I too had a love story (one shot)


Hello guys meher here… Itz been long since I last wrote one shot…
So here is another os but before I start let me tell you that this is NOT my story this is a story of a novel “I too had a love story” my favorite novel?

I made some changes but main story will remain same… I hv reduced characters… N modify accordingly



Sanskar’s pov

Yeah.. We are meeting for the first time after college.. Laksh.. Adarsh n kavita.. My besties…. Ahh I still remember my first year in hostel I never talked with laksh.. But my luck in second year.. I came back late n only room left was of his.. So unwillingly I became his roommate… Soon our bond starts to grew.. N we four.. Me laksh Adarsh n kavita became best friends forever.. After college we all got placements.. Kavita grabs an opportunity to work abroad n she is there since 4 years n now she is coming back.. So I packed my bags n left for Kolkata.. I reached her home n her mum opened the door.. Kavita was not there I mean wow.!! . I hv to wait for her that too at her place.. Well koi nahi.. I waited there then came laksh n Adarsh but our host came last.. They hv another flat on upper floor for guests we 4 go there… N enjoyed alot.. Then the pick the topic I hate most ‘marriage’ they forced me to make an account on matrimonial website.. I did that n found her ‘swara gadodia’

Days passed n there we ago… I dialed her number n talk with her..

Her voice was Soo soothing.. Oh god.. Just lyk shot of honey…. I asked her about her lyks dislikes.. N all.. She told me that she is working in a call center.. N preparing for MBA entrance…. We were quite similar… A good match ?

Damn m in luv… Yeah..!! I admit… Isn’t strange that u fall for a girl whom u hv never seen face to face… God that girl makes me crazy

I finally decides to meet her
.. So I dialed her

“hey swara hwz u”

“m good sanskar u tell me hwz u”

“m good.. Umm actually not good.. Actually m fine but”

I heard her laughing…

“hey why are you laughing.. I hvnt cracked any joke ”

” sry vo.. I hv never seen.. Umm.. Listen Would sound better na…. I hv never listened you this much nervous na.. ”

” ok so m directly telling u.. I want to meet you… Can we met? ”

I was hoping a refusal but to my shock she said yes

” when you want to meet me sanskar n most importantly how.. U live in Mumbai and I in delhi”

I was on cloud nine omg omg she said yes… I was jumping in happiness as If she have said yes to my marriage proposal… Then my brain nudged me ‘idiot she is still on call.. She has said yes only for meeting stop ur mind horses’

” umm m going to London for two weeks so..i can do one thing i can deboard there n spend some time with you then I can board for London from there only.. What say ”

” yeah NYC msg me ur timing n all.. Ok.. Gotta go.. see u soon”

We hung up the call.. N I start to dance.. M meeting with that girl whom I love.. My first luv.. Yeahhh

M gonna meet her for first time..

After two days I left Mumbai.. N deboarded at Delhi airport.. Damn m heart was beating with Usain bolt’s speed… Goshh I saw her n my heart skipped a beat.. She was looking marvelous in simple jeans n green top…

“hey sanskarr” she waved to me

“good afternoon swara” damn I was behaving as if she is principal of my skul..

We left for hotel room.. As my flight is after 12 hours so i too need rest m not a superman afterall..

@hotel room

I entered the room n lights were dim.. Yeah so romantic I don’t want to switch on more lights but then I saw hesitation on her face.. She was hesitating in coming in with me n then this Atmosphere… Any girl would feel uncomfortable.. I was thanking god that till now she doest start stamping her heels on my face… I switched on the lyts…

I can clearly see her relaxed face..

