My love story!!! (Part 1)


Hai Friends,
my name is………..actually i am not going to reveal my real name. But u can call me Adi 🙂
actually i am here to write a love story…
I am not going to write any introduction part here…when the story moves on you will be knowing the characters..
so here goes……..

This story begins..!!!
In morning a house is shown……
A lady is shown watering plants……a old women inside the house calls her
old women :- Vasudara!!!!
Vasudara :- yes maaa…
vasudara goes near to the old lady
old lady :- what are you doing there?? my throat is paining beacause of you!!….why cant you hear me??? (angry tune)

Vasudara :- Maa i was watering plants….I..did ( didnt finished the sentence that time old lady started to talk)
old lady :- Ohh God!!! She started to make stories….why cant u do your work properly?? i told my son several times…he didnt hear me…???
Vasudara :- Maa that I………….
old lady :- Stop your drama?? can i get a cup of tea?? Or I Have to go and Make??? ( harsh tune)
Vasudara enters kitchen a started to make tea….
A women enters to the house
Women :- Namaskaar!!
old women :- namaskaar…kalsi!!
how are you???
Kalsi :- Fine di…how are you??
old women:- Hmm good!!…
kalsi :- where is vasudara???
old women :- i dont know??
Vasudara comes with a tray with two cups of tea
vasudara greets kalsi, then she was about to go back to kitchen
kalsi :- vasuu..come here sit …i have to say a happy news to you all
old lady :- what is it kalsi??
kalsi :- my grand daughters marraige is fixed!!!
with god grace she got a good allieance.. you know boy is working in a big company….i am so happy
old lady looks at vasudara
old lady :- i am so happy to know that kalsi….renuka passed out plus two only na!!
kalsi :- yes!! and she also had studied how to do embroidery in clothes also..
old lady :- she is younger than Avni na??
kalsi :- ya 2 years…

vasudara :- congratualations ji!!!
kalsi :- thank you vasuu…
then okay di i am going lots to do ….
old lady :- then okay kalsi, we can see later..
women goes out of house and vasudara closes the door and was about to go that time
old lady :- look, her grand daughter is going to get married…..
you go and support your daughter to study and get job
you know that .. when girls reached their age they should get married…..
Vasudara:- maa, she has lot of dreams to fulfill….
old lady :- what dreams?? when she was younger itself you should tell her to not dream beyond
you and your daughter are the main problem of my house….
i have decided one thing….i know what i should do???
old women goes…
Vasudara looks her (sad)

at night
vasudara is preparing food in kitchen
in dining table ashish ( vasudara husband )
old lady ( dadi) sits on a chair..
ashish greets her..
vasudara started to sever food on plate….
dadi :- ashish, beta i have to tell you something important…..
ashish :- what maaa??
dadi :- first you have to promise me …. that you will accept it………
ashish :- what maa??

dadi:- tell me yes or no…. its about avni..
ashish :- maa i dont want to talk about it…..i dont want her to get married….she has right to live her way her own..why dont you understand??
dadi :- such things i dont understand??? ok, i dont want her to get married..but why is she scearching for job??
ashish :- its her drea, to get a job and get settled in her life.
dadi :- no!!!( harsh and loud voice)
when vasudara comes to our house she changed my son
ashish angrily stands up :- stop maa blamming her… vasu where is avni?? i want to see her right now??
i will stop this problem today itself?/
vasudara :- she went to her friends house…
ashish :- call her!!
vasudara goes to call her…
vasudara :- avni….come home…its urgent!!

a house is shown
a girl is sitting infront of computer…her hair is so silky she is sitting under the fan….. someone calls avni…………………………………..
that girl turned she is so fair and her eyes are so beautiful..
avni:- yes…m coming!!!
aswathy ( avni friend) :- what are you doing ??? oh my god…sending so many job applications….ohh avni stop go to your house..its already 8.00
if you dont go that dracula ( dadi ) will suck your blood!!
avni :- stop it yaaar!! she is behaving like that because she is not noticing the things which going on around her!! she is still in 1990…
anyway i am going….mom calls me and said that some urgent thing is going on… i dont no what trouble did dadi makes for me!!
aswathy laughs..:- bye,,
avni :- bye

in avni’s house
everyone waiting for avni
avni rings doorbell
vasudara opens the door
avni :- maaa
she hugs vasudara

dadi :- beta, look whats time now?? she will ruin our family respect
avni :- comon dadi, i didnt went too far away ..
i just went to send my job application … computer is not working… so just went to aswathy’s house…and it wont ruin u r family respect
vasudara signs her to stop
ashwin :- avni, i want to talk 2 u??
avni :- i know papa, its about marraige na!!
i dont want to get married ….. i have so many aims in my life….plz understand
ashwin :- r u sure you will get a job!!

avni :-yes ofcorce i will get!!
ahwin :- avni look you have graduated from college 8 months back…you have been trying these months to get a job??
avni :- yes papa! so??
ashwin :- i dont think so you will get better job??
avni :- papa what are you saying?? it will take sometime to get a better job which i expect???
dadi:- i know that your excusing yourself to dont get marry… if you tell this we wont say anything na??
avni :- dadi.. plz stop your jeaolusy feeling…and its 21st centuary…atleast understand it….

ashwin :- avni…..she is your dadi..respect her
avni :- yes papa i respect her a lot…..she hates me from when i was born ..becoz i was a girl….from that day ownward she started to torture my mom…and when adarv was born she was so happy becoz its a boy…she has a thought that only boys can do everything..and girls are only to do daily household chores…plz atleast change this concept…
ashwin :- stop avni raising your voice infront of her!!
avni :- why becoz of i am a girl??
ashwin slaps her hard…
avni keeps her hand on her cheeks..
vasudara catches her
dadi smiles
dadi :- look…she became so arrogent…its all becoz of her mom … bad upbringing
avni :- stop!!

papa, if i get a job within 10 days you all should stop blaming my mother and stop talking about my marraige also
dadi :- if you didnt get a job within 10 days.??

avni :- you can decide everything !!!
avni has tears in her eyes
avni walks towards her room reminsing the incidence…
avni thinks somehow i should get a job within 10 days….i want to prove dadi wrong!!!

precap :- avni is tensed and she is checking advertisement of job opportunities…dadi on the otherside scerching boys for avni…..a guy is shown doing exercise..

guys please comment
i know that this part is boring..
i want to know your view about my story
plz comment…..
if i want to continue i need u r support friends…

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