Its a love story (Part 1)


The birds chirping outside . A girl lying on the bed with a next to her pillow sleeping peacefully but the tears and depression is clearly seen in her face.
Everyone says being love is the best feeling in the world but sometimes love hurts..
Swara…. Swa….. Ra someone shouting on its peak… But no response to the girl…

LADY….. Uff this girl na everyday late what to do with her Swara my child please get up its almost 8:30… Your college start at 9:30 please get up if ur dad comes to know na he will scold u…

SWARA…. In a sleepy but sad tone…. Mom please let me sleep only 5 min…

LADY… No Swara get up soon its my last warning

SWARA…. Ok you go and prepare the breakfast i will come in 20 min…

Mommy wakes me up and went to prepare a breakfast first of all i would like introduce myself i am swara rastogi the lady was my mommy dimple rastogi she is a interior desinger than come to my daddy Ajay rastogi he is in the PWD … Let me introduce my self today is my first day of college and doing mass communication from dehradun BFIT all my best friends from school are there but most important he is there the one who broked me from the bottom of my heart he is the reason why my smile has been gone. Laksh Sharma we were in a relationship from 3 year. But he broked up with me after completing 12th that was the last day when i saw him and today after 3 months i will again face him i don’t know how to face him i don’t how to interact with him interact because he is in our group we are a group of 8. 3 girls and 5 boys our group in our school was very famous. And me and laksh was the best couple… But after breaking up i totally distract myself from my friends. And went to hawai to my uncles house for the distraction so i am 1 month late to join college.. In these many months i was not in a contact with any of my friend… And today again i will meet them all…
POV Ends
Swara wear blue colour jeans and white color top with a half and blue color jacket her hairs were open with a white hairband she did not do any makeup… She was looking so beautiful… After getting ready she goes down eat breakfast and head towards college

Swara Pov…
After doing breakfast i head towards my college with heavy and pounding heart… At last am at the entrance of my college i can see everyone talking laughing and busy with each others… there at the canteen can see some group of friends i walked towards them with a heavy hearts i can see laksh very clearly after 3 months we will be facing each other and i am not ready to face him… I was lost in my thought when i heard a voice calling my name and she was none other than my friend ragini i smile weekly and walked towards them….
POV Ends…..

Ragini….. Where were u no text no call whenever i come to ur house u were not present there will u tell me where were u you are 1 month late to college… Oh god why are not talking tell na

Swara….. Ufff ragini how much u will talk in one day i was at my uncle’s house at hawai and i did not text or call u because i want to be alone sometime….

Rajat… But u can tell us na we were so tensed for you… Atleast u can tell na that u are not here

Swara… Sorry guyz my mistake(Smiles weekly)ok guyz i am some work at the principal office i will directly meet u at the class bye…
Everyone… Ok by… Come soon….

Swara Pov
When I was talking to my friends when tanya was scolding me there was a pair of eyes staring me and he was laksh i don’t know whats his problem he broked me fully he breaked up with me without giving any reason… he is the one for whom i am fully changed but now he is staring me like this that i have done wrong with him…. I was busy in my thought when i colloide with someone he was handsome his personality was fab he was wearing black jeans white T.shirt and black hood i was totally lost in his charm when he broked my thought….
Pov ends….

Boy…. Hey u can’t u walk properly don’t u
have eyes…. Don’t know from where these types of girls come now what are u staring at me i know m smart and handsome than also don’t stare me like this…

Swara…. Hey u r u out of ur minds huh u nd smart its a joke of the day (to whom am lying) nd m sorry i didn’t see u i didn’t do it intentionally… It was just a mistake ok and u are getting angry on a small matter nd u mr don’t be oversmart that u r the smartest guy here Mr. Oversmart… But u r not just smart and handsome in this whole college its just a misconsupet that you have……

Boy…….. Oo god these girls na how much they talk Oo god please excuse me Miss Attitude i am not in a mud to fight ok bye hope so i will never meet u bye…

Swara Pov…
Oh god who was he huh what he thinks of himself mr oversmart grrrr i wish i never see him if i will see him surely he will get a punch from me grrr oh shit because of him i forget everything oh god grrrr i will surely punch him one day… Grrrrrr…..
Pov ends…

Swara walked towards the principal office.. She knocked at the door of office
A voice yes come in…
Swara….. Sir my self swara rastogi daughter of raj rastogi from PWD he is ur friend…..
Principal …. oh yes yes i remember so u r his daughter… Say what u want….

Swara…. Sir actually i am doing mass communication and i am 1 month late to college so i have come here to ask u if there is any extra class going nowadays because i have to join it…

Principal… No ryt now there no extra class is going but as soon as it will start i will surely tell u

Sara…. Ok sir thank u….

To be continued…..

Credit to: Asmita

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