We sath on bed.. I being a gentle man managed a proper distance

“u r very beautiful ”

” thank you ”

She said while blushing

” so do u believe in love?! ”

” if I don’t believe in love then.. Mai aaj yaha nahi hoti.. ”

Her reply took my breath away…

We chatted there for long then we left to meet her parents… I meet her family.. Her mum seems to be NYC lady.. Her Lil sis.. Oh god.. She was so naughty…

When I reached at her place.. Her sis took her to room n gets her ready in salwaar sute… They were behaving as if I hv came there for marriage ahh yes I went there for that but still…

In evening I bid adieu to all.. N signals swara to come with me.. She makes an excuse

“umm sanskar can u please drop me to my coaching.. I hv coaching ”

” ya sure swara y not.. Come lets go”

We were happy as we can spend time now.. But all our plans flew away as her mum said
“beta CAn u please drop me n kajal to market”

I mean nooo … I don’t want to.. But what to do… After all they are my hone wali sasu ma and.. Sali sahiba..

So we four get in.. N smhw kajal manage things n she take sumi aunty…

We reached hotel n share some beautiful moment… There she taught me butterfly kiss.. Ohh god this girl… Such drastic change in few hours….

We got into the moment forgetting about tym.. She looked at tym n panics

“oh god itz 8 sanskar… I shld leave now.. take care see you ”

” aree wait swara itz late.. I will come n drop u at ur place safely”

We hired cab n left.. But our badluck we got stuck in traffic jam… Over that… It started raining… I mean winters doesn’t mean to rain… Does they? Then clock literally starts to run.. Itz 9:30 n we were still at same place… She was panicking lyk hell.. So we left cab n hire a cycle rickshaw.. But it was lyk every one was testing us… The rain water logged in the area.. We fold our jeans just below knees.. N smhw I drop her at home.. N the million dollar question… Hv can I get back to hotel…
Still I managed to reach there… N was exhausted completely… N next day I left for london

In those days our bond strengthened… We were deeply n madly in love…

It was perfect…
I came back to India n again meet her.. I hv impressed her family alot.. Then her parents came to Mumbai n fixed our engagement…

I was in my own dreamland… Decoration on Terrace.. My swara in while saree… N cherry on the cake… Rain.. Drenching my princess.. That saree hugs her body n increases her beauty… We were so close that I could feel her warm breath on my face… N I slowly slides ring in her finger… Then I realized I was dreaming…

Me n swara chooses 14 Feb as our engagement day.. Coz she wants to spend that day with her bf n I want to celebrate that day with my fiance… So by this we can fulfil our respective wishes… We were out of the world unaware of upcoming tragedy…

13 Feb..
A day before our engagement I called sumi aunty.. N talked with her…

“beta swara is very happy.. Y know she is even painting the dias by herself ”

” ya aunty I can hear her singing ”

She was singing la la la la while painting…

I was so excited that now she is going to be mine… It was 10 at night.. When I called her

” so princess ready for engagement ”

” yup.. U know m so exited”

“achha then what u Gonna wear”

“umm pink saree..”

“NYC choice haan… Achha shona can u please wake me up tmrw at 5… ”

” sure sanky I will call.. U achha now m going home.. Will see u”

“call me when u reached ok.. N bye”

“hey Bye nahi kahte.. See u kahte hai”

“ya I kno. But I want to listen scoldings from u.. See you ”

We hung up…

14 Feb engagement day..

I woke up at 9 n was shocked as swara didn’t called me…. She always woke me up.. Whenever I ask her.. Neither she called me after reaching.. Bad thoughts started to occupie my mind n I kept on jerking them.. I checked my phone no missed call… I called her number.. It was unreachable.. Damn where she was… I called her jiju .. Gaurav…

“hello gaurav.. Where is swara actually I.. Was trying her number but it was unreachable ”

” sanskar she is in hospital ”

I can hear his chocking voice..

