tht night is a nightmare in our lives every relations are broken me and ragini sahil and ragini sahil and laksh…. Every relation in these 2 year everything changes karan and aman has taken transfer so they are not here anymore me and sahil don’t talk to each other ya sometimes i talk with laksh but not more as per kavya she is always with sanskar yes u heard right now also kavya and sanskar are together i felt so much pain by seeing them toghter but i can’t do anything i usually not talk to sanskar i talk to rajat vry much he is always their as a bestfriend….. He is alwys their when i need a shoulder to cry and i feel very safe oh to whom m lying huh no i can’t feel safe with anyone except sanskar we don’t talk much but i know he can easily know tht i am sad ok wait i can give u a example….. Its about 2 months ago on Ragini’s birthday ya u heard ryt Ragini’s birthday asual i wait for 12:00 to wish her birthday first…. I made a beautiful card for her with beautiful picture of our childhood as the clock says 12 i pick my phone and types happy birthday and i was going to press yhe send button when the betrayal given by her strike my mind and i back off i can’t….
Next day when i enterd the college i can see Ragini sitting alone as if she is waiting for someone and i know is is waiting for me every year i used to wish at her birthday first but today i did not wish her i took the card which i made for her and put it in a dustbin…. When i turned i saw sanskar standing behind me he was staring me for a min i forget everything and was just lost in him but soon i jerked my thought…. He asked me if i am fine or not i nodded yes he smiles fakely and told to whom u r lying u know na swara u can never lie to my…. Just thn i was about to speak he told tht he is their for me in my every steps oh god i felt so safe around him but destiny don’t want me and him to come together but i will wait i will wait……. ??
Pov ends……

Ragini’s POV…
Its been 2 year i still remember tht night huh tht night which stole my friends with me my best friend swara is not with me sahil always abuses me but laksh is always there to protect me he always fight with sahil for me…. Oh god this side of him is making me more crazy for him i am more loving him….. But i know he is not in my destiny….. Kavya now don’t talk to me more she is always busy with sanskar i don’t know why can’t kavya see tht how much sanskar love swara wait a sec u all are thinking how i know this so i do tell u…. It about 2 months ago their was my birthday asusual i was waiting for swara to text me to call me every every whenever she calls me in midnight i used to angry on her because she used disturb me at midnight but tht day i wait for her for her text but their was no msg from her side i was so heart broken thn i realise i have done wrong ofcorse she would not wish me….. Thn i dozed of and sleep crying….. Next day at college i was sitting in the canteen i can see swara and sanskar talking to each other thn i get up and moved towrds my locker room thn i heard not so familier tone i look back and it was sanskar firstly i was shocked because we were talking for the first time thn he wished me birthday making me more shocked when i was about to ask him how he know he handed me a card it was so beautiful their was photos from our childhood of me and swara i was so happy tht swara has made this for me i was about to go when sanskar stops me and told not to tell he he also tell me he know tht she wants this to give u but she cant he told me he has seen love for me in swara ‘s eyes she is missing her best friend i smiled and told him i know tht soon we will be together again…… Tht day i realized how much he loves swara….. But something is stopping them them to confess their
Feeling as per me i will wait not only for laksh but for swara too….

Precap…. Sanskar’s POV…. Laksh POV

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