A love story os….raglak

Thanks for all your support every Ragini fan loves her for her personal and professional life.. Every co-stars likes her and adore her for her cuteness and friendly nature keep loving her….ppk her new show make it hit guys love teju doll….

Ragini Mohan:A famous fashion designer beautiful young lady…A most wanted designer of industry….Not known by others as she always hide herself from media..
Laksh Maheshwari:Captain Indian Cricket Team ..Handsome hunk heartthrob of girls…Has a girl friend Aisha(Kriti Sanon) and actress..Mom is his only world….Do whatever his mom wants…
IPL season there our hero is supposed to do a ad shoot for his team’s sponsor company…..Ragini is the designer for that ad ….He know her name but never met her before he thought that she may be a lady above 40’s…
Ragini came up with a suit for him she hides behind the coat(unexpectedly)as she shows him the costumes….He said yeah it looks good…She said really looking at him…Yeah said he without looking her….Ok then will finalize it..Said ragini to her assistant..
Aisha came there as her shooting is also held on the same studio..She said lucky you here I miss you alot….And hugged him tight ..
Hi Ragini looking hot than before….Said Aisha Ragini just smiles now only our hero look at our divine beauty…
You Ragini…Said he with unbelievable expression
Yes any problem and yeah I am a great fan of you sir..Said she forwarded her hand..
He said me too for your work in Aisha’s movie…
That’s my pleasure said she….

Aisha said you know lucky she have been called for many movies but she rejects them as she always hide herself…
It’s not hiding Aisha I want a simple life no one should see me like a show piece…Said ragini
So you will notarry any celebrity right????Said lucky
She simply smiles and take a leave..
She is really wowwwww….Said lucky
Aisha move from there
Ad shoot also get over..
Ragini called for lucky sister’s wedding reception in Lucky’s home..
She agrees…
Lucky in a suit and Ragini in a red lehenga looking stunning…
Lucky fellowmen looks at her with his mouth opens..
Aisha in a short and crop top..
Lucky’s mom looking at Ragini throughout the function. She like her a lot…
Lucky notice Ragini moved from her corner of his eyes…
Lucky’s Friend flirt with her she just ignore him by smiling..
Lucky fell for her every moves..
Aisha comes to him said she is too good right..
Lucky says Yess..

Aisha with a smile said finally you found someone idiot …Thank god we are away from the rumours if you are getting married….
Lucky smiles and said yeah..
Ap notice lucky and come to him said I have like to get him marry to your chachis son Sanskar…
Lucky fumes said you don’t want her to marry me mom??
Ap smiles said oh.my god itna gussa alright you are in love ….
Lucky sheepishly smiles said what if she don’t like me??
Ap said that’s your thing you shortly hit six in one ball beta.
Lucky says otherwise it would be knock out….
So nodded and leaves..
Ragini notice him and says you want to tell me something??
Lucky said yeah…
Let’s go for a outing tomorrow I would show you the Mumbai he said
Ragini said ok then at 10’o clock..
Lucky smiles and says ok..
Ragini please don’t wear such kind of clothes hereafter you are tempting me in red said he..
She widens her eyes in shock..
He kiss her cheeks said cute….