I was shocked.. Today she was supposed to be with me n she was in hospital… Gaurav explained that last nyt her cab had collide with tuck n driver died on the spot.. She was badly injured with multiple fractures in jaw.. N legs.. Bt luckly there was one more person in cab n he was safe.. He called swara’s family about accident…

I immediately board the flight n came to delhi…

There I saw her lying on bed.. In front of my eyes.. Her face was disfigured… I can’t even recognize her… They took her to CT scan… N I too went in.. I heard nurses saying that they hv never seen anyone else praying for their to be fiance… Just lyk they saw me…

It was 7 days… Since she was struggling for lyf.. Struggling to live… Struggling to be with me.. But her body was not supporting her…

At her place caterers were asking for money n all… But at this moment no one knows whether that engagement would happen or not… Forcefully They sent me back.. I was in bus.. Then I feel some one holding my hand.. It was swara… She doesn’t utter a single word just makes me wear my engagement ring… N ask me to make her wear her ring.. I do.. That.. I was about to kiss her forehead but she disappeared.. N I realized that was my dream… Instead my phone was vibrating… I picked that up.. It was reha her elder sister.. Now I can recognize anyone… Her words pulled ground below my feet… She told me swara has passed away a few minutes ago…

I lost my senses I don’t know how to react… I took mom dad n reached her place…

The home which was decorated for engagement… Is now organizing funeral for their lovely daughter…
The caterers which had been booked for engagement are now preparing food in funeral….

It had been a week but I still can’t get over that… I decide to join office as my leave was now over… As soon as I enter the office everyone starts to congratulate me.. Some of them ask me to show my engagement ring… They keeps on teasing me… They keeps on teasing me by saying now m booked for swara… I had no answer… They didn’t know that she is no more now… I told them about whole incident… They starts to apologize but it doesn’t matter to me… Coz my swara has left me…


“She died. I survived.
Because I survived, I died everyday.
I was bound by my stars to live a lonely life. Without her, I felt so alone. Though the fact is that it’s just she who is gone and everything else is the same. But this ‘everything else’ is nothing to me …”
—Excerpt from the novel


So guys hwz it… I just want to share this story with u all…

Credit to: Meher

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  1. God Meher! Even when I read its I too had a love story but a different one I thought u’ll make it a happy one. Silly me. Hoe you manage this? Writing the whole novel in ur words and still we can absorb the whole story. I love that book a lot (ofc after Nicolas and John Green’s book)

    Love you too! Ut an amazing writer and I pity myself that I didnt read ur the revenge that stole my heart but when I read Kuch is tarah I was over the moon and now I’m dying to read ur Kuch Iss Tarah S2.

    Love you loads!! Keep writing x x


    1. Oops its smile that stole my hear. I typed it in hurry ??

    2. Aww tysm anu …

      This was the first novel I read some 5 yes back… N since then itz my favorite.. emotions… Experience everything… N yeah fault in our stars osm novel.. .

      Thnku for so so… Big compliments dear….

      Luv u loads ??

  2. Very nice

  3. Awesome meherdi
    Heart touching ya

    1. Yup this is the only novel which makes me cry

  4. Amazing Meher
    God I also want to read the novel

    1. Yup u shud read that… I can bet u can’t stop tears

  5. OMG meher it was superb mind blowing nd emotional too. Ah! My poor sanky cant see him in pain

  6. Meher d title actually attracted me becoz i read d novel and felt pity for ravinder… nd aftr reading ur os, it was like reading novel in glance and i loved it by thinking at swasan.. bt same sad part is ending… and last lines u wrote wr good….. literally dat novel had grt impact in my heart nd diz os too

    1. Ya I too feel bad for him.. N I felt more bad after reading can love happen twice… Though it had a happy ending…

  7. Meher yaar u r making me cry.
    That was my favorite novel
    Ravin’s love story,it didn’t made me slept for one month..
    She died I survived…………
    It was my fav sentence

    1. This novel brings dark circles under my eyes.. . Coz I read the last part some along 2 am… N I cried till 5..

      I knew itz ending before reading that… But still It made me cry

  8. Yar all the sad one shot writers have a plan to make us like hell too HUD member love u

    1. No… Esa koi plan nhi tha ???

  9. Such a sad os…I’m in tears

    1. Yup.. Btw itz true story

  10. Hey Meher…I’m new here and I never commented on any of your ffs or os but they always touch my heart.
    This story was superb!
    You’re amazing and keep writing!
    Loads of love ♥

    1. Thnku so much dear

      Luv u loads ??

