Its a love story (Part 12) Maha episode

Thnx for ur response guyz here is the surprise for u the Maha episode enjoy

Ragini POV…
I don’t know what is going to be today i really don’t know but i have made my mind to tell swara everything i can’t hide from her if she gets to know this for somewhere else she will be fully broken….
POV ends..

Swara POV
I can’t believe he he ragini has kept a party today but why i think so because we r going tommrow r freedom will be ove tommrow again the same routine huh just hate this…
POV ends…

Ragini comes to swara…

Ragini…umm swara i want to talk to about something

Swara… What happen say….

Ragini…. Ummm swara woh actually umm woh…

Swara…. What happen ragini say….

Ragini…. Swara …

Just then the lights close and a video starts everyone get shocked seeing the video swara was seeing ragini and laksh with teary eyes….

The video was of ragini and laksh making love together swara was shocked and she comes towards ragini….

Swara …. Wh…. at is this ra…. gini tell i..i kn..ow u can’t now a days video can be made i know its not true hain na ragini…
Speak up damit…

Ragini (seeing down) no swara it is (she has not completed the sentence when swara slapped her….

Swara… How could u ragu how could u no i know u r joking hain na tell me please…

Kavya… Ragini… Laksh wha…t is this how could u laksh u love swara alot na thn this tell laksh..

Ragini.. Their no mistake of laksh i will tell u every thing

Swara was about to go …

Ragini…. Plz swara plz listen me please don’t do this …

Just than sanskar comes back of swara swara sees sanskar with teary face she nodded yes to her to listen Ragini’s story….

Ragini… Its all started in 8th cls….

We were in 8th cls we were good frnds share everything when ever i was sad u and laksh was always their laksh was always their to protect me i was very weak tht time i don’t know how to handle any situation but laksh was always their…. He made me strong this side of laksh made me fall for him and i started loving him truley when ever i comes to u to tell my feeling for laksh but somethings happens everyday i can’t tell..
It was Valentine day i was so exited tgat day i have made my mind to propose laksh but as i entered the class i saw laksh in her knees proposing u and u said yes to him i was so heartbroken i was not able to face u so i go from their time passes i talk to u both normally like nothing happen thn in 11th sahil proposed me i have no other reason to forget laksh so i accepted sahil’s proposal….
Swara u remember 1 week ago of our farewell their was my birthday…..
We all were enjoying but u have to go early u went with sahil and slowy all our frnds are gone only me and laksh are left we have drunk alot that day….. I was not in my senses tht infront of me was not my bestfrnds boyfriend but my first love we both were not in are senses and we started making love with each other…. In the we were feeling very guilty….. Laksh wants to tell u but he stops because he know after knowing u will broke frndship with me due to guilt laksh broke up with u andme with sahil……
Flashback ends.

Ragini….. From so many days some one was blackmailing us so we decided to tell u everything….

Swara… Oh someone was blackmailing u thn u tell me this if this all will not happen thn u will never tell this hain na

Ragini….. No swara…

Swara … Please ragini no
and swara leave from there followed by sanskar……

Sahil…….. (Clapping)wow wow wow wat a drama seriously ragini tmhe th award milna cchahye u not only broked me but u betrayed ur bestfriend… U r such a blo…

Laksh…. Sahil don’t u dare to say anything …

Sahil…. Oh how could i forget that her lover is here only….
Laksh. Could not control him and hold him through coller… And they both start the fight….. Ragini kavya karan comes and calm them down ragini took laksh with her…

Ragini……. Laksh wat is this have u gone mad why were u fighting….

Laksh… Pls ragini i wanna meet swara ryt now ttly…

Ragini is shown with tears

Swara was walking in the road fully shattered she was not in her senses where she was walking a big truck is coming from behind swara but she was not in her senses when the truck was going to hit swara a powerful hand save swara he was sanskar

Sanskar…… R u out of ur mind swara what is this where are u lost that u can’t see a truck coming behind u….

Swara…. Every one betrays me my best friend bestrays me i can’t take it anymore and she cried her heart out ……
Sanskar was their consoling her…….. He said

Sanskar …… I know swara she has done wrong but she did not do it intentioay ho sake th use maaf kr dena …..
Just thn laksh comes there

Laksh….. Swara…. He shout and he sit near her cupping he face….. Seeing this sanskar get up..
.laksh.. I am sorry for hurting u always ho sake th mujhe maaf kr dena swara i did not do it intionally i was not in my senses please meri life mai vapis aa jao i can’t live without u….please…
Swara sees sanskar with teary face
Sanskar has also tears in his face

Scene changes
A person is shown in a chair and laughing…..
I have said na that I will destroy ur life u r all 4 are pawns I will write all 4 ur destiny I will destroy u all .its my promise I will surely make ur life miserable its my promise…..everyone says god has written the destiny but its wrong I have written ur destiny ha ha and the scence and voice fade with swara,sanskar,ragini,laksh teary face and persons smiling face….

Precap….. Leap of 2 year swara and ragini’s POV

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    Nice…but please reveal the person soon who is doing this….

    1. Thnx BT not so soon dear if I reveal it so their will be no suspense….

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    nice….is kavya or karan d person?

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  7. Bt laksh had mistake. After loving swara how could he do dat?

    1. Yes dear he did don’t worry he will repent for it

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  9. It all laksh fault

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