Love Story of Shah Sisters & Kapoor Brothers (Chap-4) by Flyingfatty

LSSSKB (Chap-4):

Kanchi’s engagement was happening. During function Swara noticed
a girl flirting with Sanskar. She got to know that Sanskar is a Casanova.



“Swara! You are getting me wrong. It’s not like that” Sanskar went behind Swara.
“Oh please, I am not a fool” Swara stopped him.
“Believe me” Sanskar said holding her hand.
“Leave it” Swara said pulling her hand.
“Wait….. Why I am explaing? No…. Actually why are you affecting? Something something…..” Sanskar smirked.
“Nothing nothing……. You are my relative. In fact the close one & Di don’t like this all so being concern for her, I said” Swara cut him off.

She went from there.
“Believe me or not but I will make you confess that you like me” Sanskar smirked.
Function ended.
Sanchi came out of washroom after changing her clothes. Her phone rang.
Sanchi picked.
“Hello Kabir!”
“Sorry for disturbing you. Actually I was thinking that… Umm…. Are you free tomorrow?”
“So can we go for lunch?” Kabir asked hesitantly.
“Hmmm…. Okay”
“Okay…. Good Night”
“Good Night”
Kabir did cut the call.
“Bhai, what is her reply?” Sanskar asked.
“She agreed” Kabir exclaimed.
“If you don’t mind can I go with you?” Sanskar made puppy face.
Kabir looked at him suspiciously.
Sanskar narrated whole incident about Swara.
“Seriously” Kabir laughed.
“There is nothing to laugh, Bhai” Sanskar glared.
“Okay” Kabir was silent now.
Kabir sent a msg to Sanchi asking her to bring Swara.
Sanchi replied back. *Okay*
Sanchi shared with Swara.
“Why me? He is stupid? Am I suppose to go with you on your date? Kabab mein haddi ?” Swara commented.
“He has asked and I have agreed for you. Please for my sake” Sanchi requested.
“On one condition?”
“What?” Sanchi asked.
“I will be with you on your 1st night” Swara smirked.
“Shut up” Sanchi said faking her anger.
Next day, Swachi reached at that place.
While entering inside, “How I am looking?”  Sanchi asked.
“Stupid” Swara replied. “Who comes on date in casual?” Swara scolded.
“Btw you are looking cute” Swara spilt her fake anger.
“Oho….. Swaruu” Sanchi hugged her.
“Okay. Now stop being senti” Swara backed off.
Both came inside where both brothers greeted.
After taking their seat Kanchi were searching for words to initiate.
Finally Kabir spoke up.
“It was Mom’s plan. She insisted us.”
“Oh. So sweet of her” Sanchi smiled.
Swara was busy in making face seeing Sanskar. Sanskar blinked his eye.
Waiter came to take order. They gave their order.
After sometimes they finished their lunch.
Now they were drinking fruit bear. Sanskar hinted Swara about something. She did not understand.
He messaged her. She saw and noded seeing Sanskar. Here, Kanchi have an eye lock. They smiled.
“Guys excuse me” Swara stood up.
“What happened?” Sanchi asked being concern.
“Nothing serious” Swara assured.
She went.
“Excuse me. I also need to use washroom” Sanskar went smiling awkwardly.
“What is happening here? They both have gone together” Sanchi murmered.
Kabir laughed.
Sanchi glared. Kabir became serious. Sanchi also laughed seeing his face.
Kabir became mesmerized seeing her. He was staring her. Sanchi patted his back.
“What happened?” Sanchi asked.
“Nothing” Kabir replied.
Swasan were seeing them from far.
“What is happening?” Swara asked irritatingly.
“Don’t know. I just wanted to give them some private time” Sanskar shared.
“Private?” Swara said sarcastically.
“I am going. I can’t wait.” Swara started walking towards them.
Sanskar pulled her.
“Where are you going sweet heart?”
(I don’t know why but I am thinking about VS right now and about anonymousa too.???)
Swara lost her balance and in result she fell upon him. They shared an eye lock.
“Excuse me, Ma’am” A waiter became kabaab mein haddi.
Swasan came in sense.
“You are over weight” Sanskar stood up stretching his arms.
“Sorry” Swara stood up.
Sanskar started laughing.
Swara realized and beats him playfully.
“Guys, don’t you think we are getting late.” Kabir came from behind with Sanchi.
“Yeah. Let’s move.” Swara stepped forward.
In between Sanchi got a call. She picked up.
“Excuse me” She came aside.
“Hii Jaan” A voice came from other side.
“How dare you to call me?” Sanchi said clinching her fist.
“Calm down. Heard that you are marrying. How can you do this to me?” That person smirked.
“Shut up. You don’t need to call me again.”
Sanchi switched off her phone.
Kabir came to her. She was sweating.
“What happened? Anything serious?” Kabir asked being concern.
“Please drop me. I am not feeling well.” Sanchi said.
“Okay” Kabir comforted her.
In car,  there were a pin- drop silence. Soon they reached at Sanchi’s home.
Sanchi went inside avoiding everyone.
Kabir found it awkward.
“Don’t worry. Sometimes it happens to her.” Swara assured.
“Okay. Take care of Bhabhi” Sanskar bid her bye.
Kabir was thinking something.
They turned to their home.
Sanchi was inside her room. Swara was knocking at the door.
“What happened Di?”
“Please leave me alone. Please Swara!”
Swara went from there being disappointed.
Sanchi was inside washroom. She was crying under shower.
After some times, she came out wiping her hair. She opened the door of room.
“What happened?” Swara came running and hugged her.
“Nothing. It was just migraine pain.” Sanchi lied.
“You are lying” Swara started crying.
“Stupid. I am not lying. Stop crying like a typical sister.” Sanchi said wiping her tears.
They both gave hug to each other.
“Sorry Swara. I can’t share with you, dark truth of my life. I can’t give you pain.” Sanchi thought.

To be continued…….

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