  11. Meher why do you want me to be a murderer…. Lol jokes apart sad but nice one….. U wrote the whole novel in one os wow genius haan!!!…..

    I’m amazed I’ve read ur previous os too and they were awesome too but now give one smile treat bahut sad sad ho gaya

    ? you Tc

    1. No no I don’t want you to be a murderer… But if u r planning to be one.. Then arrange a good lawyer in advance ??????

      Thnku so much dear… N I try to write a funny os ?

  12. It’s superb I have not read this novel but soon I’m gonna read it….nd I’m dam excited to read it

    1. Thnku dear… N yup just give it a try… U will not regret

  13. It’s my favorite novel mehe..!! Such a lovely OS..
    I still remember those lines of the novel…!!

    1. Same pinch…
      Mine too

  14. plz sad os mat likho……pahlehi swasan ko dekhkar rona aa raha hai…….sorry if u hurts

    1. Sry dear… Itz just ekdam se dimag me aa gya… Don’t worry next tym I will try a happy one…


  15. Such a beautiful OS…. God… I just loved it!!! <3 <3 <3

    This is y you have the name ONE SHOT MEHER!! :* :*

    1. Omg!!!

      Thnku anji ????

  16. soo emotional

  17. Heart touching stry

    1. Yup it was heart wrenching

  18. nice os..

  19. Nice meher I’m also a fan of I too had a love story and thank you so much for write tat n ff dr

    1. Thnku dear for reading this

  20. Ravinder Singh’s novel I too had a love story his real life story. A very herat touching story……

    1. Ya… It would be soo difficult for him… We can’t even imagine

  21. Di kya ho gaya h sabko CVS kam h kya ki app bhi rula rhe ho and not only u even everyone who is writing os is making us cry with sad ending?????? BTW it was awesome.n can u please tell where u have read it.

    1. Itz a novel “I too had a love story by ravinder singh”

  22. I loved your os very much. I am egrly awaitting for ur os.at end u made me cry most of the time.i have observed ur most of os have sad ending.and ha it has a sad end but its awsum

    1. Dear I hv written 15 os n one two shot n only… 2 has sad ending… Ya all of them has a sad part in it…

      Umm.. Wait….loll… M behaving lyk a 8 yr old kid… ?????

      Itz lyk my find has said k tere har subject m km marks hai n m saying ni sirf 2 m hai.. Baki m grace se pass ho gai thi.. ??????

      *no offence… Just for fun *???

  23. awesome meher…..

  24. Awesome

  25. it’s one of my favourite novel..n I must say..how could u manage to write the story in one shot??..brilliant..all I can say. .u r really an awesome writer. .

    1. Lol.. I could manage cz I remember this much only ????

  26. awsmm.. loved it <3 <3

  27. Wow yaar meher ….. it’s so heart touching dear . I literally cried reading it ! .
    Super dear meher…..keep it up dear !
    Thanks for the one shot and plz write more
    Keep smiling ?

    1. Thnku dolly ???

      For sure I will try to entertain with my writings ???

  28. Meher dear!! Is back with her kingdom- os! And what a lovely comeback!! U rocked it. I seriously loved it. It may be aadopted one of a book which I like, but the adaption was- AHA!! WOW!! AWESOME!!
    Keep it up! This Sunday special os was one of my fav- Killing one. Love ya loads!! Last oneprobably lol

    1. Lol… I too missed my OS badly…

      Yeah itz actually a ‘killing’ one… ??

  29. wow Meher….. so beautiful…. so heart touching…… n especially the last line…..

    1. Thnku dear but credit goes to the real writer

  30. Yr meher our xams are over so u need not to practice writing summay like hellll…??????

    1. Lol ??? shit yr.. I shld practice this earlier.. So that we could submit our assignments ?????

  31. Well… Jokes apart it’s nice to see tht u hv cm a long way frm simple n sweet one shots to ths ?????

    1. Who are you ?? what hv u done to my Kiara ????

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