Next day Ragini in black shirt blue jean high ponytail comes to lucky who is Waiting for her in parking..He in black t-shirt full sleeves and denim jeans…
Said perfect pair..
Ragini said what????
Our dress yaar said he..
Whole day they wandering around Mumbai….Lucky just admire her beauty..
He dragged her to the empty stadium shouts I love you Ragini…….It was evening
Suddenly photo flashed blurred their images every reporters surrounded them asking Ragini do you are the one who came between Aisha and laksh sir… A girl from Chennai snatched lakshya from Aisha …..Is the headlines tomorrow morning…Said the reporter in phone..
Ragini just runs from there ..
Lucky tries to go behind her every one surrounded him with questions…
His bodyguards comes and helps him to move…
He gets back to her apartment( afrer called her several times…)
He knocks at the door..
Ragini opens her door said I didn’t snatch you from her said she..
Next moment he smash her lips with his..
You are the only one whom I love Ragini…I never loved aisha and she is my best friend that’s it..
Ragini said but I am not a popular one like you….
Lucky says Mrs.Lakshya Maheshwari you are a famous designer and then my wife..You already create a name on your own…
Ragini said I love you lakshya….
You are my secret love from the day you play your first match
When I saw you in the ad shoot I felt like hug you and kiss you but I thought you are in love with Aisha
When proposed me in the stadium I want to shout i love you lakshya but I am afraid of those flashes and crowd I ran from there…
Lakshya looks at her lovingly said will you be mine forever..
I am already yours lakshya
Both are kissed each other passionately…..
After one year:
Laksh Maheshwari and Ragini Maheshwari a honour to our nation is set to have baby yes ragiini mam is pregnant by the source they are in Chennai said the reporter
Ragini elbowed lakshya said see my pregnancy news is not even knowing by our parents but how do they ..Oh god I will become the spot light for next one year…I am sorry baby she caressed her belly…
Lucky chuckled at her innocence said I love you like hell said he kissed her hard on lips…..
Ragini break the kiss said careful lakshya it may reach them and they create a headline like lakshya kissed his pregnant wife so hard…. Lakshya looks at her strange…
Both burst in to laughter..
Live happily Ever……

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  1. Jayanti

    haha….such a cute an and amazing story…..really nice….

    1. Follybraverl

      Thank you so much jayanti

  2. Harinipriya

    wow akka! U rocked!!!!!!!! Its superb and haa ‘PERFECT PAIR’ gives me so much excitement! Laksh’s proposal is awesome and his way admiring Ragini WOW! At last the end is superb! I am laughing here like mad. A very cute love story!! Love u akka! 🙂 And ur os too 😉

    1. Follybraverl

      Awwwww I love you too dear thanks da post she is my wife soon

  3. Amazing

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      Thanks aleeza dear

  4. Sindhura

    Last line was lol


  5. Varshni

    Awwwwwwww so cuteee ❤❤❤

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  6. Bela

    It was so cute???

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  7. Lovely7

    Really cute

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      Thanks yaar lovely

  8. Haha at last line…

  9. Shrilatha

    Folly sweetheart loved it and yrs waiting for ppk…once ppk comes I won’t leave Sony TV..I will even watch repeat show.. awe folly why didn’t u tell me ur writing this…r u angry on me…pouting

    1. Follybraverl

      Oh not at all dear I just thought to give this as that time there are less Ragini ff….Sudden idea so that can’t tell you


    1. Follybraverl

      Awwww thanks yaar

  11. Outstanding os

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks ammu dear

    1. Follybraverl

      Thanks ammu dear

  12. Asra

    folly dear it’s sooooo cute os….loved it alot dear….spot light for nxt one year hahaha…laksh avunga amma kida sona dialogue superbbb dear….avala enaku marriage pana madingala…superbbb dear….
    ya ofcourse dear….nanum ppk kaga than wait panren….oh god plz en college reopening kula telecast agirnanum….tkcr dear…

    1. Follybraverl

      So true asra and thank you so much da UNGA support ku

  13. Asw

    Amazing too cute in the last word ? keep going

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  14. Sreevijayan

    Awww..dt was such a sweet os..loved it soooo much…..

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      Ohhhh thanks shree

  15. IQRA222

    folly didu it was too cute
    love it

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  17. Awesome

  18. Niriha

    Awesome…mind blowing

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  19. So cute shot

  20. Fantastic nd u nailed it

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  22. Superb da,Awesome???
    What really blown me out is lucky’s love over ragini.
    Ragini’s innocent makes her soooo cute.???.
    Soooo sweeeeeet as always. And raglak made sweeeeeetest and cutest couple tooo.???.

    1. Follybraverl

      Hah I know you love it

  23. Hemalattha

    Fabulous dear

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  24. Wow. You rocked yaar. It was such a cute love story of the cute couple. Loved it

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    It’s a cute os dear. Really they are a PERFECT PAIR. Just love them a lot. Last line was so funny. Keep it up. Stay blessed and keep smiling.

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