Hi frnds.. I dnt want to mention any names.. so u can imagine the couple whoever u like… even I like raglak so I imagined them as a couple….

Here we go…

His pov….

Finally Iam married whom I lov💞….she s my uncle daughter n frnd of my sis.. she s a shy type girl n tradition.. she never spke to me.. wenever I talk or tease her.. she juz smile n went away but she always hide n saw me wenever I vist hr hme.. I like her but I dnt thnk that I fell in lov with her… she always roaming wid my sis… aftr dat she joined my clg as a junior.. I protect her from raging..

days passed lyk dat only… on my final year.. I proposed a girl infront of whole clg💘.. infact infront of her only.. wat a idiot iam… Iam crazy about my lvr.. shes my world.. I started to spnd my days with her only..i never care abt my surroundngs…. Even I never visted my uncle house… I saw her one day.. she look really dull n pale.. I dono why but I wanna talk to her.. unfortunately I was with my girlfrnd.. so I didn’t try to speak..

I thnk aftr 6 mnths.. I brke up💔 with my girl frnd becoz she love my money only…. It really afct me.. aftr dat I decided to concentrate on my studies.. later I joined my dad company… my mom want me to get married.. so she started to fnd a girl…

One day my uncle cme home n invited us fr a dinner… I reachd her home.. asusal she hide herself n saw me.. i started to thnk why she saw me lyk dis… aftr dinner we start to leav.. but its started rainy.. my uncle n aunt ask us to stay.. even we cant go.. as we decided to stay… everyone settled in their room.. she n my sis stayed in her guest room.. becoz dat room s quite big… i stayed in her room.. I dnt feel sleepy becoz of the new place… so I headed to her guest room to see my sis n her..

once I reach her room I juz tke a stp to entr but wen I heard my name.. I stayed at the door only… my sis ask her to propose me.. I was totally shock n feel happy… I juz started hear her whole conversation.. but she told my sis as I lov him always n I will.. but I thnk ur bro never like me.. as I was tradition n shy type…. I don’t want to propose him… if he reject me… I cant live aftrdat… so better I keep my love with me only… dnt thnk much dear so plz lets sleep…n they doze offf…

I stayed der in few minutes n saw her… takng my sleep n sleeping peacefully.. I smiled☺ thnkng abt her wrds… I started to visit her home… I used to saw her.. n recordng her behaviour.. I started to fall in lov💗… so I decided to share my feeling with my sis… aftr tel her she was really happy n started to tell abt her lov… I was surprised becoz she lov me wen she was at 15…n she told me to visit her room n open the closet.. I ask her why shld I open??? She replied me once u open u ll get to know… n I tell dis abt to my parents… they r happily agreed…

A week passed… I decided to reach her home… once I reach her place n gve a silly reason that I lost my ring wen I stayed here last time.. finally I reached her room.. n saw my queen got ready to go somewhere… I juz enter n say hi to her… she look me shockng n ask do u want anythng… I replied to her nothng I juz los my ring so I thought to search here… I thnk u r gng smewher ri8??? She keep lookng dwn n told me yes iam gng to atnd my frnd engagement… k k u can go or u may get late… saying so I bid bye to her… n entrd hr room fully… I decided to open the closet n saw a box🎁 which s fully cvrd wid my pic… I was shocked n surprised… she lov me dis much.. I open the box n find my thngs which was lost… now I got the theif n take the box with me n went down to see my uncle n aunt… I simply show the box n tell them abt my lov.. they also agreed… both family agreed…but I wana give a surprise so I told them to dnt tel my name.. so we decided to skip the engagement n all partys… directly started to prepare marriage celebration

Her family told abt hr marriage.. she didn’t lyk the mrg… she never try to brke the mrg also.. becoz she lov her family.. she nvr wnt them to hurt… I really fell in lov with her completely…now my wait is got to over soon… yes today is our first night.. and I am realy waitng to see her shockd face aftr seeing me… our room s decorated with rose petals n fragrance.. it make me crazy.. my thought broken wen I heard door bolt sound… she s in white saree her face covered in her veil… shes lookng really stuning… I started to go near her.. wen I was abt to opn her veil.. I heard her voice.. yes she was started to tellng abt her lov .. I smiled n ask her… hmmm den why u nvr try to propose to me…. She didn’t realise my question n ask why should I propse u??? slowly I removed hr veil n make her see me… aftr she saw me shes so happy.. she fell n hug me as a result we both fell in bed… she hug me tightly n cried… I tell her everythng abt my lov n mrg… she s so happy n kissed my cheeks.. started to blush… it make me more crazy…. I strted to kiss her n we consumatted our marriage….


I hope u guyz lik dis…..


  1. Mica


    |Registered Member

    i imagined Raglak also, since i can’t imagine swara as shy girl.. the he he…
    it’s perfect portrait of shy ragini and spoil brat laksh in first episode
    luv it Rafee…

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