A love story OS by ArpitaKrish

I hope in teaser you got to know abt me….
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So Now I’m jumping to my story……..

A girl was shown in a car wearing pink anarkali with matching earrings and simple make up. She was going somewhere….

Girl POV:

I cant believe it. Today I’m going to propose him.
Kabir, Sanchi is coming.
*that girl is none other than Sanchi*
Its 5 years I’m waiting for you. You are my 1st
and last love. I still thought that How can I fell in
love with you.
I was 17 years old when we met.

Fb shown:

Sanchi was walking on road. A car came with
speed and mud fall on her. Car stops and a man of 22 years came out from Car.

*that man is none other than Kabir.*

Sanchi faints.

Kabir pick her up, make sit in his Car and .
sprinkles water on her face.
Sanchi get consious.

“Are you fine miss?”asked Kabir.
“Hmmm” said Sanchi.”What happened to you?” asked Kabir putting the bottle.

After thinking for while.

Sanchi: Can you please drop me for my head is aching.
Kabir:Okay….Your address?
Sanchi:XYZ road.

In whole journey there was a pindrop silence. He is Kabir of course.

XYZ road:

Kabir: where are your house.
Sanchi:I will go myself. Thankyou.

Kabir went.

Sanchi: What is this? How rude he is?? No smile. I hope I will not meet him again.

She went inside her home.

Time skipped. In night, Everyone was doing
dinner at Sanchi’s home.

*In Sanchi Family There is 4 members. Sanchi’s father Sunil Mishra, Owner of SDCH. Jaya Mishra, Sanchi’s mother. Pragya Sanchi’s classmate and cousin, Her parents are no more
so she leaves with them*

B/w dinner:

Sunil: Tomarrow A tutor is coming to teach you both biology for your Neet. Its your 12th. I’m busy so I cant teach. He is best intern of SDCH Dr. Kabir Kapoor.

Prasha nodes.

Next day passes like this. In evening, both PraSan are waiting for KK.

He came and Sanchi become shocked to see him.

“You did not tell me that you are Sanchi Mishra daughter of Sunil Mishra”

Pragya was watching them showing her big

“Do you know each other”
“Yes we met yesterday. He dropped me” said Sanchi.

Then All starts studying.

Time skipped to night. After dinner Prasha was in their Room. Both are studying cockroach.

Sanchi:He is handsome.

Pragya: who? Cockroach? Oh god she starts liking cockroach now. So my jiju will be cockroach.

Sanchi hits her.

Sanchi: I talked about KK sir. I think I like him.
Pragya: What??? He is older than you and you are his student.
Sanchi:I said ‘I like him’ not ‘I love him’.

Time passes. Its 3 month now Sanchi starts growing her feeling towards Kabir. Her exam
came near her. Its only 1week for her exam.

Kabir was going to Sanchi’s home to teach her.
Accident happens.

Scene shifts to hospital. Everyone was there
PraSan, Kusum, Jaya and other intern and staff member of SDCH are praying for them. Jaya was consoling Kusum and Pragya was
consoling Sanchi.

Sunil was doing operation.

He came out. Sanchi went to him.

” What happened to Kabir Sir” asked Sanchi weeping.

Sunil: I cant say anything. He has bad injury in his head. Pray that he get consious otherwise He will go in coma.

He was aldo emotional. He went to do some other formalities. Kusum and Jaya are sitting
outside and Pragya was there. Sanchi went inside. She is weeping.

Inside OT:

She sits beside him holding his hand.

“Get up Kabir. I cant see you like this. Why are you not understanding I love you. Please open
your eyes. See everyone is crying. Get up.”

Her tears drop on Kabeer cheeks. His hand
starts moving. He came in consious.
Everyone become happy. Sunil checks him. He discharged after someday.

Time passed Its PraSan exam next day. Sanchi decides that after exam she will propose him.

Sanchi’s almost exam was finished. Only her last exam remain. She calls Kabir.

Sanchi: My last exam was tomarrow. Can you come with me for icecream. That is treat for you for teaching me. Please dont deny.
Kabir: Okay.

Sanchi drop the call.

“Tomarrow I will tell him that I love him.”

Soon Sanchi slept…..

Its other fine day. After exam Kabir came to pick Sanchi from her school. Pragya went alone.

In Dessort Shop:

Both are seated.

Kabir: So….How was your exam?
Sanchi: fine. (In mind – How to say? I will say
after conversation)
Kabir: Do you have any boyfriend?
Sanchi:No. Do you?
Kabir: No. I dont believe all that. I want to focus on my carrier. Most of girl proposed me I rejected them. Its time to make carrier. I hate those girl who fall in love at this stage. Till
graduation you should only focus on study.

Sanchi become sad.

Thay finished their desert. Kabir dropped her.
At house pragya was waiting for her. Sanchi was sad.

Pragya:Did you proposed? What he said?

Sanchi said everything to her. Pragya consoles her.

Sanchi then decided to go to abroad for her MBBS. PraSan went to USA for their studies. Ka ir completed his internship and join SDCH as a doctor bcoz Suni does not want to lose him.

Fb ends.

(In Sanchi POV)
I came 2 days ago with pragya to do internship. I got to know He is our menter. He will guide us. We didnot talk much with each other.
I decided to propose him today because on the day of today I met him 1st time 5 years ago so I called him for dinner at my fav restaurant. Mom, Dad everyone know now. Everyone is waiting for his reply.

Sanchi POV ends.

Restaurant come. Sanchi went directly upstair. She booked whole floor So there was noone. She has a Rose flower. Kabir came. She become happy and hides rose behind her.

“What is this? Why this decoration? Why noone is here?

Sanchi kneals down on her knee. Kabir become surprised. She was holding rose in her hand.

Sanchi: I know its awkward. Boys always propose 1st like this. Here I’m proposing. I waited from 5 years I cant wait now. I want to say that I want my day to start from you and end on you. I dont know How I fell in love with you? But Its true Dr. Kabeer Kapoor I fall in love with you. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I’m loving you from past 5 years unconditionly. See I also become doctor now. You want that girl should focus on study I did that. I topped. Now I’m equal to you. Please accept my proposal.

Kabir was still shocked. He shakes by her word.

She said shouting ‘I LOVE YOU. WILL YOU MARRY ME?’

He too reaspond. He accept her Rose and hugs her tightly.

Kabir: You know what I never believe in love but after you went I starts missing you and realised my love. Today everthing happened so suddenly but I too want to Say that ‘I LOVE YOU TOO MISS SANCHI MISHRA. I ACCEPT YOU AS GOING TO BE MRS. SANCHI KABEER KAPOOR’

they hugs each other. ‘Humko tumse Pyaar Hain m’ played in bg.

After someday their engagement happen. They decided to marry after Sanchi Internship.

The End……..

This story belong to my close one.

How is it guys???
I know its rushing but its a OS.
Dont forgetvto give your reviews.
Do comment.
Bbye Take care……

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      1. Dhruti

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    Actually I did 12th early and I cant do graduation until I be 17 so now a days I’m revising my 11th-12th syllabus and preparing for entrance exams………
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