Its a love story (Part 10)


Precap…. Swasan romantic dance…..

Sanskar POV…

Yesterday i was not in my senses i am lost in the beauty of swara she is not only beautiful from face but from heart also i don’t know what i will do without her but what i am doing is ryt for her and for me also…
POV ends

Ragini was in her room and reading something when someone throws a stone to her room with a paper in it….. She gets scared and she saw the paper….

By seeing the paper she got shocked tensed and scared she hurriedly runs towards laksh’s room

Laksh was sleeping when he heard ragini’s voice he got up with jerk…

Laksh…. Wh…. At happen ragini why are shouting any problem… Why r u looking tensed kya hua bolungi kuch….

Ragini gives the chit to laksh he reads it… It was written

Laksh… Us raat kya hua tha hume pta hai….

Laksh gets tensed and looks towards ragini and said to relief her…

Laksh… Don’t get tensed ragini i think so its just a prank nothing will happen….

Ragini… Butt laksh if something happens… If they know so laksh m so tensed..

Laksh…. Nothing will happen i said na go to ur room and sleep camly…
Ragini went from their…

Laksh POV
I have told ragini not to take tnsn bt what if its true , what if they know the truth of tht night, what if he/she will tell the truth to her no it can’t be i have to find it who have sent this…
POV ends

Laksh went towards the security area…. Nd asked him him about some stranger’s presence but he denied this makes laksh more tensed when he was ready to go to his room he got msg…. Which make him tensed and sacred it was written….. Don’t try to find me just tell the truth or i will tell the truth to swara….
Laksh don’t want to scare ragini more so he don’t tell this to ragini…

Ragini POV…
I don’t know whats going to happen but i have a felling that soon every relation is going to broke every relation when the secret of that night comes i know swara will be fully broken but i can’t do anything how could i forget tht laksh was my first love………. How could i forget i love me unconditionally… How could i ???but only for u swara i was with sahil ??
POV ends…

In a door closed a chair is shown and someone is sitting in it and talking to themselves…
Soon the truth will come out every relation will be broken…. I have always felt negleted but soon my revenge will complete always u all are their the famous and i was no one everyone knows me as ur frnd nothing else…. But now i have come to destroy all ur lives soon u all friends will be apart from each other its my promise….
and the screen and voice fade…..

New morning with new day…. But everything was diff today …
Swara was dull ragini was dull due to tension and due to crying…. Laksh was tensed due to threatening msgs…. Sanskar was lost because he hurt swara everyone was present in the dining table but was lost in their own thought….
To break their thought kavya speaks…

Kavya…. So guyz whats the plan today and today no excuse ok we r going somewhere to enjoy we have come here for weekend trip and u all huh hate u all (pout face)

Everyone laugh seeing kavya’s face

Swara… (Smiling) dramebaaz…. Ok ok we will go today so where kempty fall only na…

Ragini…. Ok so we should get ready and meet here at umm its 8 so exactly at 8:30 if u r late so they have to bear punishment ok he he …

Swara… Uffoo ragini tu bi sach mai bygod he he

Ragini… Or nahi th kya hum log th aa jayenge but this kavya oh god she take 1 hour to get ready ….. Why did u take this much time to get ready ha….. What u do just us tell us today…

Swara…. (Teasing way)yes yes kavya tell na today we have to know tell tell….

Kavya…. (Fake anger)you both i am not going to leave huh (and she runs towards swara and ragini to catch them… )
After many days swara has forget her sorrow and was doing masti with her bestfriends and ragini has also forget her tnsn she also enjoying with them everyone was adoring their friendship and sanskar was happy seeing his swara laughing wholeheartedly after many days he was just seeing swara romantically….

Soon after their masti and all they all head back to their room and get ready for the trip……
At 8:30 they were ready but asusual kavya was late….
Ragini…. I said na she is always late lateef huh….

Sahil…. Baby don’t be angry na but thn also u look cute when u r angry ???

Ragini (rolling her eyes in irritation) uff sahil don’t irritate me na…. I have said many time na i am not ur your baby….

Sahil… (Pout face)thats not fair huh

Everyone laughs….
Kavya comes running …

Kavya… Sorry sorry guyz again late sorry

Karan…. Whats new in that u r always late huh…

Kavya… Ho gya ab chalo we r getting late tm log bi na kitni bate krte ho huh…

Aman… Wah ulta chor kotwal ko dathe

Kavya… Huh very funny….

They all sit in in the jeep and started their jorney…. With laughing and teasing each other…..

Precap…. Kempty fall masti swasan moments…. Ragini again gets threatening msgs…

Sorry guyz no swasan scene in this but i have to concentrate in their friendship… Now some question… What do u think who is the person who want revenge….. Whattttt ????  Ragini loves laksh ?? shocked na he he what is the secret of that night many question ufff he he but  u all get to know soon to know the ans stay tuned with Its a love story

Credit to: Asmita

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  1. Tamanna

    It’s nice….I think it’s sahil/kavya or the one who hasn’t come with them….hope I guessed right…. Anyways waiting for next one…. Update asap

    1. Thnx dear u will know the ans soon

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  2. I think it’s rajat
    But the episode is cool
    Update soon,

    1. Thnx dear I will update soon

  3. Awesome dear..

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    1. Thnx dear

  4. Awsm dr..

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    Awesome dear

  7. Wow again an amazing episode… I think Rajat is the one who is doing all these and I always had a doubt that Ragini loves Laksh

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